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Metal Gear Online Beta: Impressions

After several delays and annoyances, the MGO Beta is finally here. I have put about four hours into it, and I can say one thing about it: it's damn good. I really had no hopes for MGO - I really only want MGS4. Much to my surprise and happiness, the online is excellent, and something I will dump hours and hours into after I finish up Guns of the Patriots. Below I have listed The pros and cons of the MGO Beta. Everything is opinion based.


  • Finally - the controls feel perfect. It's fluent, fast, and feels wonderful to pull off the various CQC moves.
  • This game looks great! The characters animate realistically, and the whole environment is detailed. The game has some really neat subtle touches that will delight the ones who notice them.
  • Excellent audio and physics. The game sounds very crisp and the guns really sound like they pack a punch.
  • The typical MGS humor is present even in the multiplayer. You can run people over by rolling in a drum can. You can distract them with a men's magazine and then pop them in the head. It's really goofy stuff, and who can forget the man cannon?
  • A wealth of modes and options. I haven't seen a multiplayer game with this is many options since Halo 3.
  • Excellent stat tracking! I have been inside a box for 14 minutes, you know. :)
  • The SoP (Sons of the Patriots) System works better then I expected. Never have I ever been able to keep in a group as well as I have been able to in this game. I know who exactly needs help and where I need to be. I really form a connection with your team, staying coordinated in swift and simple, now.


  • A steep learning curve both in terms of controls and what it takes to play. Anyone willing to put in the hour or two it can take to get a grip will be rewarded greatly. I am afraid it will scare many gamers off, however.
  • There are some small things that will most likely be put into place for the final release.
  • Darn it. Now something will distract me from Guns of the Patriots! :(