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Just finished watching the Arrested Development series.

I remember years and years ago, when I would sit down for evening re-runs of The Simpsons, I saw ads for this show called "Arrested Development." I saw these ads over and over again.

Years later my friend showed me out-of-context clips from the show and I simply did not see why it was so funny. The combination of the ruthless advertising, context-less scenes and a general dislike of Fox programs, I knew one thing was for sure: I didn't want to watch this show.

Alright, fast forward to the present. People have continued to tell me how wonderful the show is and that I must watch it. That, and it has a 9.7/10 on iMDB. I gave up. I began watching the show off of the Netflix Instant Play feature and -


Funniest show ever made. Seriously. It's a great combination of innuendos, situational humor, current-event commentary and just a tad of slapstick for good measure. The result is a show that takes the dysfunctional family paradigm and just does itbetter.

Ultimately, I don't really have anything bad to say about the show. It has fantastic characters, (almost) never loses focus on the humor and never rehashes the same line too much. A writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, Tim Goodman says, "There are moments in 'Arrested Development,' that are pants-wettingly funny." You know what? The man's right.

Watch this show.