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Farewell Xbox Live. I have loved you well.

I am very sad right now. :(

I brought all of my gaming equipment with me to college fully expecting many great gaming times. For the most part I am getting just that, except for one thing: Xbox Live.

You see, the school runs through a proxy server. This would not matter if the Xbox wasn't stupidly designed and you can't actually configure proxies under the network settings. That's right. If you ever encounter a proxy server with you Xbox, then goodbye Live.

Of course my PS3 is treating me just fine. There's an option to enter in proxies right on the menu. Hell, there are even proxies on the goddamn Wii. What is the deal, Microsoft? Lately I have been enjoying a good amount of LittleBigPlanet online (so super fantastic) and Resistance 2 (my second favorite online shooter next to Halo 3).

It makes me deeply, deeply sad that I cannot participate on ODST's awesome Firefight mode. It's a mode friend and I have dreamed about since Combat Evolved, and it hurts bad that I won't even get to (really) play it this Tuesday.

I am rendered sad.

You will be missed. :(

Xbox live 2004 - 2009.