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Mourn the death of my 360...

Well, I resently got the three red lights of death because of that fall update. This would really not be a big deal if Gears didn't come out on Wed. I have waited forever for this game, and now I willbe unable to play it launch day! NO!! ...Oh well, at least I get to play it at all...:(

I have decided that Gears of War will be the best shooter ever.

I dunno guys, I can't help but feel that Epic really put their all into this wonderful act of war and gore. I think the versus, Co-op, and sigleplayer will all come together awesomely, creating what can only be the most intense shooter EVER! 11/07/06 - The day all other shooters are put to a crying shame.

So I started watching Nip/Tuck...

Man this show kicks ass. I had heard a little about it before, but never really took the time to Netflix the seasons and cheak em' out. I am not usually into the whole "ER MA GAWD! KRISTAN NEEDS TEH ABORTION!" kind of drama, but Nip/Tuck presents it in a much more mature way. Has anyone else seen and enjoyed the show? Not enjoyed it? ~NAPK1NS~

So I gave Saints Row a try...

Hmm. Well for starters let me just say that they game is pretty shallow, and no matter what you say, it takes a good lot of it's ideas from Grand Theft. Here are the pros and cons of Saints Row, BASED FROM THE DEMO. ~Pros~ + Excellent voice acting. Although the things they were saying made the childeren cry, it was good. + Guns have a good sounding crack as you shoot rival gang members. + Big game world, and it all looks (for the most part) quite good. ~Cons~ + Although the game does include the ever popular Havok physics, they really only apply to garbage bags / cans, people, blown up wreaks, and thats it. + The soundtrack is a disgusing montage of hip hop that will make you swear you sold your ears to the devil. + When you arn't shooting people, you are doing god awful side missions for charactors that the game begs you give a crap about. These delightful little arrends include you buying alchohol, and picking up hos for the local pimp! Excited yet!? I hope you read the whole thing. All in all, Saints Row is "meh" at best. Besides, it's got an acheivement called "Killa" ...incase you forgot, thats not even a real word. ~NAPK1NS~

Dead Rising looks like G-O-D

I have played quite a few zombie games in my day, you can shoot em' and stab em' but never have you been able to smash a plant over their head. I just resently saw the new TV Spot on Marketplace and all I can say is that I saw Frank West plunge his fist into a zombie's abdomin, and rip out his internal organs. I also saw Frank start up a lawn mower, and run over zombies with it, you coulden't even see the tiles on the floor there was so much gore. I was able to view these images all while listening to Dead Rising's tasty speed metal. If you can't say that thats awesome, then your eiter a fanboy, or have a strong case of down syndrome. Dead Rising Demo coming to Marketplace soon guys!

People With GameCubes, and Resident Evil 4...

I honestly assumed that everyone with a GameCube was smart enough to get RE4, since it is a damn near perfect game. However, upon my topic in the GameCube section tited "Who was foolish enough to pass up RE4?" I saw that many, many, many people had absolutely no intriest whatsoever. ...People...the game is $17.99 used, and it will provide you with a challenging, and intense gaming experience unlike anything else. So the next time you want to go get a game say screw it and buy RE4. And if you already have it, then what the hell, buy it again. ~NAPK1NS~

Scratch the blog below.

Since summer has started up, it has given me the time to beat RE2 and RE3. Now All I need to beat is RE: CVX! Then I will have experenced all the prime RE gameplay (forget that Outbreak and Dead Aim junk)

Confessions of a big Resident Evil fan...

I love Resident Evil, love the scares, story, action, charactors, puzzles, everything. But to be honest, I have only beaten three games, Resident Evil Zero, REmake, and Resident Evil 4. This would be perfectly fine if I those were the only ones I owned, but thats not the case! I own ALL OF THEM for GameCube. *sniff* *sniff* I feel dirty..:( ~NAPK1NS~

A broken ps2!

Yeah, so I got a brand new ps2 for x-mas and it worked for about a week, and not it broke, I dont get a picture when I turn it on, I have tryed everything. So guess what. Screw sony, i'm gonna go return it and get a HDD for the 360, Amped 3, and a live headset.