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So, I started playing the Metal Gear Solid series.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to playing the MGS games, but it's been awhile anyway. Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater both sat on my shelf collecting dust for the longest time. I finally delved head first into MGS2 the other day because I was bored. What I thought would be another "meh" game turned out to be a lot more. If there was one word to describe the gaming experience, it would be "OhmygodIjustbrokethatguysneckandthatplottwistwassoscoolomgbestgameever". Something along those lines.

It's actually sort of intriesting just how appealing MGS2 is. It's a pretty old game, yet feels of a higher quality then most next generaton games. The gameplay/controls/camera system are all things that throw a hard learning curve. Once you get the hang of it though, you are holding guys up and snapping necks left and right.

The plot pulls you in the second you begin the game. It grips you and all you can think about is what is going to happen next. Very few games are able to create something that has both a deep (very deep) plot, and exciting gameplay. The codec sequences/cut scenes are unlike anything in gaming right now the experience feels so painfully unique in this right. Must play indeed.

Simply put, this series is a glowing stand-out in gaming. If anyone has ever been curious about the games, then what are you wasting time for? Get a PS2 (or hey, even a PS3 for MGS4) and play these suckers! This is prime gaming, I hope people take this with little to no grains of salt.

I will finish the fight, September 25th!

I remember the chilly Christmas right after the Xbox launched. I already had my system, and I had a few game for it. None of them were Halo though. I had heard of Halo a few times, and there wasn't really anything I wanted more then it. On Christmas day, I ripped open a new shiny (literally) copy of Halo: Combat Evolved.

I instantly became engrossed in the epic world of Halo, and played the campaign over and over, and over. I have hundereds of hours on that game. Laughing, yelling at my friends, and memories of all the multiplayer battles I played, wiping the pizza grease off my hands. Halo is ultimately what has made me the huge gamer I am today, and for that reason alone, I owe a lot to Halo.

Naturally, I was instantly stoked for Halo 2. The day I got that game, I played through the campaign, and was impressed how Bungie had fleshed the story out even more. After that, more hours of multiplayer godliness insued, but I always would drift back to co-op for a little while.

So now, with the final installment coming in just a few days, I am almost about to poop my pants! I know that I will love the story and the action that weaves into it. Single player, 4 Player Co-Op, Campaign scoring, Saved Films, HUGE multiplayer component, AND Forge? I might be playing this game more then I played Combat Evolved!

On September 25th, I will pick up my Legendary Edition and play my heart out. I have been yearning for that moment the second Halo 2 ended, and I will have it soon. I can't wait to finish the fight.

BioShock is coming! August 21st!

Here it comes...the game of the year. I don't care how good Crysis looks, or how amazingly Halo 3 can play. BioShock will be the most facinating, beautiful, and terrifing game to date. I am bashed pretty consistantly on my feelings of BioShock's GOTY potential. But honestly, I don't really see how any of the other games really stack up to it. Here are my reasons for thinking BioShock will be the game of the year.

¬ The visuals. Sharp, dirty, and drowned. The beautuful world of Rapture was once a great place, and the graphics show this. The whole word has detail after detail poured into it. every corner can be scrutanized, and something new can be found everywhere. The city tells a tale.

¬ The deco art style is not only new, but done very well. The atmosphere is bound to submurge you, the posters, the vending machenes...this was once a real place. The echos...the clanking of machenery...the passing of an octopus by the window. You are really here, in Rapture. Few games are able to make the impression that you are really in the space it's trying to display...BioShock can.

¬ The inventive combat allows you to set up how you wish to fight, and choises abound within the battle. With the little RPG elements in place, replayability is a given.

There is much more that proves this will be the Game of the Year for 2007, but in the mean time...August 21st is the day. Pre-order! Tell your friends! Get this amazing acheivement, and piece of art! The best game in recent times is coming!

My F.E.A.R. review!

I feel I put enough time into this one to write up a review. Here it is! Please comment! Thanks guys!

The link:

My Dead Rising Review!

Hey guys! I just wrote up a shockingly large review for Dead Rising, and I want everyone to check it out.
I know the size is a bit daunting, but please give it a try! Feedback appreciated! Bye!

The link:

My Condemend: Criminal Origins review!

Hey guys! After several play throughs, I figured I would give this one a two page write-up, and score. As usuall, I would love your guys feedback and reccomendations! Thanks a lot guys! The link:

I am shocked by BioShock!

Recently, there was a new trailer put up for the anticipated game BioShock. Along with the new trailer, an official site was also put up. I have to say, I'm very impressed, the game looks bone-chilling. People with hooks in place of hands? Big guys in diving suits? An underwater city? I think we got a quality game here people. Cheak out the site in the meantime: