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Wow... I just got a Lich King Collector's Edition.

I was trying to nab one of these when it got announced, but all of the hardcore WoW maniacs were already waiting at their computers, drooling. Of course I was unable to get one. They were wiped off the web within a day or so, but that was okay since I was planning to just go to a store to pre-order one.

Turns out that all GameStops stopped taking pre-orders on them a day ago. There were no real way I was going to be able to get one retail. After calling a few places, I got the same answer. Bummed out, anddisappointed, I was deciding to give up.

But then eBay came along. I found a Lich King for $249.99. Yeah, ouch, but sacrifices have to be made. Thanks to the help of a little searching and a whole bunch offinancialassistance from my fantastic girlfriend, I got it!

Rip-off, overpriced, currency manslaughter, and oh so beautiful.

Just got the Spore: Galactic Edition! (Pictures)

I woke up bright and early today so I could rush into the store and pick up my copy of Spore. After playing the Creature Creator, I knew I had to pick this one up. I got there a minute after the store opened, and got the last "Galactic" Edition they had... I forgot to pre-order. Here are some pictures of the unboxing:

The box is made of hard plastic - very solid. Here's all the content inside:


Here is the sleeve folded open, revealing all the goodies:


And finally, here is the 124 page "The Art of Spore" hardcover book:


I have purchased a lot of collector's editions in my time of gaming, and I can honestly say that this is the nicest one I have ever owned. The rock solid casing really holds everything in well, and You can tell who ever designed it kept aesthetics in mind. Really beautiful set.

My girlfriend just got me a Pokemon DS!

So, I went over to her house a few days ago and played her copy of Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Being a big Tactics fan, I was instantly engaged - and admittedly, I wanted the system pretty badly. The next evening she told me that she had ordered a brand spankin' new Pokemon DS offline. Some people were curious about what the thing looked like, so I snapped a shot of it (and the new software additions!)


Although the picture doesn't show it, the pokemon silhouettes are glittery and shiny! It's a seriously eye catching piece of work. So far I have been enjoying Pokemon Pearl the best - leaving Tactics in the dust. Awesome system.

God of War III has been announced!

One of my favorite series (and no doubt my favorite action series) has just had It's third iteration announced. I was disappointed that there was no gameplay shown, but a trailer was shown depicting Kratos atop Mount Olympus. Consider me pumped.

MGS4 Is Coming: My Fears and Certainties.

I have been waiting for MGS4 for a long time. It's the conclusion to my favorite game series, and the ending of a saga. My expectations for this game are low - basically I will be happy with the game no matter what. Kojima knows how big this game is, and he won't screw anything significant up. That being said, I still have a few fears. Here they are:

  1. Will my collectors edition be beat up and dented? I might cry if it is...
  2. The voice acting in the MGS games has always been spectacular, but it has always had it's moments of weakness. It was basically flawless in MGS3, but MGS2 had some cheese-ball moments. I hope they can avoid all of that for MGS4.
  3. Seriously, will the story disappoint me?
  4. I hope the the ending is just as epic and powerful as Snake Eater's. It would probably seal the envelope on this being on of the greatest games I have played.
  5. The scores. I really don't give a crap what the game gets on any of the major sites. I really don't. Nothing will stop me from charging into the store at the midnight launch with reckless abandon. I am worried that unless the game is highly successful score-wise that fanboys will bash the game without every touching it. I worry that it could effect game sales.

MGS has always gotten a lot of things right, and below are things I am not worried about. It's based off the released trailers and the MGO Beta.

  1. The graphics will be amazing. All the previews have stated how stunning the game looked, and that it competed with the best-of-the-best. The Beta looked wonderful.
  2. The sound. The MGO had incredible sound effects for everything. The game uses uncompressed audio files, and everything sounds incredibly crisp as a result.
  3. The gameplay. The controls have always been tricky for the MGS games, but not anymore. They have made everything feel perfect, pulling off the CQC, shooting, and crouching all feel very natural. Now I am just as excited to play MGS as I am to find out the story!
  4. The cinematics in the game will be mind blowing - what else is there to say?
  5. MGO will be freaking amazing. The Beta displayed the most entertaining online I have played since Halo 2. I am very excited to get in there and start leveling my character!
No matter what happens to Snake - one thing is for sure - this game will rule. 19 days left until I can sneak out. :wink:

Metal Gear Online Beta: Impressions

After several delays and annoyances, the MGO Beta is finally here. I have put about four hours into it, and I can say one thing about it: it's damn good. I really had no hopes for MGO - I really only want MGS4. Much to my surprise and happiness, the online is excellent, and something I will dump hours and hours into after I finish up Guns of the Patriots. Below I have listed The pros and cons of the MGO Beta. Everything is opinion based.


  • Finally - the controls feel perfect. It's fluent, fast, and feels wonderful to pull off the various CQC moves.
  • This game looks great! The characters animate realistically, and the whole environment is detailed. The game has some really neat subtle touches that will delight the ones who notice them.
  • Excellent audio and physics. The game sounds very crisp and the guns really sound like they pack a punch.
  • The typical MGS humor is present even in the multiplayer. You can run people over by rolling in a drum can. You can distract them with a men's magazine and then pop them in the head. It's really goofy stuff, and who can forget the man cannon?
  • A wealth of modes and options. I haven't seen a multiplayer game with this is many options since Halo 3.
  • Excellent stat tracking! I have been inside a box for 14 minutes, you know. :)
  • The SoP (Sons of the Patriots) System works better then I expected. Never have I ever been able to keep in a group as well as I have been able to in this game. I know who exactly needs help and where I need to be. I really form a connection with your team, staying coordinated in swift and simple, now.


  • A steep learning curve both in terms of controls and what it takes to play. Anyone willing to put in the hour or two it can take to get a grip will be rewarded greatly. I am afraid it will scare many gamers off, however.
  • There are some small things that will most likely be put into place for the final release.
  • Darn it. Now something will distract me from Guns of the Patriots! :(

UPDATE: Recent purchases, MGS4.

Even though I just had a birthday, I still was able to make it out to a GameStop and pick up a few things. Here's what I got:

I now have $68/$85. The hype for this game burns harder then any game, and I cannot wait until I can finally find out what happens to Solid Snake. This is going to be awesome.

I used to have this one, but I never finished it. It's a really good game, and the over-the-top gore and violence makes me smile. For anyone who didn't know, the game just dropped price from $39.99 to $19.99. Anyone who missed it should check it out.

I borrowed this from a friend awhile back, and I fell in love with it. Seeing the beautiful (and brand new) collectors edition sitting on the shelf made me giddy. I had to pick it up - and it's awesome.

What? You didn't think I would actually but a Final Fantasy game without a guide, did you? With a game so deep and intricate, a guide is both helpful and fun to read. Note: This is probably the greatest guide I have ever owned. Great art work and has information on just about everything - it's one of the biggest guides I have ever seen!

Ahh, it's about time I got some rumble for my PS3 games! Playing Resistance and Uncharted feels awesome now, and I cannot wait to see how wonderful MGS4 feels with it. For anyone who is still on the ropes: It's a great piece of hardware.

Just got a PSP!

I got a PSP years ago, on the day that they launched, some time after that I lent it out to someone, and they broke it. I have recently got into the MGS series, and want to play as many of the games as possible. I really think that the PSP is gaining some speed with Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus. Games like War of the Lions are also attractive. So yesterday afternoon I headed out for the store to claim my new system. I walked away with the following:




And I also picked up this:


I love it so far, and getting back into the system feels great. I also pre-ordered Crisis Core, and will get War of the Lions soon. Over all, I am extremely happy with the new slim design and would recommend it to anyone who is interested!

World of Warcraft - Still one of the greatest MMORPG's.

World of Warcraft has been around since 2004, and one expansion pack later, the games popularity has grown even bigger - which is shocking. With most MMORPG's, the fan-base slowly becomes smaller and smaller until only the most hard of the hardcore fill the games servers. This isn't the case with World of Warcraft. The fan-base is getting bigger by the hour, and people still log on daily.

Thanks to a boatload of patches and tweaks released every so often, the game has been polished to a mirror sheen ten times over. The games interface and small design choices are subtle, but make the overall experience that much better. Going on a huge raid, plundering a cave with friends, completing that long quest - thats' a kind of feeling that just isn't translated in other games. Not to mention other MMORPG's/RPG's. The game just plays well, you constantly feel rewarded and are entertained with everything and all that you do in this world - it's actually kind of inspiring.

Sure, the graphics are starting to show their rough edges, but the games lighting and art is still a wonder to look at. Walking through one of the hundreds of beautiful vistas still fills you with that feeling of "Oh my god, I'm in a different place here". For a game with such age, it's pretty amazing that it is able to do that.

I am positive that many rabid RPG fans will strongly disagree, but I wanted to give a shout-out to one of best MMORPG's around nonetheless.


GET READY TO BRAWL! (A nostalgic blog post by NAPK1NS)

Ahh, I can remember like it was yesterday, (I'm making that up, it's actually pretty vague) my 13th birthday. I enjoyed a nice outing with my family and friends, and all the while I couldn't wait to rip open the two presents on the table. My mind rolled in circles about what was in the delicate wrapping, my mouth watered. Soon enough, I was given clearance to tear off the mocking package, and reveal it's sweet insides. There it was... a brand new Nintendo 64 and a copy of Super Smash Bros. Commence pants pooping.

I didn't know it then, but I was about to embark on a path of gaming excellence. I had never played Smash Bros. before, but the idea enticed me. Later that night, me and some friends got together and smashed for hours on end. There is a certain satisfaction to beating the snot out of your favorite Nintendo characters on famous vistas like Hyrule Temple and Pokemon Stadium. We laughed to the point of crying, and punched each other in the arm as we beat the hell out of each other with bats and swords. It was a really magical feeling.

Years later I got a GameCube and Super Smash Bros. Melee for another birthday. Naturally upon seeing this, I pooped my pants a second time. The thought of bringing back that one fateful night made my heart jump! Melee consumed me and my friends life for months after that. I still play the game til' this day with friends, and I never shut the game off without laughing until my stomach hurts. It is a painfuly polished piece of software that is brimming with care and content.

Here we are now, 2008. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is just around the corner, and the same rush of excitement is invigorating. To me, Melee was good as it was going to get, but oh how I was wrong. Brawl includes a plethora of new fighters, a stage creator, co-op, online battles, and so much more that it makes other games look half finished. Brawl will be a really special game for me as it will collect many nights of little sleep and lots of smashing (just as the other titles did). Memories will be hung on every rung of that game, and I can't really say that about too many games. I can't wait to feel the rush that Sudden Death round, or the satisfaction of smashing someone in the air - this game is going to be frickin' awesome. All I can say now is, I'm ready to Brawl!