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Game Over. I'm leaving the site. I don't like the "new" gamespot, so this is my way of protest.

Plain and simple: I DON'T like the so called "new gamespot". It's a shame that after all these years of being here....the admins, owners....whatever they're called, decided to make a completely different place. I guess can't do a thing about a private website.....Not to mention that I barely posted in the main forums, but it seems the people I was actually interested are no longer here.

This so called new site is boring, slow and awful....just awful. Loved the simple but clever things of the old site. I'm an experienced 37 year old user and I'm not in the mood for this shit.

I may continue posting and bloging on IGN...where my friend TTDog moved on. Those of you who'd wish to contact me, you can find me via email: nreal@usa.net . If so....let me know who you are please as I don't like spam.

Peace out.

Finally ! We can embed Youtube videos !

I really don't know why this took so long :evil: .   After all, the 100MB limit for uploading videos here was not the smartest thing to do. Not to mention all the videos I uploaded here are now gone. :x :evil:

Now I have a reason to make more gaming videos using my roxio device. It's way better to embed a video rather than linking it. 

Having said that. I posted this almost 2 years ago.

GTAIV Prostitutes !!!   I had a lot of fun making this video.....I forgot to mention that I was a little drunk.  You should've seen my wife face....... :lol:


I love the dialogue......

What should I record next ?  Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 ?

Any suggestions from my game library TTDog ? AND DONT SAY MEH !!!  :x

Health Tip.

Here's a health tip from your friendly Doctor......

[spoiler] Health [/spoiler]

This made my day. :lol:

Butcher them now ! Show no mercy.

Hello ! I've been playing MW3 a lot lately so....I decided to record a free for all deathmatch that I played with some friends yesterday.

I love playing as Africa Militia.

Weapon: ACR 6.8 assault rifle with thermal scope and suppresor. (Should've used an AK-47) and the old but reliable RPG.

I finished second, but fewer deaths after all.

Oh and I'm not uploading the video here....poor quality and a lousy 100MB limit prevent me to.

Last game of the year.

I'll give you a hint....it's a RPG...but not Skyrim.

[spoiler] FFVI also known as.... FFIII Can't complain for 9.99 US and I can play it on both my PS3 and PSP. [/spoiler]

I've always wanted to play this game...but never had the chance when it was originally released.

First Platinum Trophy.

I've been gaming a lot lately, trying to maximize my gaming time between house stuff and all the games that I've bought recently....

Hours ago I managed to get my first Platinum. Here it is: :o

[spoiler] Platinum [/spoiler]

Game is just amazing, visuals are just awesome and the sound effects are mind blowing.:cool: (If you have a nice home theather that is) I never thought I'd ever get a platinum, but it was such a joy replaying the game on Delta difficulty.

So many things to do and so many little time....Wish I could take another trip to Europe..... :cry:

What to do ? ......

Why ?

Almost everyday, during breakfast, I like to watch The Big Bang Theory with my wife.

Why do I know who's Stan Lee, Steve Wozniak and Adam West ? :|

Why do I know what's Halo, a SNES, N64, all videogames related stuff, etc, etc, etc....... ? :|

Why do I know about he CERN super collider and a little about particle physics ? :o

Why does my wife laughs at me because I know everything of the show and she knows nothing...... :x


A) I'm a nerd ?:?

B) I SHOULD BE THERE !!!! as a young doctor making a residency in USA. 8)

C) I could **** with Penny. :twisted:


Hello everyone. Some of you may remember that I decided to take a temporary break from the site, somethimg that I wrote on my last blog. which was deleted anyway.

I felt that I needed to take a break, needed to pay attention to other things, not to mention I was tired from work at the hospital. I needed something extreme...I wanted to gain perspective on things, while not worrying about anything else.

What I didn't mention is that my vacation was almost there....and I wanted to do something else....something for myself....something that I always wanted to do, but never had the chance or the money for it.

I'm talking about going to another country. Sounds crazy ? Maybe.....but at my 35 years I think I've worked enough to give me this little pleasure. I know it sounds a little bit selfish...because I wanted to go alone, solo...all by myself. Just wanted to explore the world, another country...another culture...... alone.....

I've always dreamt with this since highschool.....back then my parents wouldn't have let me.....nor I had the money.

Last month was the right time......

What about my wife ? I opened myself and told her the truth about how I felt and what I needed. She said yes.

"Where are you going ? " she asked........


"Are you serious ?!" she said.........

Yes....I even have a friend there ! :o

"Who ? " she asked again

Mark Schutz. A friend from gamespot (best known as TTDog) and facebook !

"You know what you're doing ? "

Yes....... :|

Sounds crazy I know.....but I wanted to go to Europe and meet him.

I'll link you to his blog and his excellent writing skills for a detailed description of what happened there.

I had the most exciting and intense week in a long time.

I met a great human being..... excellent person with an awesome sense of humor, who beat me at pool........

Thanks for everything Mark, for taking your time and having the patience to attend this crazy not-so-old doctor. :)

One more thing...I'm not doing this again alone.....I'll have to go back tu UK with my wife someday.

[spoiler] pic [/spoiler]

Hard Landing.

Seems that I won't get my pilot license any time soon..... :cry:

I'm sad. I had a chance to test my pilot abilities after taking a few classes, but I just blew it.... :|

Not to mention that the helicopter sustained heavy damage and some police officers were injured. :(

I was told that I entered restricted airspace...... but...I swear I didn't know.... :x

See for yourselves.


YouTube Link.