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I Got a PS3..

So, for my birthday I recieved a 60GB Playstation 3, and as surprised as I was, because I didn't really expect anything, but I'm very thankful I got it. Along with it I got Resistance, and honestly, kind of dissapointing. In fact I rarely play my PS3, maybe once a week, I'm not saying that the PS3's library is utter trash, but currently there isn't something out there you should go and buy a PS3 for IMO. Anyway, the system itself I think is pretty cool, the XMB (Cross Media Bar) is intuitive to use, just like the PSP. But the Playstation Store is kind of.. empty, not much updates, but that should change with time, and also you really do get what you pay for. And now a little about Resistance. I've been a huge fan of Insomniac since Spyro, and I'm a big fan of Ratchet and Clank (Can't wait for Future Weapons) but Resistance is a game I kind of got bored of pretty quickly. Visually it looks pretty impressive, there are some things that look really good like some of the Chimerans vehicles, but some things look pretty ugly, like some of the environment textures. The visual effects are great, the smoke effects I think look stunning, some of the best I've seen. The online is something that was a big thing for Resistance, mainly because of it's player support for 40 players, but the actual multiplayer structure is pretty frantic. The first time I joined a game, the second I spawned, I already got killed. Then over, and over and over again. I've learned the maps pretty well but I just keep dying, I'm lucky if I get 5 kills. Anyway, I'm done for now..