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4 GEEKS LIKE YOU Facebook page is finally open!!

I have posted looking for staff (amongst friends on Facebook) & have finally got some reliable staff to help keep this idea of mines going strong. Basically, we're a group of 4 "geeks" who handle movies reviews, game reviews, tv show reviews, comic book reviews & tech reviews. We launched the Facebook page this morning & will build the site up next month. We are very close to being sponsored by Reedpop & this is a dream of mines to have my group become official correspondents for Reedpop. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys help support us by liking the page & following our updates. If you'd like to apply for a position, download the application on the Facebook page & email Steph (who was an editor for Marvel & DC). Thanks a lot!!! Wish us luck!

Here is our Facebook page:

Working on my own animated comedy series

What's going on? I know I haven't been on much (for those of you that still remember me) but I am still alive. Hahaha! Currently I am working on starting a comopany focused on ORIGINAL animated works & manga's. I am starting it off with my original animated comedy series which I am writing the scripts for (along with 3 other writers) I have a team of 3 writers, 2 artist, one animator (hopefully I can get more animators/artist) which are dedicating their time & effort to getting our project out here to the public. The first episode should be out by next fall (if everything goes as planned), so I will definitely post here once that's up OR you can like my Facebook page & stay updated!/NinjaSkyStudios. Once this series takes off with a few episodes, I will start focusing on doing the manga's that I wish to bring out. If anyone wants to contribute as a writer, artist, animator, editor, producer, etc, let me know & I will talk more with you on it. Wish me luck & check out that page to stay update on our progress. By the way, those are my characters in the picture for our show. ALSO, we'll need voice actors soon for some characters

Gears of War 3 midnight launch.....

I am about to leave the office to head down the block to stand on line now at Gamestop! I am pretty hyped to play this & won't be going to sleep tonight. (Sigh) I am going to be so grump in the morning! Anyways, any of you guys getting it?

Composing for an awesome 3D amimated project called Adrenaline!!!

Some of you may know that I produce music on the side & that I composed music an anime style mecha series on YouTube called Shattered Heaven. NOW.....I am composing for the best project I have ever composed on & I wish to share with you guys a cool series. Do you like cars? Racing? INITIAL D?! Then check out this new series!!!! Go to to check out the part 1 & 2 of episode 1 (Adrenaline series) * support Parker (the creator/animator & other composer for the series (dude is a one man team). Also, subscribe to his YouTube page "1mfilms" & mines "Kosiji" to stay in touch with what we are doing. We are also putting together a manga for the series & working with an awesome singer (SUPPORT HER!!!) who's YouTube name is "KanaraKante", she can really sing! Guys, I would really appreciate it if you would help support this series, myself & our singer. Thanks again for reading & I will post links of the YouTube pages/main site.

Parker (Creator) -

Kosiji (Me) -

Singer -

Adrenaline website -

Ps: The two new tracks that I posted yesterday will have vocals to them soon, so stay tuned & again...SUBSCRIBE!!!! Hahahahaha. Also, two of my songs are played in episode plays at 6:24-6:48 & the other plays on part 2 at 7:19.

NYCC 2011!!!! Yes, I will be working for them again this year.

Although, I didn't work for them at 2010's Comic Con in New York City, I will be there to have fun this year. I will be bringing you guys daily updates like I did here in 2009 & bring you guys some pictures from the convention (Check out my profile if you didn't see the pictures from Comic Con 09). Anyways, stay tuned October 13-16 for my updates/pics. Check you guys out later.

YAY! I have my learner's permit......again.

I will explain to you what happened to my license back when I was in my teens in these easy 4 steps:

1. I use to street race.

2. I led the cops on a high speed chase on the Bruckner (if you live in NYC then you know what that is).

3. Only stopped because my friend was crying for me to stop the car.

4. Had my license taken away, got off easy because of my sistser's bf & was given 7 years until I could apply for my license again.

Hahahahaha! we are. I went in yesterday to the DMV & killed the test, so I now have my leaners permit. I am going to apply for my driving school by the end of the week & take the road test in probably 2 months. I feel like such a loser because I lost the fealing of the wheel & now have to be taught again. :( Anyways, I will keep you guys posted.

E3 **** this year!

The Microsoft Conference was ALL about Kinect which doesn't appeal to myself & hardcore gamers. C- (You showed me Mass Effect 3 so you got moved from a D to a C-).

The Sony Conference was pretty much LAME & only really appealed to me once they showed Uncharted. C+

The Nintendo Conference was ....................................................... F

This is honestly my opinion & I honestly felt that this years E3 was absolutely a waste as no real surprises were really shown.

The Ubisoft Spotlight was what really made E3 worth watching in my eyes as the Assassin's Creed Reevelations trailer ROCKED!

Looks as if they are letting anyone become a MOD nowadays

It has been soooo loooong since I have been shutdownby aMOD & here I go creating a mature topic "Strengths & weaknesses of the gaming industry"....& THAT GOT MODDED. REALLY? We get all these lame *** threads (What game should I get? Ezio vs Kratos or even threads as repetitive as Wll the PS4 come out this year?). I was modded by someone who was level 27, as well (this really pisses me off). I have made topicssimilar tothis in the past which have lasted for days & here I go making a topic different for the oh so repetitive ones & I get my topic locked. I swear the PS3 forum here have become so lame it's not even worth coming around to it anymore. You can't be different here anymore....(sigh) oh well....back to playing the background.

I may be jumping into the 3D tv crowd in 2-3weeks. You want to help choose one?

Now, I have heard that "3D is a gimmick, 3D does damage to your eyes, 3D isn't a big deal, 3D is too expensive & even there aren't many of options to choose from as far as gaming/movies are concerned; however, the same thing was said about HD when it was introduced to the public...was it not? I remember people calling it a gimmick & bascially nailing it like they are 3D how the tables have turned from that, huh? Lol. I was looking to update my tv in the living room as it is still standard (the one in my room is a 60 inch Sony Bravia HDTV though) & I came across some nice looking 3D tv's online. I have been doing research at home/work & have narrowed it down to the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX800 (55 inches) or the Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810 (also 55 inches). Now, I would like to hear some feedback from my gamespot friends & see which one you would consider getting based on what they have.

Here is a link to the differences between the new Sony models

The LX is out of my price range due to price & for the size I want. I originally was going to go with Samsung, but I heard that a lot of the models had BIG problems (as with any new technology). To be honest, I am not BIG on 3D as I don't get excited when films come out (Announcer from the movies voice)"IN 3D", but I feel like it is time to check it out & give it a chance. I mean...I wasn't excited about HD when it first dropped either...were you? Anyways, send me back some comments whether it's helping choose or if it's a comment about your opinionrelated to 3D. Thanks.

PS: I am back to the forums....even though they look quite dead. Yeah.........

Musashi turns 27 today!

Yeah..time sure does pass, doesn't it? Anyways, I am 27 today & I honestly am just looking at this as a day to party & eat. I am hitting up a Japanese buffet spot here in Manhattan called Ichiumi (pictures will be up maybe tomorrow) & I will then be heading to Taj for some lounging, clubbing, drinking & women. Lol. Anyways, I know I haven't been on much, but I have been doing a lot recently & do plan on hitting the forums again....once I see some worthy topics to post in. Again, I am on the 360 more than the PS3 but now you can find me playing LBP2 on the PS3 (For how long...meh....who knows). I said you guys can add me on the PS3/360 if you want to stay in contact with me or just await my return to the forums. Lol. I will check you guys out later.