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Quick blog GO!

I made a twitter account recently and if you guys use twitter we should follow eachother....maybe even setup times to play something and get back in touch with everyone

Peace out!

Have a great week

New account

I meant to do this the other day but im making a new account on here and im going to start reviewing and blogging again so i will probably send some of you guys friend request from my other account which will be named after my xbox live gamertag


will that mean the end of this

i just wont be using it alot


Recent gaming

This little time that i have been gone ive been doing alot of gaming to start off i got L.A noire on the midnight launch and i have finished it if i had to rate from 1 to 10 i would give it about an 8 because dont get me wrong its a great looking game and the story is alright but its no GTA which i understand it wasnt meant to be like that i think rockstar could have done better gameplay wise on L.A noire

Dead Rising 2 I was and still am a huge fan on Dead rising 1 but when i played the second one i didnt really care much for it but recently i have forced myself to play it and finally finished it. also yesterday if any of you played dead rising 1 thier was a mode called infinite mode where you have to seehow long you can survive and your health keeps slowly going down and you have to find food which dosent RESPAWN and thier are no saves one dayreal time is 2 hours so yesterday i got the 5 day and 7 day survivor achivement it was 14 hours of dead rising.....asmuch fun as it was im glad its over with

Oblivion as many of you know i am a huge Fallout fan so i recently bought oblivion and i love it after i get mass effect 2 out of the way i am probably going to no life oblivion till all the new stuff comes out.

Saints row 2 i also bought saints row 2 off Xboxlive marketplace and from what i have played it is somewhat like the best GTA ever Sanandreas so saints row 2 has brought back some good memories i also seen the saints row 3 trailer and it gave me chills it was so amazing i can tell its going to be a great game along with battlefield 3, Mass effect 3, halo CE remake, and all the others.

well thats just alittle of my recent gaming i will post another blog next week on the blog series updates and a new blog banner :) see you all next week

Epic rap battles of history-Napoleon Dynamite v.s Napoleon


Leaving Gamespot FOR GOOD

Ive have already had my mind made up for awhile i just havent got on here to tell you all but i am leaving gamespot for good now i know this is short but i will miss all of you all i loved the 2 years i had on here i met some amazing people made new great friends was part of a great union and made over 200 blogs so i think its about time i go i really will miss you guys


you can still talk to me on Xboxlive My gamertag is: Fragtagger117


So yea this is goodbye to some of you but if you add me on xboxlive theni guess its not really goodbye is it?.......

Cya in the future i wish everyone the best of luck and ill hope to see you again.

Kid cudi-Pursuit of happiness


December 2010 Game buys (reason why im gone)

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Mass Effect 2

EA Sports MMA

UFC Undisputed 2009

Medal of honor

Madden NFL 2011

NCAA Football 2011

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY

ElderScrolls IV Oblivion GOTY

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


Only ones ive beaten is Medal of honor.....sooo yea ive got alot of gaming to do so thats why ive not been on sorry....



Xboxlive GamerTag: Fragtagger117

Goodbye 2010 and hello 2011 ''its been a hell of a year''

its hard to belive that 2010 is over...seems like just yesterday i was waiting in line to get RDR back in may its funny how time fly's by so fast.......but i guess i can say that 2010 was an..ok year for me i met some new great friends on Gamespot started some new succesful Blog series (which will return in january for Season 2 more on that later) and had an AWSOME gaming year now that i think about it.....2010 has been a good year in gaming i mean thiers Halo Reach, Call of duty Black ops, Medal of honor, Battlefield bad company 2, and so on.....

Even though 2010 was a good year in gaming im glad its over with...why? you ask because now with 2011 coming we have Battlefield 3, Gears of war 3, COD MW3 (maybe), Bulletstorm, F.3.A.R, Dead space 2, LA Noire, Twisted Metal, Homefront, Batman Arkham City,Duke Nukem, and so so so many more games that im dying to get my hands on so with that PLEASE HURRY 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know thier hasnt been much said in the past months about the blog series but im here to tell you that

What would you do?---Season 2 coming January,15,2011

Question of the day---Season 3 coming February,?,2011 (I will update you soon for these)

Fallout 3---Journal Season 2 coming January,?,2011 (I will update you soon for these)

Poll of the week---Season 4 Coming May ,2,2011

You ask me Questions---Coming February 2011


And so now this is my final blog of 2010 its been a hell of a year but we got to move on and look forward so ill see you in 2011!!!

Tell me what game are you looking forward to in 2011???


Xbox LIVE gamertag: Fragtagger117


Opposite of Adult-Chiddy bang

Kid Cudi-Pursuit of happyness(Blog Clas$ic---This song has been posted a total of 7 times on my blog this year alone)

Eminem-Not Afraid(My Favorite song of 2010 and has been posted on sevral What would you do blogs?)

Auto tune the news-Backin up full song(Thank you Auto-tune the news for making my year even greater)

Auto tune the news-Bed Intruder(hide yo kids! Hide you wife!)












@unplaystation (dude we got to try and start up that blog series again ;) )




@exber (nice poems dude i love reading them ;) )





I want to thank you guys for making my Year here on Gamespot a BLAST you guys are the best friends anyone could have on here on GS each and everyone of you are EPIC in your own ways we have all been through alot this year and some of you i have just met this year and i hope to keep our friendships strong :) ;)......No homoLOL! cya in 2011 guys

i would also like to think all the others that wasnt mentioned on this blog thank you guys so much for this great year here on GS

Msteele48's 2010 Video game awards

2010 has been a great year in gaming going from the old west back in the 1900's to the jungles of vitnam we have seen great gaming titles this year such as Red Dead Redemption, Call of duty black ops, Halo Reach, Fallout new vegas, and many many more lets take a moment to remeber all these great gaming memories of 2010.......And with 2011 coming fast and many more titles to keep us locked in our rooms for months and bringing us more gaming memories

lets get started first with

Sports Game of the year

Nomines are:

Madden 11

NCAA football 11

Nba 2k11

EA sports MMA

UFC undisputed 2010


NBA 2k11


RPG of the year

Nominees are:

Fallout new vegas

Fable 3

Mass Effect 2 (even though some people dont call it RPG it sorta is)

Alpha Protocol


Mass effect 2


SoundTrack of the year

Nominees Are:

Madden 11

EA sports MMA

Red Dead Redemption

NBA 2k11

Need for speed Hot Pursuit


Need For Speed Main Theme-Opposite of Adult chiddy bang


FPS of the year

Nominees Are:

Call of duty Black ops

Halo reach

Medal of honor

Battlefield bad company 2


Black ops!


Video Game Chracter of the year

Mr. House (Fallout NV)

John Marston (Red dead redemption)

Bonnie MacFarlane (Red Dead Redemption)

ezio auditore (Assassins creed Brotherhood)

illusive man (Mass Effect 2)

Victor Reznov (COD black ops)


REZNOV (Black ops)


Game Of The Year

Nominees are:

Red Dead Redemption

Mass Effect 2

Call of duty black ops

Halo reach

Assassins creed Brotherhood

Fallout new vegas




I hope you have enjoyed the blog and good gaming to you all see you in 2011!!!



Xbox LIVE!!!!!!!

Hey guess what....i got Xbox LIVE now so send me a friend invite and message me telling me its you

Gamertag: Fragtagger117

Games i play most on So Far XBL


Halo Reach

Need for speed Hot pursuit

COD black ops

left 4 dead 2

Battlefield bad company 1


Gamertag: Fragtagger117

Dealing with Second DEATH of the year and Updates

Well today is a sad day for me i have a couple things to tell you all lets start with the......2nd death of the year

This week my Xbox360 Elite died for the 2nd time this year it died back in september and now this week so untill i get my 360 slim up and running i have to resort to PC and PS2 games

April 2008 - September 2010

RESURRECTED- September 2010

Died- December 12th 2010

''We will miss you Elite''


I dont have future plans to get my 360 elite fixed because the slim has ''Gotten rid of the RROD'' at least thats what ive heard all they have now is a Red Dot Of Doom but it dosent break your 360 only telling you that thier is a cord loose somewhere or the hardrive is loose so thats good :)

NOW to the other bad news i am leaving the blog BUT NOT FOREVER im just taking a break i know ive said that alot but ill come back when life is willing to let me but im just so so so busy now days i cant hardly do anything.

So if your wondering where i have been while ive been away from GS...ive been on youtube mostly and playing battlefield 2 multiplayer mostly so yea thats about it sorry for short update

So since ive been away What have you guys been up to? tell me all the new stuff thats happened i would love to hear from you guys :D




Most played 360 game of the week



Most played PC game of the week

Battlefield 2 Multiplayer


Second most played PC game of the week



Least played game of the week

The Sims

(Thats the E74 Error Message for the RROD)

Blogging updates

as you have noticed i havent blogged since Thanksgiving week and that was awhile back so i think im just gonna take a little longer break from Gamespot ill be back the week of christmas! :D so yea ill have gaming updates here and thier and yea

Poke Me-Auto Tune the news


Most played game of the week

Red Dead Redemption: Undead nightmare


Game Currently playing

Fallout New Vegas


Least game played this week

UFC Undisputed 2010