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Hmmm... kind of just an impulse.

I've never once thought that I actually wanted a Wii very much... But lately impulsively (also possibly because I have a job and disposable income now) I want a Wii... Mostly for Zelda Twilight Princess, despite the fact that my brother already owns that on Gamecube.... but I want to get a wii with it... haha... I haven't actually played Twilight Princess yet... but I very much want too.. and I want to do so on the Wii. Hahah but this won't be happening very soon... well maybe but my first pay cheque is pretty much tied up already I spent like $100 on 2 Rise Against Tickets. (ridiculous price for Rise Against Tickets I remember when they were $20.) and I'm going to the last show for 2 of my favorite bands Born For battle and The Riviera Heist as both are breaking up, so I want lotsa money for merch at that one... plus Theres a bunch of other great Western Canada Hardcore bands playing this one!

Stupid Dragonforce

I believe myself to be a fairly avid Guitar Hero Player... I'm pretty good at it I must say. But uhhh, That stupid Dragonforce song on GH3 has totally immasculated me I feel... its quite bad, I can't even beat it on hard. Its BS!!!! LIke dear god, I can only get as far as I believe 69%... thats what I like to call the Death Zone, I mean I got there 3 times in a row, before I decided to say screw this. and Thats why I don't like Dragonforce.... oh and i just don't enjoy that type of music too much. Far too much shreddage. The novelty wears off on me far too quickly. Beware Pillowpants.... hahahahaha Clerks 2 joke :P:lol:

A Calculated Use of Sound

Well Ive decided to start doing somethings a little differently with my blogs well not entirely... but whatever Ive decided that every so often Im gonna review my favorite CDs in here. I think itll be fun lol. But anyways the one Ill be reviewing today is... "A Calculated Use of Sound" by Protest the Hero  Protest the Hero is: Rody Walker - Vocals Luke Hoskin - Guitar, Vocals Arif Mirabjolbaghi - Bass, Vocals Tim Miller - Guitar Moe Carlson - Drums Track list: 1. Red Stars over the battle of the Cowshed 2. An Apathetic New World 3. These colours Don't Run 4. Soft Targets dig Softer Graves 5. Fear and Loathing in Laramie 6. Led Astray 7. I am Dmitri Karamazov and the World is My Father I am going to do this as a track by track review, so Ill review each track individually, and then summarize it at the end and give it an overall score. 1. Red Stars over the Battle of the Cowshed The title of this song comes from a fictional battle from the book "Animal Farm" I do believe I may check later and make an edit. The song itself focuses on the issue of the Class war. The working man vs. the rich. Its also about how dollars are worth more than people to some. With lyrics like these "Dollars are worth more than a worker in need, More than John and Jane Doe with a Family to feed", and this "Because its a one way street through a faceless crowd; barcodes and backlit billboards show us, guide us, teach us how to earn our rank divide the rich and poor, pit us against ourselves compiling and burning the corpses of class war". The whole song pretty much its quite blatant in the issue they are attacking, the lyrics are pretty great Id say overall. Now onto the musicianship of the song: Starting with the drums, Moe Carlson is a very talented drummer and does not disappoint on this song his drumming is very good. Arif Mirabdolbaghi's bassline is fairly basic, but neverless its good, simple but fun, I enjoy playing it very much. The guitars are also very good, there is alot of riffing, the two guitarists actually amaze me, because they play together with pinpoint precision its really quite brilliant, and they just never stop. Overall score for this song 9.5/10 2. An Apathetic New World The theme of this song is similar too that of Red stars, but is less obvious. Lyrics like "How do you organize resistance against something thats not even there? But still killing you." and "Raping people of their hope and the sky of all its stars. They're dying at your feet but who cares who they are (right?)" and "Grasping at a chance through a wall of austerity and a fence of police enforced by democratic vulgarity". The Lyrics again are very good, very head on to the issue they are singing about, but there is a few metaphors here and there, which only impresses me further. The Drums again are very solid, and I enjoy listening to them. The Bassline is again fairly basic, but there is one part where Arif throws in a whole load of fills (which unfortunately I cant figure out), its again a fun song to play. Much like in Red stars again the guitars are very good, very precise and there plenty of great fills. Only 2 songs in you can already tell that this album does indeed live up to its title. Overall score: 9/10 3. These Colours Don't Run These Colours Don't Run is a famous saying or phrase Im not entirely sure where from thats all I know about it. Anyways the lyrical themes focus on United states Foreign policy. Again the lyrics are very head-on in there attack of the issue. With lyrics such as "Bombings wont Justify Bombings, Death will not justify Death, Death itself justifies nothing. Nothing will come of it" and "Terrorism as defined by official US documents is the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious or Ideological instate. You label rogue states, Look at yourself. The rockets red glare is red for the blood you have spilled. And the bombs bursting in air above anonymous graves you have filled (in the name of humanitarian intervention) although by definition they're a terrorist act." . Musically again a very enjoyable song. It starts off with a drum solo by Moe, who again is very good in the song. The bass is finally breaking away, Arif finally pulls out the real talent I know he has. His bassline is fast, he throws fills in all over the place, very enjoyable bassline. The guitars are pretty much the same as the other songs, so I dont feel as though I need to go into detail, they are brilliant again. This is probbaly my favorite song on the album, it is great. Overall score: 10/10 4. Soft Targets Dig Softer Graves *note* - This song did not appear on the original EP it was originally on an Underground Network Compilation, then it was added to this and was re-released. Honestly Im not sure what this song is about entirely there's a whole slew of themes it would seem including themes from the past songs, so foreign policy and the class struggle. So Ill just go right onto the music. This song begins with a bassline which is pretty good, not complex but still not easy by any stretch. Drumming again very solid, not standout but still solid. The guitars again show their brilliance. Overall score: 8.5/10 5. Fear and Loathing in Laramie The theme of this song is very obvious. It is about homophobia and how repressed people have become, how closeminded they have become towards certain things. With lyrics like "A nation so straight deviations a crime. When will we learn that sexuality is not a punishable offence?" and "Lets talk about rights, Lets talk about Sexual orientation, Lets talk about you, and an entire homophobic nation. Will you follow me down? Can we not seperate ourselves from such hate?". Very obvious. The music again wows me, its very good, very well done. The Drums are again solid, but like the last one not standing out. Bass line is pretty decent I must say I quite enjoy it. And the guitars again are amazing. Great song overall. Overall Score: 9/10 6. Led Astray First thing Im gonna say is that this I do believe is my favorite song on the CD. Its theme is losing friends and the heartbreak that comes along with that. Lyrics such as "Now everything is different I dont know you anymore, and as we pass in the hall I feel myself weeping inside knowing that the friendship that there once was has withered to but one glowing ember of a fire that burned so brightly" and "These thoughts they tear me up inside devour me consume my mind, I scream at night rip out my hair how much more can I forbear. I swear this to you. From Birth I think we knew, nothing is truly alive unless it dies". The song begins with a bassline which is quite good. The drumming is solid and is actually very enjoyable. The guitars are very good again, precise as you can get, and oh god just great. Overall score 10/10 7. I am Dmitri Karamazov and the world is my Father This song is great. The theme of it is I guess not wanting to be controlled by the social and academic expectations put on the person. Lyrics like this "I'm questioned all my life why I kept on saying that I didnt even ask to be here, you made that choice for me, enrolled in your schools and church and god forsaken military." and "A pound of nuts is simply not enough to keep my rage at bay and though I didnt kill you like you tried to do to me. Im just as guilty because I would have wanted to be free". This song is a brilliant finisher, everything is done spectacularly, Guitars, drums, bass everything its all great. Overall score 9.5/10 Overall Summary This is by far one of my favorite albums ever, it is amazing the whole thing is just a non stop awesome fest. The lyrics are great the whole way through, the musicianship is amazing everything is great. I love it. I didnt mention the actual vocals once, well here goes; I love the vocals Rody walker is a great singer in my opinion, though Ive heard that some people find his voice annoying (crazies :P ) His singing is good in my opinion, and he screams a fair bit and I love his scream its very good. The Genre I guess you could put this CD in is Metal Punk, because the themes are very punk oriented and so is alot of the music, but the technicality in which they pull things off, links it to metal. The overall score (Average of the individual track scores) is: 9.4/10 Brilliant album, I would recommend it to any punk lover :)

The Premonition

Please for the sake of your own time and braincells do not see this movie unless you wish to be mind****ed this movie is awful. Its a mess... thats really all Ive got to say... you could see it if you want and form your own opinion, but my advice is that you dont. The movie overall is stupidly predictable and well can be used as the butt of quite a few jokes. In closing I hated this movie... Thanks for reading lol, just felt I had to let that be knownst to everyone. :D

Hey Look at that!

Well it seems that Ive been on Gamespot for over a year now... hmm interesting, well though not really because I spent alot of time off of gamespot but still you know... hehe Id like to thank you all for making my time here so enjoyable :D Talk to you all soon :)

No this isnt good bye.

Hello all. :D As many of you may have noticed, I havent really come on Gamespot at all the last month or so. This is no longer because of Computer issues (though still a slight factor). I'm finding now that Gamespot just isnt for me anymore, and I dont feel like coming on here every day. But anyways onto the Title of this blog, I would appreciate it if you havent already Demote me in your Union Please, because I just can't handle the responsibility of being an officer in a union, You should promote someone who deserves it. But this doesnt mean I wont be coming on Gamespot anymore, I may pop in every so often to talk and what not, because I wont soon forget the friends I made on here. So with that I end this blog. But again Please Union leaders unless you want my dead weight, please Demote me and promote someone more deserving. Sincerely Taylor or Mrbojangles if you prefer

Erg More Computer Problems

Hmm Just letting everyone know (union leaders in particular) that Im still having Computer issues, which is why I have been so inactive of late... thats really all, that and school is limiting things a tad so ya thats about it, hopefully Ill be able to talk to you all later

Hmm blog

i havent done a blog in a while... hmm I guess I dont really have anything going on in my life right now thats interestin lol well whatever this blog is really just so that i can vent about stupid level 20 I hate it its so slow Ive probably been on it for 3 weeks and well Im at 30%... Even though levels dont really effect anything its nice to know your advancing and well I dont appear to be advancing and Im irritated lol talk to you all later

New 360 game + Computer issues

Yes I got NHL 07 I got it the day it came out but I havent been on GS since then :P its really fun.... anyway I have been having problems with my Computer so just as a heads up to every one if Im not on thatll be why... thanks for reading