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about wrong decisions and overhyped stuff

Beginning of May was wonderful thanks to visit of my boyfriend (who lives quite far anyway) with whom I spend two and half magic days. To make it even more magical he brought Dreamcast with him so I could finally play Shenmue. And what I can say is that I feel sadness for such wonderful console as Dreamcast to die so quickly. It's not only because of Shenmue (that still makes big impressions, it's not a poor GTA that sucks in everything but it's big and real gangsta s**t so everyone thinks it's great) but when I think about all those games that were on it. It was Sega's golden age.

Maybe if DC lived longer, we would see new Nights that doesn't sucks, Panzer Dragoon that, even if made on weaker system, would blow our eyes and minds, and maybe a real Phantasy Star sequel (okay, now I really was carried away). But what my point is that I even more hate Sony now. Yeah I know Sega hurt itself and that was main reason why it all end up like that, however if Sony didn't lie about PS2 power, showing us renders and mumbling about games that looks like renders from FFVIII it would be different. But both of them aren't a real reason, They are just a minor cases. The real reason is that gamers that again went just for bigger power (power! I need more power!) choose wrong and sentence to death (again) something that really had value in this business.

That's why I hate post-SNES Final Fantasy series that's why I'm not so amused with GTA (even despite I like some elements of Vice City), that's why I hate Sony and many more - because all of them weren't the best but nobody gave a crap about it and choose them because of this "will of power" that puts in the graves all the good things and promote thing that are not so grate. Also I want to say I don't considered everything that sells well as evil and over-hyped. I admire Zelda, Metroid or MGS. I just hate hype for things that doesn't deserve it.

Now GTA IV is first and second game with best review average score. And everyone is so excited and impressed (or depressed, and to those I belong) about GTA beating Zelda. I don't consider Zelda: Ocarina of Time as best game ever, but I can understand why it's was and still is so great. I can't say that about GTA. It's just big and that's all. "Story" might someone say. Well okay but you really believe it can be better than in Silent Hill? In MGS? In Xenogears? Or in GoodFellas? Is this game such masterpiece as Scorsese's movie? Like those games I mentioned? I dunno.

And what I want to say is that I bet is that after a year everyone will wake up and realised "oh f**k! what have we done???" but it will be too late. As Public Enemy sung once: "Don't believe the hype" and that should be main idea for whole this industry.

Moving on with few things

Well... despite I'm not a systematic person and I do everything in very lazy way I will try to move on with few new reviews in this (or next rather maybe) week.. I'm trying to finish Xenosaga III review (that I stopped in the half and went playing Half-Life) and in line waits Shadow Of The Colossus, Shin Megami Tensei II, Persona 3 (basic non FES version) and maybe some random stuff like Chrono Trigger (who gives a damn about another CT review? none? I will write it anyway). I hope to do that for next few days that will be quite busy (few games to play and all plus school still requires attention) and I will try to move on with this profile and stuff on it.

Also my dog died few days ago making home quite empty and sad place. Pace with you friend

  • random life events...

    After EPIC FAIL, which my exam from descriptive grammar was, I decided to stop giving a damn about school for a while. If I have something like 5% of chances to graduate than why should I try anymore? So, to make my sad miserable life at least a bit more colorful than just plain gray, I decided to borrow PS2 from s friend, and spend rest of the week playing retarded video games from twelve-old (at least that's what my parents thinks about Xenosaga 3).

    Also to make my parents angry (because they can't understand I'm not 15 years old anymore) I went for Dick4Dick gig yesterday. Well support was totally lame, but Dicks (I know Gamespot will cut out this word) really set a fire in the air (and destroyed almost everything that was on stage). So I feel bit better now. I have a past-gen console, and my need to destruction and more complex move-expression (because I won't call it "dance") was satisfied.

    Endless Nomura 'Fantasy' in action

    I know that it might look quite boring to in second entry sh*t on Square Enix and Nomura again but well, they deserve it. :P Yesterday I saw new scans from FFXIII and that Versus thing. Well, what can I say? .... OMFGROTFLLOLWTF??? .... yeah, that would be the accurate one. Well if you don't believe than just see for yourself: and don't tell me it looks cool, because it does NOT. Summons look idiotic (SHIVAMOTOCYCLE is new GIANT ENEMY CRAB thing for me), all characters look the same or like a mix of previous ones with j-porn actors and whole game will be one giantic special effect to show PS3 power but I guess that's all it will show (except idiotic script and bad style). So I would say I pity people who jerk off because FFXIII looks so great however FFXIII is suposed to be made for such people. They just would not understand Suikoden or Shin Megemi Tensei series. They just want Harry-Poter-like-fireworks and anoter clone of Cloud mixed with Squall and girls with no breast.

    Nomura went rampage producing Gackt's devil spawns XD

    Today I saw one of trailers of "FF7: Crisis Core". What I saw was more terrifying that all nightmares of "Sillent Hill" brought together in one place. What can I say? Nomura is not willing to stop in rapeing "FF7" fame and brings more and more fail in this world hopeing (not without a reason) that gamers will buy his product, making his and Square-Enix pocket full of money again.

    What is really sad most of pople will play it and think it's a great game when really good games won't sell enough to give profit to their creators. Hell with you Nomura!!! (and with this game)