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We're Live!

Wow - what a Q4! We're finallly live with the 4th and final pillar of the CNE group... FilmSpot! The most bad-ass-gangster-off-the-wall-freestyle site about movies, communities, and the american dream!


Back from the beach

Being out of the saddle for more than 2 weeks has such an amazing effect on one's constitution... however, it's extraordinarily detrimental to one's level and rank! ;-( Looking forward to writing comments on all of the current celebrities in the media. After all, with a Mai-Tai in hand, the only good reading I could find was US and People...

We're up, real nice

And after long last, a warm congratulations to the whole team for a job well done. The site looks and feels great, and now on to reviewing more shows!

"Home, home on the range...

...where the deer and the antelope play." My Grandfather used to whistle that as he awoke before daybreak. After making a Thermos of coffee, he proceeded to sit out on his front lawn with a pellet gun, and pick pigeons off the wire hanging over his driveway. This was his solution to prevent the scavengers from crapping on the hood of his Chevy. When I was younger I used to laugh at that story, though as I aged, I started to feel distinctly disconcerted. "Things have to get dirty before they get clean", he used to tell me. He was very right, and so much of the world works with these types of binary (and sometimes extreme) measures. It's all very clear to me now.

Monday - Holiday - surfing

We went out on Monday afternoon for a good day of surfriding. The swell was small... maybe 4 ft @ 15 seconds, but when the wind died down, the shape started to work out nicely. Hopefully this weekend will prove to be a nice one for getting out in the water--not sure I can make it in the AM on account of my work commitments

Under the weather - saving up for CBS

Sadly, there was no surfing for me today. I'm a bit under the weather, and with the recent chill that's descended on San Francisco, I had to make a game time decision to bag surfing for the day. I will, however, be appearing on the CBS Early Show, Monday the 6th of December between 8:00 and 9:00 AM PST and EST. Should be a good opportunity to discuss trends in gaming as they pertain to younger demographics.

Tune in if you have a moment!

Equinox kills the post work surf session

I was just lamenting the fact that the passing equinox (Sept 22nd) has officially killed our ability to get out in the water after work. One of the most wonderful aspects of living in the bay area is the late light during our summer months. in July, we can literally hit the beach by 7:00 PM, and stay out in the water until 9:00 without compromising our safety. Alas, the dog days of summer come to a close, and dawn patrol rears its ugly head. Hot_Hands and I have been out a few times before work, but a 5:30 AM wake-up call comes fast and raw, and seriously impinges on normal evening activities.

Hopefully next weekend will be less crowded than last Saturday... pray for fog and wind! :-)

Saturday's Wild Surfing

As Hot_Hands_Hammy notes, it was wild crowded on Saturday down at Linda Mar beach. I wish I had my camera with me, as it ended up being an afternoon right out of a music video (or Apocalypse now, you choose.) There was a 5 piece rock band playing Dick Dale covers with speakers pointed out into the surf, which made for a very surreal landscape to say the least. If that wasn’t enough, some local organization was running a surf contest for female long boarders and blocked off 25% of the beach for the entrants. So with guitar riffs, air horns, and general crowd noise, the weekend wasn’t a peaceful paddle like we would have hoped.

2004-09-13 4:42 AM PDT -0.07 feet Low Tide
2004-09-13 6:50 AM PDT Sunrise
2004-09-13 11:29 AM PDT 5.09 feet High Tide
2004-09-13 4:51 PM PDT 1.86 feet Low Tide
2004-09-13 7:20 PM PDT Sunset
2004-09-13 10:48 PM PDT 5.73 feet High Tide

Saturday and Sunday surfing

Sa 11 Low 3:47 AM 0.2 6:49 AM Rise 3:38 AM 13
11 High 10:39 AM 5.0 7:23 PM Set 6:23 PM
11 Low 3:45 PM 2.7
11 High 9:21 PM 5.9

I say we hit it at 3:30 or 4:00 PM on both days... looks like it might be time for the 10 foot board and a floppy hat. Maybe some racy walls on the inside, but it's shaping up like a real rollers scene.

See you all soon!


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