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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie tips on how to survive.

As any experienced zombie player will know the only safe way to get to the 25+ rounds is by circling.

Kino de toten:

Circle 1= stage- going around the screen itself (particualy good for the M16 users)
Circle 2= stage- going around the turret gun up and down the stairs (particualy good for the M16 users)
Circle 3= Lobby- going up around and down stairs
Circle 4= MP40 room- going up around and down the stairs (particualy good for the MP40 and stakeout users)
Circle 5= Allyway- Doing a figure of 8 motion between the box area and the front of the gate area (particualy good for the AK74u users)


Circle 1= Start point- going around the desks now and then popping in the side rooms to use the traps.
Circle 2= Stakeout room- open up the barriors and you have yourself one of the easiest circles (good for multiple people)
Circle 3= Lab- using the first room to the left when you come down the elivator go through there then follw the rooms wall on the outside and back through again.
Circle 4= Pig/claymore room- Going around the operating tables
Circle 5= lab- using the hallways go around the 3rd room in a squre pattern


Circle 1= start point- just a basic circle
Circle 2= Below start point - a basic circle around the red box's Circle 3= outside near teleporter- a cirle around the rock sometimes going up near the door to bring them all together a bit better
Circle 4-5-6= dome room plenty of space here and many circle's can be done

I've only mentioned these 3 maps because there the only one's i really enjoy playing (except for Five but when your stuck at your gf's in the middle of the countryside with no internet and just the basic maps what ya gonna do) I do play the others but you dont find many decent players when finding a match online even less that have mic's so if you have any questions on any of the maps new or old about anything not just circling i'll be happy to answer i've done all the easter eggs and know some of the few remaining glitches.

I have some of the best strategy methods for points as well for example:

Level 1- shoot 8 times in the leg then stab do not let through the window ( if you get a perk its a waste because there's only a few zombies even max ammo is a waste at this round seeing as every spare bullit you have will be wasted.

Level 2- shoot 8 bullits in chest/stomach area if you can wait till the zombies are in a row and you'll get double maybe even triple points and then stab.

Level 3- Now you should have got max ammo by now but if not just stab each one 3 times until you do. shoot 16 bullits in the stomach/ball area to high and it will kill them then stab.

Level 4- Same agin shoot 16 bullits in chest area and then stab make sure to leave a crawler so you can open up doors get weapons do what you will

The reason we leave a crawler at level 4 is because level 5+ they will start sprinting and double swinging not good when your trying to stab.

I have tactics for every map and through every round feel free to ask.

Long Lost Family.

I know this isnt about gaming but im trying anything that might help my chances.

As the saying goes: Every little helps said the old women as she pee'd in the sea.

I've tried looking for my father through search engines and anestry websites but there useless due to lack of knowledge. All i know is what my mother told me - Hes (aparently) called David Kramback, he's American and met my mum (briefly) when he came over to england on a brake from the army. I have seen1 photo of him and will recognise him if seen again. The only thing i can think of is a D.N.A test and comparing it to every past and present member of the USA Army. I hope you can help in my search. Im even starting to consider a Private Investigator. Which i definatly dont have the money for.

As i said i dont know anything.

Skyrim: Game Of The Year.....Or Is It

Skyrim as we all know got more hype then then 9/11 x 1000 (Team America quote, dont take it offensivly).

People were queing for hundreds of meters outside shops, People taking days of work just so they could play it the day it came out but was it really worth it?

People Queing outside storeCute kitting tucked under a blanket asking for a sick day

Sure you have this amazingly extra large map with over 500 locations to explore, over 400 side quests/favours to be completed and multiple collages to complete as well as the main quest with these side story's feeling like another game in itself.

skyrim map

But does that excuse the amount of mistakes or just poor effort put into making this game.

-My Main problem is not so much a mistake in the game just a bad choice on the creators part, I mean your not able to fully complete all of the skill constellations when your leveling up, many of you my not know this but you can only put perk points on a third of them. There are 257 Total perks and we can only choose 81 of these. What happened to the days when you could complete everything and become the ultimate character.

-Texture problems for that select percentage that try to install the game, a pretty big problem if you ask me, something they should of tested before bringing out the game.

Installation Mistakes

-A bug that has effected a significant amount of people from getting the final Thieves Guild Achievement/Trophy.

-Multiple side quests/favours were the quest items glitch out and prevent you from completing them.

-And a graphics system which in my opinion was just plain poor, with everything looking textured and like a cheap A.I system.

-Reward items that arnt nearly as good as what you already have and being able to enchant better stuff out of my a**

I could go on and on but ill just point out the main ones, so back to my previous question.

Does this massive game excuse the amount of mistakes or just poor effort put into making this game.

Well my girlfriend would say yes

But i say maybe?

Skyrim is an extra large game where you can get lost in for hours and hours and some cases days. Sure they're are plenty of mistakes which sometimes made me want to take a shotgun to the console. But it was a fabulous game that took up a week and a half of my life to complete and i dont regret a thing (except selling my thieves guild armor).

I hope you all enjoyed the game yourself and i hope you enjoy my blog enough to leave a comment, please dont have a go at me about my opinions because as the word says in its self they are my own personal opinions.

FREEEEEE Icon's Please Read

Hay people's, I am basically making load of icon's i know a lot of you can probably make your own but as people have already found out i find some pretty unique picture's even on characters I've never heard of before.

I hope you will comment and give your input. The only thing i ask is that if you decide to use one of these you will leave a comment on the picture letting me know as it will make me smile :D.

Feel free to ask me to make some for you, in fact I'll be happy to, i want to end up with hundreds and plus it's something to do while passing the time on here :).

Don't become confused by the first page there are different one's.

Just use the link below to go there or just go on my images.

Thanks folks.