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Another NEW Awesomeness!!!

Holy balls, I bet you're asking yourself if you're reading that correctly. Another new Awesomeness??? How can this be, he just posted a new one this weekend???

Well, it's true, and you can check out both of the newest Awesomeness-es over on

Here's a link to my giantbomb profile. I'm MrBojangles or there, spelt nice and correctly.

New Awesomeness...

...over on giantbomb. Go check it out if you like. My username is MrBojangles over there so go check me out and send me a friend request if you like.


Bojangles is BACK!!!

For the few of you who actually remember me, here's some good news.

It's been seriously too long. Let's just say that it was my hiatus, and a new season of Awesomeness is about to begin. I'm coming back to Giantbomb, with a brand new Awesomeness later this week, talking about Saints Row 2, Gears 2, Force Unleashed and other stuff I wasn't around to talk about.

Oh yeah...

It's almost Thanksgiving...

Awesomeness LIVE!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen... IT'S AWESOMENESS LIVE!!!!!!

With Musical Guest, COLDPLAY!


And now, MR. BOJANGLES!!!

That's right. I'll be doing live Awesomenesses for your viewing pleasure. The first LIVE episode will be taking place FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, AT 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I'll be on live for an hour to and hour and a half.


I'll also be recording the entire session, and editing it down to 20 minutes and releasing it during the following week. But please, SHOW UP! It's an interactive Awesomeness. Ask all the questions you desire, and if you have a webcam, JOIN IN!!! All made possible by STICKAM!

Now you don't have to watch stupid **** who don't strip, and **** who do but are 13 or younger.

Now you can watch all the Awesomeness you crave, LIVE!!! I don't have much on there yet, but will be updating it this week, here's my stickam.

Awesomeness Volume 16 - Civili-Awesomeness

Well, as the title might suggest, this volume is not only the sixteenth volume in the Awesomeness series, but it also pertains to a little game called Civilization. Civilization Revolution to be precise. Check out this action-packed, brand new AWESOMENESS!!! Enjoy the show!


Oh yeah guys. Tomorrow, I'll be concluding the Best and Worst series so check back tomorrow afternoon.

The BEST and WORST of Mr. Bojangles - Day 4

Sorry this wasn't up earlier. I think I might be coming down with a touch of the flu, as I had a fever for about a day. I just broke it, and this Tylenol is finally starting to work, so I decided to get back on the CPU and deliver Day 4 of the Best and Worst series. I see no one commented yesterday's blog. That's alright though, I'll finish out the series and be done with it. Today's #2 picks bring us just ONE DAY AWAY from the BIG CHEESE and the STINKER. My #1 best and worst videos. Alright, without further adu, here they are. My #2 picks.

#2 WORST - The Ten: Episode 1 - Cody


So, at one point I tried creating an interview show, where I would always ask the same ten questions, hence the name, The Ten. It didn't turn out so well. No one, besides my friend Cody here, was interested in being interviewed, and this premiere episode was quitelackluster and may have drawn people away from being interviewed. We were both very tired while filming, and it shows. While the content isn't terrible, it's one of the worst videos I made.

#2 BEST - Awesomeness Volume 3 - Call of Awesomeness


I don't know what my hair was doing during this Volume of Awesomeness, but man is it crazy. Just watch it. Watch my hair. This Volume is filled with an energy that's indescribable. Probably my favorite Awesomeness, at least comedy wise. I was really pumped the entire time I was on camera, and it really shows. A great video. My #2 Best.

So, tomorrow... I mean later, THE #1 PICKS will be revealed! Leave some love and check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of THE BEST AND WORST OF MR. BOJANGLES!!!

The BEST and WORST of Mr. Bojangles - Day 3

Welcome back! Today, my picks match up with the title. It's Day 3 and today's feature brings us the #3 Best and Worst videos. We're getting close! Again, couldn't really pick a "good" bad video, but on the other hand, there's quite the abundance of quality stuff, but I chose and nonetheless, here they are.

#3 WORST - Awesomeness Volume IX - Awesomeness Up-Down-Grade


Simply put, this should've been a text blog, not an Awesomeness Volume. I'm not really annoying in this one, but I'm also not too exciting. It's really laid back, and again, any updates could've been logged on my profile's blog. It just seems like a wasted effort. I should've just waited for my camera to work again.

#3 BEST - Awesomeness Volume I - Orange Awesomeness


So, after much diliberation, I choose Awesomeness Volume 1 for the #3 spot. It was really tough to decide between my #2. This is the Awesomeness that started it all. I have a lot of energy in this one as I begin my Awesomeness legacy. I'm now on Awesomeness Volume 16, so I must've done something right with Volume 1. I had a lot of fun introducing the series, and it shows in this video. It's my #3 pick here, and I hope you'll agree with me when you see my #2.

Alrighty then, that's it! Day 3, come and gone. Check back tomorrow for PART 4 of this monumental series. We're almost there! If you guys want, leave me some comments about your favorite 5 videos from me, and I'll craft a list and place it in the honorable mentions blog on Saturday. Ok guys, leave some love!

The BEST and WORST of Mr. Bojangles - Day 2

So yesterday, we started this epic series. Not many comments, but by the looks of it, I'd say you guys agree so far. I was looking for my #4's today, and I noticed, I didn't throw up many "stinker" videos. There's only a few bad ones, and I already know my #1 worst, so I'm having trouble decide which videos I really don't like. On the other hand, I have an abundance of quality videos. A lot of funny memorable moments and some early brilliance that you guys seemed to have really enjoyed. Again, I think I know my #1 best, but nothings 100%. But, alas, here are my #4 picks. Enjoy!

Make sure to leave some comments on weather you agree or not, or nominate your favorite or least favorite videos!

#4 WORST - Bojangles' Week: Sept. 17-24


Not particularly a bad episode, but nothing really special happens in this video. I really don't have anything to say, evidenced by the short run-time. It's my third or fourth Bojangle' Week entry, so I guess I had a bit of a content drought. This video is just really lackluster.

#4 BEST - Bojangles' Week 19


My last entry into the Bojangles' Week series, #19 was one of the best Bojangles' Weeks I ever produced, if not the best. A really upbeat mood is created right of the bat with some singing from yours truly, and that energy level never backs down, like that movie, Never Back Down. I think it's a really enjoyable last entry in one of my longest running series. Take a peak and enjoy the Awesomeness.

Alright, that does it for DAY 2. You know what comes after 2? Well, I asked my mom and she told me it was 3, so there you have it. Day three tomorrow. And I think it might contain some AWESOMENESS. Check back tomorrow, and remember to leave some love in the comments section.

The BEST and WORST of Mr. Bojangles - Day 1

So today starts my five part series where I pick my five best and worst videos. Of course, we'll start at the beginning, number 5 for each of these catagories. I'm going to exclude Ask A Bojangles episodes, because I had to answer questions and not really create any original content. I'm also going to exclude Jerks of War 2 due to all of the views and comments it got. This is more about the videos just featuring my Mr. Bojangles content.

Make sure to leave some comments on weather you agree or not, or nominate your favorite or least favorite videos!

#5 WORST - Bojangles Week 14


I just think I come off as annoying in this video. I'm all nasally and my hair is really atrocious. There's really not a lot to see in this episode besides a few answers I gave to views. A stupid intro montage really sets the mood for this annoying appearance by me. Not my best.

#5 BEST - Leisure Time with Mr. Bojangles


Featuring cla$$ical music and ridiculous antics by myself, I tried something different here. It's pretty amusing to see myself pretend to be sophisticated and have a silly, stupid accent. This episode was a real change, very different from what I usually did, at least dress and setting wise. The cla$$ical music that resonates throughout the episode almost takes your mind off of how stupid I look in the Mets hat.

Alright guys, leave some love. Tell me what you think of my decisions so far! Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of The BEST and WORST of Mr. Bojangles, my FINAL BLOG SERIES on gamespot.