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Graduated from High School!

:D :D That's right, I just got the confirmation for the website, which was heavily overloaded and you couldn't get to a signle page without waiting 15 minutes but I'm graduated! Don't know my marks and all yet but I did it! Hurray!! :D :D

Lvl 20!

I reached the level of doom! Level 20! I'll be a real Gamespot veteran when I'm trough this one I guess. :D

On another I've been in touch with the store, they've sent my HDD back and I should have a new one next monday :)

HDD crashed!

Yup, fortunatly not my main on, but my new one, a 250GB Maxtor Diamond Max10. All my "24" gone, Bf2142, Are you being served? Etc. This thing wasn't even a year old :(

And now I try calling the shop but they won't answer the phone! (Ah well I have warranty until 28 Aug. 2009 :P)

Anyway first time I had a HDD crashing on me, and also the first one I bought myself.. Coincidence? :D

Back from Ban!

Yesterday I was banned for some reason, so I sent an e-mail to Gamespot enquiring why. I got no response but my profile is back online so I guess they unbanned me, my moderation history is also clean. Perhaps it was just a bug, perhaps a mistake, who knows. Anyway I'm back! Thank you Gamespot! :)

Turkey Turkey Turkey!

At first I thought Gamespot was offending me, but it turned out that if you logged on, on Thanksgivingsday (November 23rd) you get this emblem :)

Lvl 15!

A few weeks have gone by and another lvl too, Lvl 15 is mine! Nobunaga's Ambition! Whatever that is..

Revealing the most secretive function of Gamespot....

Named the spoiler code! I was a bit annoyed by the 'amateuristic' way spoiler are covered in most of the unions I'm in. Meaning it's marked spoiler but most of the time you'll read it anyway because it's directly under the spoiler warning. So I went over to the Gamespot Enhancement Board something... and suggested a spoiler code I had seen on a different forum, as I was typing a long long story about how it works and how good it is. I also entered an example, so when I submitted the post it gave a spoiler warning. Like this: [spoiler] BOOYAKA! [/spoiler] I was amazed, and of course felt stupid I hadn't tested it before posting the thread, but I was also glad. So as fast as I could I deleted the topic again to cover up my stupidity, although not alot of people may know about this. Anyway here's how to do it: 
[ SPOILER ] Enter the spoiler text! [ /SPOILER ], remove the spaces between the bracets and voilà!
[spoiler] Enter the spoiler text! [/spoiler]
I thought I'd share this with you. ;)
(Yippie finally a long blog post!!)

Lvl 13!

I made lvl 13 today, 1 day short to be on the 13th though, or maybe that is a good thing? Anyway, I'm Toobin'!
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