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OUTLASTed by others

The more I play the game, the less I like it. It's far from being the scariest in history. IMO Siren Blood Curse and Fatal Frame 3 are much scarier. This one here is a good game, like Penumbra and Amnesia, but nowhere near the BEST HORROR EVAR. Almost all the scares are cheap jump scares. All the atmosphere is just recycled from Amnesia and the tension here lies in your total defenselessness, not in suspense.

And by the way - the batteries there are in abundance, no need to be tense over it.

What's wrong with it? It's total obliviousness in following all the modern tropes. The environments are drab and rusted, the lights are almost non-existent, the enemies are simpleminded hulks who don't even try to hide and walk right in the center of the corridor, somehow "stalking" you.

Devs, I know it's too simple to copy-paste Penumbra over and over again, but simple isn't always the best. This indy first person horror is getting stale faster than CoD series, because with every new game in it, the total lack of new ideas and inspiration becomes more and more apparent 

METRO: Last Light - 10 percent of AAA game budget, is it much?

For Ukraine - definitely.


People, you do realize that prices and paychecks in Ukraine are 10 times smaller than in EU and US, hence the budget was 10 times smaller? I live in Russia and I get payed almost twice as more as my Ukranian collegues, and our prices are twice as high too. So enough with the "so much quality, so little money" talk, in Ukraine money their budget was COSMIC. 

And their working conditions were so poor, because in former USSR game developers are being treated like shit. Why? Because we have VERY little choice when we want to work in gamedev. So in case anyone says he's fed up with the working conditions, he gets fired without severance package and the next day there are 10 high class specialists already waiting in line to be interviewed for his position.

This souds harsh, but it's the truth, I know this firsthandedly.

Now I work in mobile app development and I get paid 5 times as much as I've been paid during my time in gamedev.

Rage about Rage

Rage is starting to look more and more dull, ugly and derivative. I bet they could at least get rid of the ugly part if it wasn't a multiplat. Polycount is too low and no new technologies used like GPU-tesselation and dynamic LOD.

Crysis 2

So Crysis 2 leak is here and what is to be said about it? Bad thing that Crytek can't make a game, good thing that Crytek can make a technology.

Yep, it's the same situation as before - a lot of cool graphics, nice sounds and sometimes brilliant art.

Enviroments are still repetetive, combat is fun for a while, but it grows stale very quick. Level design is not quite varied - one NY street after another NY street. Levels are awe inspiring form their looks, but sadly, they are mostly linear and the intaraction with them is quite limited. For example - you fight one another fight on just another yet square and suddenly enemies take cover in some kind of store, so you want to follow their example and look around only to find out that it was the only interactive store ON THE WHOLE LEVEL.

Strangely enough, weapons and abilities feel artificial and underpowered. Just why would someone invent a sniper rifle that can't take someone out in one shot? What's the point? Why you are able to kick a 2 ton car around like a soccerball, but like totally unable to trash some kind of a wooden door to a nearest cabin? You can throw a 90kg soldier around like a ragdoll, but you just can't tear down 2cm metal wall. C'mon abilities were fine in Crysis, why nerf them? Why always when you sprint, the suit kicks in automatically, but the reload action is still slow as hell?

With the budget so large you could easily buy Minessota and engine so flawless you can render your girlfriend face more perfect than it is IRL, it is utterly unexcusable to make such a stripped game or such a long and boring tech demo.

Story 4/10

Graphics 10/10

Sound 8/10

Gameplay 7/10

MoH Controversy? Riiiight...

Lold. In Call of Duty we had the evil spetznaz AND the evil muslims. Everybody played. Everybody liked. And I assure you, I'm not gonna play MoH for the oppressive and treacherous democratic imperial stormtroopers, no sir. I'm gonna wear the skin of the taliban and become their worst freaking nighmare. See ya online, marines.

Update: No, MoH, you won't be selling in USMC stores, because the military retailers just oh so stubborn. Get over it, EA. Give me back my Taliban.


man, the game is so great, I can't even believe that. I haven't heard in a while of a game, that not just lives up to the hype, but overwhelms you with joy, while making it. This is a great start of a new hit franchise, mark my words.

Get rich, cdx way.

nice quote from cdx:

PS3> *. If you do not have one by now, you're poor. Quality > Quantity. Sales mean nothing.

epic trolling lulz delivery is on it's way

Well, funny, quite funny, dear moders.

I need to catch my breath. I've been finally suspended but I don't know what for. The reasons says that the avatar with the words "Perfect unoffending avatar" on it is offending somehow. And I don't see why. And after all this Banner, which contained just humorous phrase on it like "I am being closely watched by moderators, because I offend" was also cosidered offending and even trolling. IMHO it's not funny, dear gamespot staff, because I don't see any real reasons behind your doings. I did not abuse noone, I didn't flame on anyone, did not make any trouble, so why do you do this to me?

Strange things happening

As I wrote before, my ava was deleted, so I decided to speak my mind with the previous post and put a new one up. I spent some time on making the new one, and when I finally uploaded it -- BAMM!!! Instead of a new ones, my previous banner, ava and userpic have returned on it's places. Might be a miracle, a bug or someone with the moderator rules has read my blog and decided that I was falsely accused by someone. Well in that case thanks a lot, mate, just too few people listen to ones who has less powers and rights.

PS: In case I've really got an amnesty, I will tell everyone that Gamespot is the best place to communicate and has the justest moderation in the world.

Explicit content

I've got my avatar and banner removed by moderator recently. The reason for this was "offensive content". I just don't know what to say, because I haven't even considered the chance that my ava may offend someone. It contained a beutifully drawn barechested draenei. In my opinion it was the ultimate avatar. It certainly wasn't pornographic, because that would break the tems of use, and I am not a rulebreaker. No porno, just art and a little erotics. But someone has considered it offensive and reported it. So here I am, punished for someone other's strange biliefs. Do some proffessionals estimate the amount of offense generated? I just don't get it. What if I find on someones avatar Georgia banner and report it? Will it be removed? I consider Georgian banners politically offending. So go on, moderators, remove them! Or did someone considered my user pic pornographic? It didn't show any sexual action or the sex itself on it. No sexual organs and so on and so forth. And if erotic pictures are also banned on this resource, then update your rules with that remark please.
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