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Just watched a Wesley SNIPES film, so that reminded me of the fact that I completed the main campaign of Sniper Ghost warrior coupla days ago..

And didn't enjoy a minute of it.

Don't play that game. But Blade 2.. Well, that was really good.

Microsoft broke my Soulcalibur 4

Wanted to play, couldn't read

Tried again, couldn't read

Tried again, couldn't read

Once again, couldn't read

Opened the tray, closed it

Couldn't read

I was getting pretty angry

Still couldn't read

I grabbed the console

Unpleasant schratching sounds

Took the disc from the console

It was schratched

I took my good ol' stick

And blew the disc tray away.

Now, I want my money back.

Not cool

Wow, the multiplayer of Delta Force Black Hawk Down, the game i mentioned in my previous post, really, really, like really sucks. Have a nice day!

The champion of the World

This is it. After taking at least 1,658,723 bullets to head, after hundreds of painful deaths, after dozens of replays of the same scenes over and over again, and most importantly, after ranting many times about how this game should not exist (hardcore rage talk), I have officially COMPLETED the campaign of Delta Force - Black Hawk Down. Normal difficulty. No cheats (because they didn't work). No broken keyboards or mouses or any kinds of gear (which is pretty impressive for me, since i have physically destroyed at least 3 keyboards and dozens of game discs and cases).

Can you believe that?

What have YOU done?

Oh really?

"Tekken 5 data is corrupted. Save failed".

Yes. That means... My Tekken 5 data is lost. All characters, ending videos, character customizations, high-scores, Arcade ranks... Everything... Gone.

Not that it really matters, though ; After playing Dark Resurrection on the PSP, the "old five" feels like worthless garbage. And besides, the Tk3 arcade game is available right off the bat. But the main problem is, how am i going to play my other PS2 classics when i'm costantly afraid of losing my data for no legitimate reasons? I surely don't want to lose my saves for games like Tag Tournament, Gran Turismo 4, Smackdown games...

My PS2 has been suffering from memory card issues for a while now, but this was just uncalled for.

To avoid misunderstandings...

If you take a look at my stupid and worthless "now playing"-list, you will see that there's games like "Modern Warfare 2" "Red Dead Redemtion" and "Fallout 3". I do not play any of those. My 360 games include: COD 4: Modern Warfare ONE, all arcade games, UFC 2010, all fighting games, and Halo games.

Counter-Strike 1.6 eats monkey- i mean BEACH balls

This is THE day (the 3rd of December 2009) that i might NEVER play Counter-Strike 1.6 again. I quit. That game sucks so much ****. The servers don't work, the server browser doesn't work, the servers download files that aren't even used anywhere,most of the servers are modded,it crashes frequently... I could write a book about why i quit that garbage.

I have had tons of great time with you, my old friend.

But now that you suck,

I might have no choice.

So GET THE**** OUTTA MY STEAM GAMES LIST AND NEVER COME BACK. Oh, i forgot. I need it to play CZ and DoD. Nice.

This rant does not affect Condition Zero or Source. Those still have my respect as playable FPS games.

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