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to Blujacker523, playstation does not own rights to the final fantasy franchise. It has been on many different consoles. PS, PS2, PS3, PSP, PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, Gameboy Advance, X360, Super Nintendo, Gamecube, NES, Mobile phone, and Gameboy all have at least one final fantasy game released on them. That doesn't even include the japanese game systems that never made it out of Japan. Putting FFXIII on both the 360 and PS3 will not make Sony any less money since it is Square-Enix who is developing and publishing this game. In fact, all it will do is possible raise sales in the two systems for people who don't already own one of the systems, and in which case it comes down to a price war and what people want out of their next gen consoles.

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i personally play both sony systems mentioned in this article and the 360. but sony hasn't done a very good job at updating the ps3s or keeping up with the backward compatibility which is the main reason many people liked sony. and the psp is a better hand-held system than the nintendo ds (i have both so i am talking from my own experience) but the lag in the amount of games that came out for the psp made gamers decide to seek out other systems. honestly i think it would take a number of really great games put out only on the ps3 or psp to help sony out but it would also require less money being spent on developing those games...kinda a catch 22. but games like littlebigplanet helped sales a bit because of it's individuality. and even tho it is free to play online or get online on the sony's systems, more and more people are willing to pay the extra 50+ dollars a year to have a gold subscription to xbox live. the networking with other people seems to be much better on the 360 than the ps3. there are a few things that sony could do and could have done to keep themselves out of the place they are in.

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Yeah, I hear ya, MKK. :roll:
For right now, I think that me, sputnick and weerwolf are all the oldest people here, at 17 years old. Thats old enough though, at age, you'd be surprised how much "older" we actually act! :lol:

But don't feel old like you are now, there's really no age limit on the forums. :PSOADjoe19

I am 22 years old. I can drink and smoke and y'all still can't legally do either. Yea. I feel old.

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so I am back to find you all talking about gum and icons...wow. I think I need to go on vacations more often. do any of y'all know if any one over the age of 18 has joined...once again I feel old. maybe it's because as far as I know I am the oldest person here...oh the days when fighting about gum was the biggest fights I had to worry about. enjoy being young people, seriously, it gets so much harder when you get older.
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Wow...you guys are sooooo young. I feel so old. I would post my DA account...but ya guys are sooooooooooo young. Ya guys have some nice stuff up on your DA account tho.
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Now that is hilarious. But I have to agree on that. My one of my exes wasn't a computer geek...he sucked in bed, and one of my exes was a bit more of a computer geek and he wasn't as bad. Now my husband is really good in bed and of course he is one of those computer geeks who talks about stuff that is way over my head...and people call me a computer geek. Seriously...I don't speak computer programming code...but if that is what makes him so great in bed then h*ll yea!
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I think everyone deserves a second chance. I don't think I was here for him but I know that sometimes people can act a certain way and even years after the fact people still think of them as that way. It isn't fair. So I say give him a second chance.
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You'd think with these kinds of topics, I'd have dreams of this kind of stuff.....Yet, I haven't had a dream probably since I was seven dreaming that I jumped off a water tower and started flying over Philadelphia....
lol. I still can't believe I remember that, and it was 11 years ago.
Instead these days, I just wake up to an eleven pound cat trying to get as close as possible without actually laying on top of me. :lol:SOADjoe19

Haha...I still remember my flying dreams from when I was little too. And 11 pounds isn't too bad. Of all the cats I have had the heaviest one weighed 23 pounds.

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Just because he won't want to live without me...if i am a creature he would wanna be that too.


That makes sense. It would be the best if you two were both dragons then.

Also, I have a question for you Lindsey. I know it's none of my business so don't feel you need to answer. When did you get married? (In terms of age.)

Actually I am on my second marriage. I first got married when I was 19. There were some issues beyond my control in my first marriage and I met my second husband while I was getting divorced. He and I got married shortly after my divorce when I was 20. We will have been married for a year on January 28th.

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YAY! I finally got DotD! My daddy got it for me for xmas. So I am very happy. I have almost beat it. But I am tryin to go back through and get the few things that I missed before I beat Malefor.