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Van Halen

Well we got the unreleased copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen, which I have been playing lately. It's kinda like Guitar Hero 5 as far as the layout which is really hard to get used to. I mean some improvement in certain areas but not in other areas. It seems to be a bit better than Guitar Hero Metallica which was so disappointing, especially the last song. I mean I normally play on medium and the last song of Metallica, the one you have to play to finish a career I could do on expert. But so far so good. Hopefully it holds up when I get to the last song.

Our new Kitten

So my hubby and I recently got a cat. Like we did when we got gerbils, we have named the kitten after a videogame character, Cortana. Yes Cortana as in the female character in all the Halo games. Since we got a female kitten, and we couldn't completely agree on another name we both looked online...only to realize we had completely forgotten Halo had had a female character.

Cortana in a paper bag

Ain't she cute? She is about 9 weeks old and playful...and she likes to cuddle. I am very happy.

lots of things all at once...

Well, having the hubby home has been pretty good although difficult especially since I now have to share the tv in the living room with him since both the ps3 and xbox 360 are hooked up to it. Other than that, almost the entire unit has had their paychecks messed up after returning from Iraq, including my husband's, which has been trying at best. Since he and everyone has been back it has been almost a non-stop influx of friends crashing on our couch and playing videogames and partying at our place. Both of us actually got sick...mainly just head colds. And then there has been appointment after appointment for all sorts of things. I've been busy busy, even if it has been just standing in line for hours to get appointments or whatever. I am behind on even reviewing games I have least I am having enough time to finish them.

In the new place...

So I have been moved into the new place. Got moved 3 days ago. Now I am just unpacking everything and trying to set everything up. It is taking a lot of time...I want one of those p-touch labellers or whatever they are called. Then I can label all our strip plugs and switchers and cords and everything else, I think it would make things easier. But I am living outta boxes. Might be playing games a little later, but for right now I am just unpacking and trying to put things away.

definitely moving

Well I am definitely moving in June. My name is down on the housing list for a very specific house. So all is good. I won't know where the house is or when I get it until about the 15th or so. The people living there now are moving out sometime in the beginning of June so that leaves about 15 days for housing to fix anything wrong with it, clean it, slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls and then let us have the place. Good news is that the army will be moving us. They will be coming to my apartment and packing up everything we own and then moving it all into the new place. YAY! I kinda feel like I have nothing to do now since they are moving us. But it means if for some reason my dad can't make it here then I really don't have to worry about how I am going to move out of my apartment. But then I still have to worry about cleaning up the place we have lived in. I am more worried about who does the walk out inspection because there is a completely crazy b*tch of a woman who works for our rental company.

Other than that...I got and finished Imagine Fashion Designer the other day...I was very disappointed. And I finally finished Brave Story:New Traveller. It wasn't that bad...a little frustrating at times, but not bad. And I picked up Daxter after like a two or three month hiatus from it. The queen bee that I was having issues beating I finally beat. Very exciting. I am pretty close to beating that game. 70% or more through the game. I am hoping I will finish it pretty soon. I was counting the games I have beaten, as in 100% beaten and I have completely beaten 22 games since my husband and I have been together, which was back in November 2007. About 11 videogames a year or so. Not bad.

I also got a new cell phone. It's one I have been drooling over for while and now I have it. I am very very excited. I love it!

games games games...

So I sent my hubby some new games for his psp. He just got them. He was so excited that he played them all night...while he was supposed to be talking to me. It's okay. I totally understand. I have been playing Eternal Sonata a bunch lately while he is online. Mainly because I am stuck somewhere and am not near a save point. But still. Eternal Sonata is kinda iffy for me. I like some of it but hate certain parts, like that there is no map at all even in the dungeons you don't get a map. Stupid!

I finally finished all of Enchanted Arms. WHOOHOO! I loved the happy ending. It was hilarious. I have also finished Dragoneer's Aria...finally, only about a year after I started it. I also started and beat Gurumin:A Montrous Adventure. Very cute game. I like how it was set up too as far as opening up "dungeons". And I finally finished Children of Mana. I liked the story but the game was a little bit too repeatitive. And I am technically done with Dungeon Explorers since I saw the credits...Kinda in a save+ type mode now. So I have decided to put the game down now and forget about it...FINALLY!

In other news, we might be moving sometime in June. Nothing is final yet, but that could mean me being offline for a week or two. Hopefully not.

been hard at work...gaming

I've been hard at work lately playing games. I am almost done with Enchanted Arms, actually just finishing up side quests now. I have managed to finish two nintendo ds games in the last month. And I am almost finished with Children of Mana. I just have to do side quests on it to level up before I finish the game completely. My hubby and I got a new computer that can actually handle some of the videogames that are out these days. Just needed something for now until we got done building our gaming computers. So we got Spore and A Vampyre Story. So I have been playing those a little bit. I really like A Vampyre Story. It is a really cutesy game. And I liked Spore up until I got into the tribal stage and have been kinda lost on how to do anything in tribal stage. I'll figure it out when I play it again.

Other than that, I have been trying to finish up a few of the other time consuming games that I have gotten almost to the end in on my psp. Ones like Dragoneer's Aria, Dungeon Explorers: Warrior of the Ancient Arts, and Ratchet and Clank. I have too many games I am in the middle of that I need to finish. Oh and I swear to god. I wanna kill Toy Story on Super Nintendo. I forgot that you can't exactly save the game, which was the biggest flaw in the game. You have to be just that good and be able to get through the entire game. Since I haven't played that game since I was about 7, I have lost all my abilities on it. Sucks.

Wisdom Teeth

Well I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled and have been pretty drugged up for awhile. I am probably gonna be drugged up for a while longer. Haven't been playing too many videogames. I get really tired really quick (all the pain killers I am on). But I hope to be up and running around fairly soon.

Red Rings of Death

Yea...So I get back from vacation and what should happen?My 360 Elite got the red rings of death. I was sooooo pissed. Luckily I hadn't even had it for a month. I just took it back to GameStop. The benefits of knowing the staff at GameStop is that they just transferred my harddrive from the old one to the new one. YAY! So I am back up and running...Got a ton of things I have to deal with so I will be on and off...

360 Elite YAY!

I finally got a 360! YAY! WHOOHOO! But I don't have many games yet...the 360 was my xmas gift...just got here early. And I am getting games as xmas presents so I can't really buy any til after xmas...I know I am getting 2 sometimes this upcoming week.
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