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Steins;Gate. What a ride


I still remember when Winter 2011 was coming to an end and I was looking for the animes I wanted to watch in Spring. In the list I saw a weird looking guy with a cellphone on his hand, a red haired girl and other girls behind them. When I read the synopsis of this anime I saw something about time travel so I decided to watch it and see what it was all about. Now that I think, it was the choice of the Steins;Gate that led me to watch the anime. Six months have passed since Steins;Gate started and I must say it is, in my opinion, the best anime of this year and one of the best adaptations of a Visual Novel.

Plot: The plot of Steins;Gate is good but not perfect I gotta admit. Well, with all the problem of traveling through time and changing timelines it is kind of hard to keep control of what is happening. But the writers did a good job. At the beginning the plot might seem a little weak but after a while you will see that the plot is starting going somewhere and in the middle is where the action and thriller begins with our protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, start trying to fix some stuff he did. Overall, I would give the plot an 8/10.


Characters: The strong point of this anime and Visual Novel. Steins;Gate introduces us a lot of characters which are likeable from the beginning. We have our protagonist, Rintarou Okabe, or as he calls himself, the Mad Scientist Houoin Kyoma. Okabe at the beginning seems a little crazy proclaiming an Agency is following him but as the plot develops he develops too changing after all the hardships he passes. We also have our female protagonist, the genius girl Kurisu Makise who helps Okabe develops his microwave time machine. Kurisu is a tsundere in many ways but unlike other tsunderes (I'm looking at you RieKugi quartet) she is a great character in many ways and in many ways seems like a real person. She is strong willed, independent, intelligent but also blushes, show her weak points sometimes and is a caring person that is willing to do anything for save the people she love. Other characters include the best friends of Okabe, Mayuri Shina (tuturu), Itaru Hashida who is the super hacka… hacker of Okabe. And we have the others girls like Half Time Soldier Suzuha Amane, the lovable trap Ruka Urushibara, Feiris, Shining Finger Kiryuu Moeka and other secondary characters. It is the cast of Steins;Gate, how they interact with each other, their motives and their story that gives life to this anime. 10/10


Sound: Excellent. First let me say the music is superb. Hacking to the Gate, Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku, Gate of Steiner, all those songs are great. I wouldn't doubt a second to recommend the soundtrack of this anime. But what really steals this show is the Seiyuss. We have Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami, Masaomi Kida, Death the Kid, Ling Yao) who voices Okarin. I admit I started noticing this seiyuu after I watched Soul Eater and then he started growing on me after his excellent jobs on Death Note, Durarara, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and even on Kimi ni Todoke 2 but now I can say he is one of the best seiyuus ever. Miyano really knew how to voice Okarin as a Mad Scientist, when he was depressed. With his job we really understood the problems Okarin was passing and how was the state of his mind. Asami Imai (Chihaya Kisaragi) is the one who voices our lovable tsundere Kurisu Makise. This is the first time I hear her voice and I must say she also did a superb job. I hope I can hear her more. Other renowned seiyuus also appeared like Kana Hanazawa (Kanade Tachibana, Suou Pavlichenko) as Mayuri, Tomokazu Seki (Gilgamesh, Sousuke Sagara) as Daru, Yukari Tamaru (Nahona, Mei Sunohara) as Suzuha and Yuu Kobayashi (Mariya, Lala,) as Ruka. Other seiyuus not renowned also appeared but regardless of being famous in Japan or not, all of them did a splendid job and really shined. 10/10.


Animation: Quite good to be honest but I'm not going to delve a lot here because I don't know to explain this well. 9/10


Enjoyment: I think many anime fans really are going to enjoy this show. Sure, at the beginning it might seem boring because the only thing that happens is… well… Okarin and Kurisu insulting each other or trying to get the time machine working but it is this part that we get to know all the characters, an introduction to them so we can be ready as for what will happen next. If you liked or not this part, after the middle you will really get hooked to this anime. 10/10


Overall: White Fox is a relatively new studio for me. Almost all visual novels adaptations to animes have been awful (11 Eyes, Chaos;Head, I'm looking at you), others have been good but not superb(Fate/Stay Night, Air). So far the only studio who have managed to make a really good adaptation has been Kyoto Animation and it took them a while for make, if not, the best adaptation which is Clannad After Story. White Fox proved us that they can make anime adaptations at the level of a studio of great renown as Kyoto Studios. Hopefully in the future they adapt more visual novels. Steins;Gate is a great anime to watch, with so many characters which will attract you, a good plot, music and seiyuus. I really recommend anyone to watch this anime. 10/10


Clannad After Story is another great adaptation from a Visual Novel to Anime

TL;DR version: Watch Steins;Gate. You will not regret it.


El Psy Congroo!

Goodbye Tomoko

I know this is quite late but for anyone who has watched animes she appeared or have heard of her we must send a final goodbye.

In June 9 of 2011 Tomoko Kawakami, known for her roles in Air as Misuzu Kamio, Bleach as Soifon, Chrno Crusade as Rosette Christopher, Revolutionary Girl Utena as Utena Tenjo and many other roles has passed away because of Ovarian Cancer.

For anyone who likes anime or not let's honor her and give her a final goodbye to this great seiyuu who did so many memorable roles. Your memory will remain forever with us.

Rest in Peace Tomoko-san.


Returned for blog new things

Hi there, how are you lately? As for me, I'm in colleague now taking the career software development. So far it has been easy but later it will become harder and with the consoles of today a game developer need to knows alot. Well, today I'm posting everything that I have done lately.

First, I have watched many animes since the last time I blogged. In those lists I could include: Air, Clannad, Kanon, Full Metal Panic, Death Note, Murder Princess, and finally, Code Geass.

death note

I'll only post my opinion about my new favorite anime: Code Geass and my review. I'll try to be the most unbiased possibly in this review.

Code Geas is the story of a boy called Lelouch Lamperouge, well in reality, Lelouch Vi Britannia. Lelouch is an exilied prince from the empire of Britannia (an empire that has all America under his grasp and also Japan) and he, along with his sister, Nunally, is sent to Japan. After Britannia attack Japan, Lelouch swears that he will get his revenge from Britannia.

Several years later, Lelouch meets a girl called C.C. and he gets the Geass; Lelouch's Geass allows him to control anyone that he sees. With this, Lelouch starts his rebellion by adopting the name Zero. Because R2 is a sequel of R1 and it adds alot of spoilers if you haven't seen the first one, I won't say anything about the story of the second one. Sorry for the people that haven't watched this anime.

The story of Code Geass is great and this is one of the few animes that have kept me with watching more.

Sound: Great soundtrack and great seiyuss. Lelouch is voiced Fukuyama Jun, the same guy that has voiced other characters like Maximilliam of Valkyria Chronicles, Yumichika from Bleach and others. The other seiyuus are great too; C.C. is voiced by Yukana (Tessa Testarossa, Full Metal Panic), Spinzaku... Suzaku by Sakurai Takahiro (Izuru Kira, Bleach, Faldio, Valkyria Chronicles), Kallen by Ami Koshimizu (Tenma-Chan, School Rumble). The music is great too, especially the soundtrack from R2. The openings are top notch, my favorites being World End and Colors. The only opening that I think was bad was the second one of the first season.

Characters: Another good part too; Code Geass has great characters and memorables. Some people compare Lelouch to Light Yagami but in fact, both of them are completely different. Kira is a guy that don't care for anyone and is completely insane meanwhile Lelouch really cares for all his friends and despite being a little extremist, he will try his best for not harm the people he cares. A funny fact of Lelouch is despite being a mastermind, he hates physical exercise. Suzaku is the idealist hero here, actually, anti villain. He is the best friend and the same time, the worst enemy of Lelouch. C.C. is the sarcastic girl and Kallen the though girl. All other characters are great too; Jeremiah is the champion of loyalty, Nunally is the ill girl. Expect alot of character development, especially the protagonists.

And so, I can tell, Code Geass is one of the best animes ever done. Even if the rumors are true about the fate of Lelouch at the end of the second season, I doubt they could make a third season based on a sequel of R2. The only thing they could do is do a prequel or expand the story of C.C. In my opinion, R2 is way superior than R1 but that's my opinion

Code Geass

Now, onto the videogames; in this last months I have played alot of themm. In those games I can include: Mass Effect, Star Ocean International, FF13, CoD MW2, RE5, DO:O. My favorite being Mass Effect.

Star Ocean The Last Hope is a good game but sadly, it is plagued by a cliché story and forgettable characters. The character models also seem dead in facial expressions, the music is sometimes good and sometimes bad; there are alot of annoying characters like Sarah or Meracle. Good points at favor of Star Ocean is the gameplay, the additional post game content and that it is fun to play. It is a good recommendation for any JRPG fan.

Star Ocean

Now, onto FF13. This is my first Final Fantasy I have played in a home console. The story so far has been interesting and great. Alot of memorable characters like Lightning or Snow but it also has one annoying character: Vanille. People say that Hope is annoying too but I haven't found him annoying, in fact, I find that the poor kiddo is sad and for that reason he is like that.

Like MGS4, in FF13 there are alot of cutscenes but they aren't boring at all. The battle system is also interesting toon, with all those roles each character can take and the semi real time action. The only point that I can say I'm not too happy is that Square Enix removed the level systems and that the game is very linear. I have heard that it stops being linear later. The music haven't impressed me at all, only a few tunes like Blinded by Light or Lightning's theme.


And now, my favorite RPG: Mass Effect. At first I was plagued by fanboyism by saying that ME is a bad game for being in Xbox. Oh, the irony, I just love that. When I played it after buying from Steam I said that Mass Effect is one of the best games ever. The story, the decisions that affect the story, the music... Of course, after finishing Mass Effect I couldn't wait any longer so I bought ME2 inmediately; in some ways I was glad of the changes and in others not. It feels more like a shooter than a RPG but after that I was glad they revamped all the Combat System. The feature I most liked from ME2 is that you could import your Shepard from ME1 and the decisions you took in the first one will have a big impact on the second one. Of course, this trend will continue with the supposed final chapter of Commander Shepard.


This salarian doctor is Mordin Solus. He joins Shepard's team. He likes to investigate weird things. And talk alot.

And with this I finish my blog but before leaving let me put this.

All Hail Lelouch


My first platinum

I'll make it short because Im pretty happy about this; I got my first platinum in a PS3 game. It is Assassin's Creed 2. The trophies were easy but some took quite a time like the feather ones (made me remeber the pidgeon trophy of GTA4). I loved the game and I cant wait for the third one. Now Im looking for get the RA3 or TFU platinum.

Finished Soul Eater!

Finally, I have finished this great anime. With all the problems that I have had with my spare time, it was a wonder I managed to see this anime.

Now, what can I say about Soul Eater, it is great anime that is fun because we can see great battle, it is hilarious and the music is great. Despite at the end the anime took its own path because it reached the manga, it at least had some good episodes. I half disliked and half liked the end. What I liked is that we could see what Ashura feared but I greatly disliked that the demise of Ashura was... pretty stupid. Anyways, the last battles were good. So, what I really liked of the anime.

Characters: Death the Kid, my favorite character. I just loved his problem with perfection.

Opening and Endings: my favorite opening was Papermoon (great song and opening scene) but what I loved the most was the final ending, Strenght by Abingdon School Boy. It is a great music and that ending is great because we could see the Kishin.

Now, Im tired of all the battles and I want a laugh so for now I will watch Hayate no Gotoku. I have heard and read that Hayate is a funny anime so I will see if it is good, so far, I have liked the few episodes that I have seen. Hayaye

My top 10 game list part II

Ok, so here comes my favorite 5 games of all times.

5. Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3

You may know or not that I really dislike Blizzard and World of Warcraft but Im still in love of Warcraft 3. Yeah, it might be imbalanced sometimes when the enemy mass air or annoying that there are alot of noobs in Battle.Net but it is still a fun game and one of the best that Blizzard has ever made. Warcraft 3 expanded the story of Warcraft (when it was still great) and they did one of the best games of all times. Also, they did some great moves like adding heroes to multiplayer and adding two new races. Warcraft 3 will always be one of my favorite games ever.

4. Super Smash Bros Brawl

Snake and Samus

In my opinion, one of the best fighting games ever. What you can ask when you can pit alot of Nintendo best characters of all time? A crazy party of fun. Brawl does that and also, it creates a great competition. Im still playing with one friend alot of times Brawl and we are still even. This time we have more characters and even third parties for the fun. Lets hope that the next Super Smash Bros gets even better than Brawl.

3. Doom


The first game that I have played and that I spent alot of times in my childhood. I have always liked Doom and despite all the criticism it has, Doom set the bases for the first person shooter games (thats my opinion but also Wolfenstein 3d did that). Doom was a game that was hard (if you played at that difficulty) because you could find yourself in a room full of monsters that just wanted to kill you. Despite being simple (kil all monsters and reach the exit), it was fun and challenging.

2. Chrono Trigger


Perhaps one of the best rpgs ever made. Chrono Trigger reunited important keyfigures and those guys did one the best games ever made. In this game you take the role of Crono and with the help of his friends, you must travel through time for defeat Lavos. What made this game so great was the storyline, the characters (Magus is one of the best ever made), music and the fact that you could travel through different times. Lets not forget also that you can get multiple endings. Despite I didnt play the original Snes version, the DS version contained everything from the original and didnt lost the essence.

1. Valkryia Chronicles


So, this is it, my top game of all times. Valkyria is my favorite game ever. Yeah, it doesnt use all the ps3 hardware to its full potential like Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 but it doesnt matter for me; Sega did a great job using the CANVAS engine. In Valkyria, you must take control of Squad 7 and liberate Gallia from the empire control. What I loved of this game was that Sega joined three different gameplays: turn based strategy, third person shooter and rpg. Also, the storyline is fantastic and when you cant expect it, something that really affects the storyline happens. The characters are well done and each one is great. For me, Valkyria is the best game made in this generation. For those who doesnt know, my favorite character in Valkyria is Freesia.

My top 10 game list

I have been quiet from a long time. Im almost ending the school and the teachers are throwing alot of works for the last tests but I have got some time and I will post my top 10 games list.

10. Prince of Persia: The sands of time

The Prince

I have always loved the theme of Arabia and those stories of One Thousand and One nights. The Sands of Time get that feeling and you will love how beautiful the game is. The gameplay is also great and the story, one of my favorites. I also liked the other Prince of Persia but Warrior Within loses the atmosphere, The Two Thrones is a little funny but we dont get the same feeling as before and despite the Prince of Persia 2008 is pretty beautifu, it is one of the most easiest games you will ever see and the Prince isnt the best protagonist.

9.Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars

One of my favorite games from my childhood. I still remember all those times that I was annoyed because the game was difficult, especially in that eurocorp mission when you have to persuadea girl with just one guy. Syndicate Wars is a futuristic game and in that era people have chips inside their body and are controlled by Eurocorp. The Church of the New Epoch tries to destroy the rule of Eurocorp. You can choose any of the two sides and try to regain control of the world. What I liked was the atmosphere of the game and the gameplay. This is one game that I will never forget.

8. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


Despite this is the first Metal Gear Solid game that I have played, I just loved it. Thanks to a friend, I knew all the story. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is great and the story is one of the best stories in a videogame. Metal Gear ends the tale of the legendary hero Solid Snake in a great way. Alot of people complained that it was more movie than game but I think it was the right move because there is so much to know about the story of the game and the development of the characters.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


I never got the chance to play it in the 64, instead, I played it in the Gamecube. Ocarina of Time will always be one of my favorites because of the story, gameplay and the challenge of the game. There were alot of places that I had problems (Water Temple for example) and it was great to pass all those challenges. Another thing that I loved is that you control kid Link and adult Link, and that you can travel to the present and future. Even to this days, I still play Ocarina of Times when I have time and it is enjoyable as ever.

6. Starcraft


I still remember the first time I saw that game, it was in my school when I was 9 years old and there were some demos of Starcraft in the computer schools. I downloaded the demo in my house and fell in love with the game. Later, I got Starcraft and Brood War and I just loved it. The story is one of the best that Blizzard has ever made, the factions are balanced and fun and the game itself is great. Add it Battle.net or LAN and you have a game that you will never get bored. I think that Starcraft will always be one of the best RTS games of all times.

This is my list for now; Ill add pictures later and my next three games in the next Week.

Some updates about me

Finally I finished Metroid Prime the trilogy but on normal, lol. I know it isnt that great but Im not a fan of playing hard games, I prefer to enjoy them in a easy and peaceful way. Anyways, I played Metroid Prime 3 in hypermode (before Trilogy appeared) and it was pretty hard, I havent defeated Dark Samus yet and I have all the upgrades.

It was nice seeing all the Metroid Prime again (still Prime 2 is my less favorite) and the new controls go well with the Gamecube games.

Now with the new, I finally got Killzone 2. Tomorrow I'll start playing it but a little because the school has gotten a little hard (guess its because Im going to graduate soon, in three months). Killzone will be the last game for a while because I need to save some money but that doesn't mean Im going to not spend it, Im still planning to buy Assassins Creed 2 and in december Im going to bring from Japan Final Fantasy 13 (that was the reason I bought a ps3, when it was still exclusive for that system).

Before leaving the game area I must say I'll have little time for play games soon, the reason is that Im going to enter a gym and when I return to my home I'll do my homeworks and study some stuff. also Im watching some animes, especially Soul Eater, well gonna start it. A friend told me it was a good anime and I borrowed his dvds. Now Im gonna watch quietly in my ps3 the 51 episodes. Im also still watching the Bleach filler (which I must say it is the best filler so far) and the manga, there are some new tecniques of old characters. Other animes Im watching are Haruhi 2009, Valkyria Chronicles and Dragon Ball Kai.

Well, thats all. Perhaps I'll post a new blog about my favorite games of all times soon.

Soul Eater

Finally: got Metroid Prime Trilogy

I must admit it was one of the most difficult games that I have got so far, the only one close is Valkyria Chronicles and thats because I had to go to almost all the stores I knew for see if they had the game.

When I almost said to myself that I would get the game another day or bring it from United States thanks to a shop here in Panama that sends stuff (I got my Wii lens cleaners and WoW Battlechest through that shop) I finally found the trilogy. Incredible, the shop just got it recently and of couse I bought it. I also saw Batman: Arkman Ayslum but I couldnt buy it, in fact, if I had the money I would have bought both.

So far Metroid Prime Trilogy is the best title I have for my Wii and the control scheme for MP3 works well with MP and MP2. Ill post later some pictures of the game.

In other notes I finished Valkyria Chronicles and I pretty liked it. My strategy was to use Largo, Zacka and Welkin for defeat the final boss but they were in level 15 or 16 and I didnt had Vyse in my team, discovered him in my second run.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Front

Metroid Prime Trilogy Back

Will Microsoft and Sony take Nintendo casual gamers with new motion stuff?

Personally I dont think so. I will post here my opinions as to why Nintendo will continue keeping all the casual gamers that play games like Wii sports or Wii fit.

1. In terms of view the Wii is more cheaper than the 360 or the ps3. Yeah I admit that there is the 360 arcade version which is more cheaper than a Wii but from what I have read in the internet it isnt worth it because it doesnt bring alot of stuff for make it a fully functional 360.

2. Dear Nintendo knows how to treat their casual gamers and how to satisfy them. They started with the DS and there they got more experience and now with the Wii, you might say they are pros with handling casual gamers. Also they have their own franchise for them, Big brain academy, the Wii series, also games like Super Mario Sluggers and all that stuff.

3. Nintendo is trying to expand their Wii remote with the new Wii Motion plus and it seems that if they do it right even project Natal with that camera or the new control of Sony wont even stand a chance against Nintendo.

Well this are my thoughts about the motion controllers war, I doubt Sony and Microsoft will win but if they learn from Nintendo perhaps in the next gen they might stand a chance against Nintendo but personally I think Nintendo knows that if they dont do something then they will join Sega as a third party publisher when the new consoles are released. I hope they will release something new and better for make better the gameplay experience.