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Gamespot's New Scoring System

Okay so a few days ago I went to review Lost Planet for the X360. Little did I know I was going to find something horrible out. I think its part of some kind of make game reviewing easier commitiy, but its really stupid that you can't rate games at scores of 5.3 or 8.6. No Gamespot has taken a turn towards mediocirism by only allowing players to review games by intervals of .5. Also I don't like how people can now write under 100 words, maybe its better when you first start reviewing, but as you get better at it you like that depth more and more, and you want others to be encouraged to write well. Now somebody can easily write "It's Poop" for a review of Anlien Syndrom and Gamespot will easily take it and they won't poop on it or anything, just accept that persons poor writing. I think the change in staff, or lack of room on the website is causing this bad turn, but it's not good at all, and puts rivals like Ign ahead of them for sure.