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Mikey_PJ is back!

After an extremely long time away from this website I decided i might return for another round... not that anybody cares. I will be posting many reviews a day for the next few days, also i may look into some more video reviews considering my previous few were utter disasters! My next few reviews will inlclude older games such as Need for Speed Carbon and newer ones like Secret Agent Clank, God of War, and Rainbow Six Vegas. Nevertheless I am very excited to be writing again!

Gamespot PSP Game of The Year. Not so great.

2007 was an excellent year for video games. So many top of the line titles were released and plenty of them weren't so great. The PSP in perticular didn't have the greatest year. It did get many good games like Ratchet and Clank, and Crush, but many of the games that had lots of hype, were dissapointing, Socom for example. However, when choosing candidates for the PSP game of the year I think Gamespot made a huge mistake. With so many great titles like Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow coming out, it's really ashame that the five games Gamespot chose were such a bore.

Gamespot's Picks For PSP Game Of The Year:

1.Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

2.Sid Meier's Pirates!

3.Jeanne D'Arc

4.Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords


I feel that this line up does not truly display what the PSP has achieved this year.

My Picks For PSP Game Of The Year:

1.Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

2.Medal of Honor Heroes 2

3.StarWars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

4.Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

5.Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

Pretty much all of these games are must haves and what PSP owners should be looking for first.

God Of War: Chains of Olympus will be Awesome

I just completed the demo of God Of War: Chains of Olympus. I think we can look forward to it and it should get a score of 9 or higher. The demo sets you up in the battle of Attica. The demo was extremely fun. The controls were great, the graphics were very high quality, the sound was convincing and so on. So far I have nothing negative to say about this game, though I'm pretty sure there will be no online.

The demo was not super challenging, probably because it is one of the first levels, but it still contained so many goods. There were two boss battles and many cutscenes. I had to complete a wide variety of tasks aswell. All that was fit into one level, so I'm sure that there will be so much more in the game. I was very impressed by the graphics which seemed almost next gen quality. There were many convincing noises, and very fitting music during gameplay. Plus there was some tremendous voice acting. The game looks great at the moment and it's ashame we will have to wait all the way till march of next year to play the whole version.

Two bad ones on Gamespot's part.

Im quite dissappointed to see the low ratings Gamespot has given Dead Head Fred, and Logans Shadow. Syphon filter is a masterpiece of a series and deserves atlest a 9, and Dead Head Fred is alot better then a dead 6.5 score. I'm supported with the accurate ratings of IGN, and I hope that Gamespot will start getting the scores right with the PSP games.

Gamespot's New Scoring System

Okay so a few days ago I went to review Lost Planet for the X360. Little did I know I was going to find something horrible out. I think its part of some kind of make game reviewing easier commitiy, but its really stupid that you can't rate games at scores of 5.3 or 8.6. No Gamespot has taken a turn towards mediocirism by only allowing players to review games by intervals of .5. Also I don't like how people can now write under 100 words, maybe its better when you first start reviewing, but as you get better at it you like that depth more and more, and you want others to be encouraged to write well. Now somebody can easily write "It's Poop" for a review of Anlien Syndrom and Gamespot will easily take it and they won't poop on it or anything, just accept that persons poor writing. I think the change in staff, or lack of room on the website is causing this bad turn, but it's not good at all, and puts rivals like Ign ahead of them for sure.

Big Series'

I have already shown what I think will happen with GTA. However, other huge game series' should be careful too. I don't think any of them will last much longer. Things like Street Fighter Tekken, and Tony Hawk, have been around for a long time but will eventually bore. However, the topic that is to be addressed the most is the Halo series. It's absolutely great, getting scores of 9 and above and pleasing all, people right now wouldn't even turn it down for 150 bucks. But how long will people be commited, I mean there's only so much you can do with a game, and especially with one of this genre. Halo is sure enjoying a good run, but how long will we play ing the desert world, and jungle world, or whatever world, before realising, we've doing the same thing millions of times?

FIFA 06 Ps2

You know what I have FIFA 07 now for psp, but yesterday I played FIFA 06 on my Ps2 again. I'll tell you what everytime I go back to that game I go crazy and shout. HOLY **** THE GRAPHICS KICK ASS.

GTA Dying?

I feel that the GTA series is going to be removed off the face of the planet soon. It's really gone down from the level it was at before. There were the early GTA games that were reated in the high 9's and now we see this amazing decrease to only 7.2. I don't think that this is because the game is bad, but simply because it's the same garbage over and over again. The way I see it Rockstar should make at the most two more GTA games and they should both incorporate all the features from previous games, they should have improved graphics, and Rockstar should also incorporate online play somehow. The after those two games are finished they should close the GTA vault and make way for a new great series that has nothing to do with 60's to modern crime.