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Mikeh's back

I cant believe it's been a year and 6 months since my last post.

There's loads for me to catch up on updating my games changing my X-Box gamer tag. Argh! had to change that because I went to silver for a month and then when I went to try go back to gold error kept popping up so I had to change, which isn't so bad really considering I isn't fussed about the gamer score there's way to many other sad people out there I just can't compete with.

I'll keep you all posted when all my updates are finished. Nice to be back and keep up with games.


It's official people I turned my dad from the Dark side (PS) if only Luke Skywalker could have done that hump! He's just not as cool as me :P

We run out of electric and had to wait for my mum to get back with the electric key and we got bored and started drawing (As you can see above pritty nifty hu?) and then we was looking throught the latest Nintendo book so some images and fount Leon kennedy (Dude on the far right). 

He was just looking throught it and saw the Virtual console section at the back and then started asking queastions about how much the Wii and lylat wars etc.. and zelda the ocarina of time then as soon as mum got back we went up to Game in Lakeside and preordered one for when they get their next shipment :P

So it's official he's a Wii-liever. 

Also on another note I'm running out of random Wii words like Wii-Tastic ... Wii-Liever ... Wii-ly good etc... I know I know I'm ashamed I cant think of anymore I'm sure I will as I go alone hopefully :P


Also as you can see I'm the main character in one of the college's FMP'S (Final Majour Porjects) If you cant see it your either blind or you need to upgrade your computer NOOBS :p

I'll keep you all posted on when it's finished and Im sorry about the picture quality it's the only picture taken and it was acsidental. Even thought it looks like I was posing I was pointing to my brother to go away and PC Man in the background was posing he's sooo full of himself :P

So thats it thats why I havent been on much I'v been putting all this together It will be nothing to fancy but it's made as a joke and PS3 is the bad guy because I just plain and simply hate Sony :P because it's a college film and were ametures but theres a lot of story boaring that goes with it thats where most of the time went.  

Also one last thing PLEASE! Dont anyone sue more for copyright or anything like that I'm pore I mena look at those cory costumes :P  Plus if you do I'll hunt you down and strangly you with my nunchuck :P Good day to you all.




The Wii is packing the big guns

I just watched Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and thats exactly what I was talking about last week with a few of my mates I was just saying woudent a good first person shoot em up like time crisis been great on the Wii and blow me down a week later Umbrella Chronicles is comming out in exactly the same way.

If you'v seen the trailer you will know exactly how fast pased it is, and the Wii mote is gonna be perfect for it, it's gonna be one of those must bys for the Wii, and probably will be the best Resident Evil game EVER! Just when Resident Evil 4 comes out and you think the series can't get any better They shove this in your face :P  It's just so action packed every time he turned around or started walking there were new zombies jumping out from everywhere, just plain madness!  


I can see this being great multiplayer and fun to play one player with two guns :P

I can't wait until my Dad gets home now He dosen't like Nintendo he calls it the kiddy console because thier only baby games on it and I'v been trying to persuide him to play the Wiii but he won't the only grown up game of it is Red Stell, I mean he does have a point there are baby games like Sonic WarioWare Marion comming soon, cars, Avatar which is all kiddy stuff But now Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles comes out he'l have the choise but to eat his hat.

He doesen't have one so I took the liberty of buying him one just so he can eat it :P How great am I!


Whoooah yeah bring it on **** this my kinda ****

I was bored last week so I bought Gears of War with a little bit of my left over cash, at first I was a little hesitant because I thought it just looked like another average 3rd person shooter just with aliens.

But upon playing the game I'v completely changed my mind. granted yeah it does have a lot! of kinks to work out of it's system, on the whole it's a good fun and compelling game to play. Because I'm always wanting to play it if I'm just sitting there I't will be like ooh I'll go and play Gears of War.

I'v already been through it on Casual and Hardcore now I'm doing it on Insane which I might add is very hard. :P and I gotta say I'm still screaming "Whoooah yeah bring it on sucker this my kinda **** because it's inasnly addictive.

As well as Gears of War I have uploaded a new banner, Special thanks go to stkr for telling me how to get it up (The banner people the banner) :P it's only a simple one at the moment because i just wanted to test that it works and as you can see it does. :D

Gears of War - Marcus with Cog tag

Review Problems!?!?!? help needed

I have just finished my first review woot!

I'm a little bit pissed though because... I spend ages writing it and thinking or good things/points to put in it and sarcastic quirky remarks and when I put in on the site the paragraphs all messed up. The first couple are ok but as you go down the titles and next paragraphs are all mixed together, i have tried deleting the review and starting again copying it in, trying it in, nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know how to edit it I have tried pasting in that code for it at each paragraph and press submit again but nothing so if anyone knows how to do it please reply and tell me :D

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I started playing avatar recently and as i was playing i was hoping for more and as i was playing I noticed i just might if i keep levelling up, but i got to the top level and still nothing, i was left disappointed as all fans of the TV series will know there is so many different Bending moves it's unreal, there was really only 4 basic moves for each character and just got more glorified the higher level you got.
I was thinking maybe they would have done the game more justice if it was either an RPG or a MMORPG (Like guild wars or World of Warcraft) so as you go you get better and more advanced bending moves and if there’s not enough they could make patches and keep new bending moves coming on demand.

Overall I was really disappointed it was a good story and the characters stayed true to the TV series it was purely the bending that let it down and that is truly the key to the story and they didn't do enough of it.