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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV)

:shock:WOW i just found out that GTA IV is going to have online multiplayer. Plus, it looks real deep. NOW I REALLY WANT THIS GAME! ! ! 8)

Check this address for the details ! ! ! :



YES ! I have now gotten xbox live ! ! ! i made my account and everything already... i will be playing halo 3 now, then call of duty 4. ofcourse i also have forza 2 and marvel ult. alliance.

WEll my gamertag is Mike0193 cant wait to see u guys online !

COD 4 . . . need help !

On call of duty 4 . . . i have played the mission called "no fighting in the war room" on hardened and got a checkpoint right when u will go to the part with the two hallways (with missles there). NOw on veteran, i haven't, so does this mean that on veteran u don't get a checkpoint there?