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Notch became lazy when Minecraft made him money.. the game has not improved in a long time!

Minecraft updates have been shit since Notch got rich. When it was in alpha and beta meaningful updates were coming out left right and center for minecraft. After he got money... you would think he would hire a team to add new content to the game. Maybe a rpg version or new elements and block types. New worlds to explore, elements that games like Terraria have in spades compared to minecraft. Nope. He has like 3 people and the suck up all the money like greedy jerks and release next to nothing. Wow horses and horse armor and potions galore..what good is all that if there isn't anything to do? After you survive your first night and make a base or something and try the tools out (which I did years ago) the game is boring. The multiplayer versions are all mini-games and really are populated mostly by kids.

I loved the survival in minecraft when it first came out, but it's getting stale. Notch with his hoard of money could of released so many cool things with the game. I can come up with a 100 ideas. Stuff like game maker programs and rpgs, new blocks, a fps mode, etc... but no. Why is there only 4 elements for weapons and tools? wood, iron, gold and diamond? Why not add steel, copper, tungsten, and minerals ot refine into more complex materials. Hell why don't we have spears, crossbows, flails, cannons, parachutes, vehicles, guns, and new freakin modes? A full on zombie swarm survival mode would be awesome, with having to collect parts and scavenge for food, water, ammo and materials to repair/build weapons and build a monumental base. So many missed opportunities. It boggles my mind!

Why is the game being expanded in small ways.. and not in meaningful ways since he obviously has the cash for a team to add content.

Multiplayer in games that don't need it. Reaction to the Order 1886 not having it, and the division of gamers.

Most people are happy that The Order 1886 has no multiplayer, myself included. The people that aren't are mostly a crowd who grew up in the ps360 gen or were kids in the ps2 gen... they use multiplayer as a way to be social with people, instead of you know, going out and meeting people in real life. I have a co-worker that is 10 years younger than me and all he does is play mmos and multiplayer. He won't touch a game if it's singleplayer... and I just don't understand this. The same guy will spend 5-10 hours a day online gaming, and doesn't like to go out of his house. For him gaming is a social activity. Now there is nothing wrong with this, it's just that I don't play that way.

I recently played the new steam game "Rust" with him and right away he gave me a full set of rad gear, a bunch of blue prints, guns and a room in their player made tower. I played one time. and never again. Although it was fun, afterwards I had no desire to go back. Why?

I didn't earn anything. It was all given to me and there was nothing left to do but be social with them on teamspeak and do "zombie" runs in the abandoned towns. But for what? All the good stuff was already seen. To me there was nothing left to do as it had already been discovered, mapped out and tamed. The game was ruined hence forth. These same people will play an mmo for the "End game" of raiding and repeat. To me that is not why I play a game. I want to earn the gear, I want to level, and choose my skills. That is the fun. To them the fun is skiping all the leveling and automatically having the best gear and grouping to take on the same thing over and over for a .005% chance of getting something good.... BORING!

For myself and probably for many people of my generation, gaming is a hobby about having fun. It's also a form of escapism. I spend all day with people. I work with people and clients, I walk my dog in the streets of my town, seeing everyone and being social with people, in real life. I have a family , 2 kids , a wife and a cat and a 8 month old puppy. When I get on to game 90% of the time it's to escape into another world. Like I would with a good book. Which is why I like games where you explore and rpgs and open world games are usually the best for this. I recently bought Might and Magic X Legacy, which is a single player, party driven, turn based rpg, that hasn't had a sequel in over 15 years. And let me tell you that game has me in heaven... up there with recent titles like Skyrim.

I only get to play 1-2 hours a night, and need to be able to pause to deal with family situations. Multiplayer prevents this. I also like to take the time to go over stats and lore on items, or explore every nook in a world, yet in a mmorpg, this can't be done as everyone is always in a rush to level to 80 or what not, and just push on to the next mob. Lore? ha forget it in a multiplayer setting, people will just make jokes about your mom, or some bullshyte , detracting from the game world, and you can only solo so much content. This is why Skyrim is better than the TES Online in every way, for me, at least. Multiplayer can affect the game world for bad if not done right from the beginning. I

Not all games are about multiplayer. Most that have a mp mode only get played by a few people and most stick to cod. Why waste time and resources building something not many will even play. And potentially taking away resources from the single player? Its not a good tradeoff. Especially for a new ip that tells a story. When you have a bunch of people that are all the main character, the protagonist looses his allure, his power as a hero. Also look at games that had forced multiplayer and became the worst in the series... God of war ascension. Threw away a lot of what made god of war 1-3 great, just to add mp that no one wanted. It was not needed, and I am sure it would of been a better game without it.

Now multiplayer is good in games that were designed strictly for that. In those games story usually takes a back seat to the multiplayer, and in such cases, I wouldn't want a single player, or could care less about it. Those games like Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield , Battlefront, Warhawk, Mag, etc... All fine and good and this is the type of multiplayer I prefer.

There are two types of gamers out there. Those who use gaming as a hobby, to have fun and an escape into another world, and those who want to be social, talk smack, troll be douches and compete by "owning" someone. Of course there are people that fall a little bit into both, and of course you could sub-group gamers into a multitude of other factions as well...which seems like a great idea for a different blog article.

My tale of how I came to love RPGS!!

I started out playing Dragon Warrior, then D&D, then CRPGS... Below is my story:

It was then FF, but before that. I went to summer day camp back in the 80s while my parents worked. I saw people playing a game using cool looking colored dice and talking about being a Ninja or a Cavalier and Sorcerer.. ect (1st ed unearthed arcana rules)... They had books and the guy telling the story said, "oh this...this is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, want to roll up a character?" The books looked so mysterious and Taboo.. I have heard about this stuff, my dad was very religious and they preached against it, saying it was "flirting with the devil". And the books at the time had what looked like Satan holding a woman in his hands about to crush her while others fought. The other book had a Demon Statue covering the book and another had creatures from myths dotting the cover. The artwork was alluring to say the least. I was intrigued and felt a tad rebellious too. You see i had started listening to Heavy Metal music too at this time. And that too was considered "Bad". The two went hand in hand in my eyes. I spent th rest of that summer playing everyday for a few hours this wonderful game and going on an adventure of a lifetime.

The next year I went back those people weren't there. No adventure, just boring camp with hot heat and bugs... I became bored, obsessed with finding out more about this game and yearned to play more of it. It was still clouded in mystery as I was only aware of what the DM told me. I also vaugly remember seeing a cartoon at a relatives house called Dungeons and Dragons when I was a small child.

Later that summer a friend from up the block had went to yard sale and called me up. I went over to see the goods he got and he had a Purple box with old looking artwork and it said "Dungeons and Dragons Basic set" it had the basic rules and a adventure module called "keep of the borderlands. I had a job delivering newspapers at the time and asked him how much he wanted for it. I bought it for 5 dollars. To me this was a steel as I would of gladly given him my whole check as i needed to have this and see for myself the inner knowledge about to be unfolded through this tome. I read the manual and the adventure and was enamored by the rules, so much so that I began hosting the keep of the borderlands with my friends, and added a number of twists to the story. My friends loved it and we had weekly gaming sessions for a while.

I then began looking for anything that had D&D in it. I played on vacation to Florida a game on my cousin's PC called: "Pool of Raidance" was D&D for the comptuer that you could play by yourself. I had to have it! Small problem...this was 1989 and we didn't have a PC, only an old Apple IIc that they didn't sell software for at the Electronic Boutique anymore for. Then when I seen Dragon Warrior in Nintendo Power.. I had to have it. I got it for Christmas that year and was so happy. It was great for it's time but it wasn't Pool of Raidiance. That I needed.

Well the next year I moved and I no longer had people to play D&D with. Later that year, we were given a 8088 IBM PC with 4 color CGA graphics....yeah...I went and bought Pools of radiance for it... only to find out when I got home that my new-used pc didn't have 256K graphics ram to run the game...noooooooooooo!!!! I begged and pleaded with my folks saying the pc was a hunk of junk, that you couldn't even get a modem for it, it was so old and that we needed to "Get with the times"... well they caved and bought a family computer, and I got to pick it out. We brought home a 386 PC with windows 3.0(yes not 3.1), Super VGA graphics and a sound blaster pro card with a 1x CD-rom drive attached. It bought with my money Pools of Radiance, Might and Magic 3, and Ultima Underworld/Wing Commander II cd bundle. It was heaven for a young fledgling gamer like me.

I never did get to play ADnD again until well in my 20's. The power of puberty had struck and unfortunately being nerdy with D&D didn't make you popular with the ladies (it's differnt today apparently as video games have driven this stuff into the mainstream..not so back then). I even stopped gaming for my highschool years and got into "stuff i wish I never touched" to get into the alternate reality that D&D and video games did for me so long ago. I wasn't till my early-mid 20s until i found gaming again both with the Playstation 1 and its many jrpg offerings. That made me crave the Gold box games i used to play and later went and bought a new PC and played all the great new rpgs at the time like Planescape torment and Baldur's gate. And to this day I have been gaming ever since... we do a yearly D&D session ( with everyone married, including myself, it's hard to even find a steady group...we are lucky to get a session in once a year)

Many New School Gamers can't appreciate 2d, or classic rpg games.

I have been seening a trend latley. On newer gamers hating on 2D games or oldschool games in general. When Persona 1 and 2 were remade for many people said they looked like arse. So many complained about the "2D", expecting it to look like and play like Persona 3 and 4.. God forbid a game is in 2d, or have sprites. What makes these gamers hate 2d games or older games in general? I don't get it. Let me catgorize what I have noticed from these supposed gamers.

1. Graphics: New School Gamers rate their oppinion of games based on graphics as priority #1. If a game is 2d sprites, quasi-3d (2d backgrounds), or is full 3d with not top of the line graphics. they will ding it and won't even bother with a game.

Some recent examples: Persona 1 and 2 remakes - quality remakes (new features, new ui, alternate music, map screen, and autobattle options), that got dinged bad by the new schoolers. These games stuck to the 2d roots yet these people who started with P3/P4 couldn't grasp the 2d games these were. They don't even realize that they are missing out on some of the greates JRPGS. These games are full of depth, great 2d graphics, sounds and strategy. But they aren't 3d they must suck..right? Wrong!!!

Disgaea 3 -- I remember the countless throngs of people complaining how the characters were sprites or that they were still ps1 quality. So what i say. The game didn't sell for$60 it was $50 and offers 100's of hours of play. The game rocked and the seqeul disgaea4 is even better.

Nier - Got dinged for having not top of the line grpahics. I say who cares? the game was long, full of depth and was a joy to play.

Other games that wouldn't even get a glance from new schoolers:

Eschalon 1 and 2, Avernum, or any 2d games from years past. New games like Eschalon 2 came out last year but most wouldn't play it. It uses a baldurs gate ****2d isometric overhead view, new school gamers who see it blast it for not having robust 3d graphics....yet games like this sport more depth than 90% of current 3d rpgs.

My opinion: There are tons of games that use old school graphics or are old themselves.. They deserve praise. Most are more fun, more full of depth than most 3d games..Graphics only go so far ...if it limits the gameplay because more resources went into the graphics then the actual game content, then its a fail...yet some will praise Dragon Age 2.


New school gamers want their hand held. they like linear stuff, all action all the time (call of duty, halo, etc..). They usually don't like to read. Game manuals have become non-existant. And real rpgs have gone away in favor of fast action MMOS and shooters like Mass effect 2 and souless depthless games like dragon age 2.

I have even seen this in gamepot reviews... PErsona 2 review.. the reviewer bashed the game for "Menu driven combat", "turn based battle system", "having to read text", "too involved negotiations" , "2d graphics", "Random Encounters", and the reviewer even missed the plot line of the game enterly. It was almost like she didn't even play the game, just read up on it and made a bash the Genre... Is this the reason we don't see many jrpgs over in the west this gen...becuase of new school gamers and people like the reviewer....

Btw..she scored the game a 5.0...guess what the game scored on this site in 1999? a 9.5..yep... From a 9.5 to a 5.0 how is that even possible? Yet all nintendo games get a pass or games on the DS... Hell Devil summoner another game like Persona 2 portable got a 9.5 and it came out 2 years ago. What the hell. Zelda Orcania of time wasn't dinged much either... this review pissed me off to no end.

It' just a shame that many gamers will miss out becuase of review scores...but that is for another blog in itself.

Why do new school gamers hate 2d graphics. Won't touch jrpgs, Wont touch older games? I don't know. And I am not referring to every new gamer.. When I say "New Schooler" i am refering to a majority group of gamers who base everything on flashy graphics and twitchy non-stop action... Maybe someone can tell me why they refuse to read text, or can't apprciate a game with depth that lacks the latest graphics. I know I for one will be enjoying all the ****c remakes that come out and the ****cs themselves.

Platinum Age Of PC gaming... Part 1!

I call the years 1998-2004 the Platinum age of PC gaming. The golden Age was 1988 - 1994, but I am going to touch on the Platinum Age here.

Some of the greatest games came out in this time on PC. It was a time where hardware advanced so much that you would need a new graphics card year after year to keep up. Unlike today where you can still use a geforce 8800 from 2006 and runs most games in max if you turn down aa to 2x or off, even at 1920x1200 resolution.

The games that stand out to me the most in this time are:

Thief 1 -3

Deus EX 1

System Shock 2

Planescape Torment

Icewind Dale

Half Life 1 and 2

Baldur's Gate 1 and 2

Fallout 1 and 2


Quake 3


Unreal Tornament 99'

Wizardry 8

Diablo 2

Vampire the Masquarade Bloodlines

Far Cry

Doom 3

TES3 - Morrowind

Might and Magic 6

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 4

Neverwinter Nights


Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2

Black and White


Age of Empires 2


Clive Barkers Undying

Gothic 1 and 2


The sims

Arx Fatalis

Dungeon Siege

These games set the standard for their time. Many of these games did something new. Many of them didn''t just push grapicic but it was about trying new styles of gameplay,AI and phyiscs. Object interactions, etc... These games did what todays games don't...they pushed boundries and some opened up complete genres.

This time period was also home to some of the greatest console JRPGS and Survival horror games. The PS1 era. I will be focusing on that in a different blog article. In the next few weeks I will be discussing each of these titles and go in why I think they were some of the most influentail and funnest games of all time. The only games that stack up to me in this gen are game series like Stalker and the witcher, which have the atmosphere, the object idenity and manipulation and long game play full of depth.

Next week after my vacation, I will write article number 2, and get into some serious bloggin on some of these games. Stay tuned!

Sticking with one game or filp-flopping? Also Arx Fatalis!

I have been gaming since the early 80's back on the 2600, intellivision, Apple IIc and IBM compat. 8086 pc (4 color lol). I have always
had and loved video games of all kinds. I also hand a tendancy to "Flip-Flop" that is still with me to this day.

My real love of gaming didn't come until I got a NES and 286 vga PC. It was the rpgs that got me hooked. Both western and JapaneseRPGS.
The problem is there has been countless titles that have come out over the years, and have only finhsed a few. Ones I have beat are:

Ultima Underworld
Might and MAgic 4
Diablo 2
Final Fantasy 1,4,5,6,7,8, tactics.
Parasie Eve
Vampire the Masquarde: Bloodlines
Planescape Torment
Kotor 1 and 2
Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
Icewind Dale
Neverwinter Nights 2
Suikoden 1 and 2
Vandel Hearts 1 and 2
Fallout 3

The problem is these games all can be done more than once to see and expericene everything the game has to offer.
Playing with new characters etc.. Taking the different routes in the story trees.

Then there are the many many games I haven't finsihed yet, like everyone of the ULtima games I(underworld excluded), fallout new vegas,
Divine Divinity, Suikoden(3-5), Persona, Final Fantasy (newer numbers 9+), DS rpgs , PSP rpgs... I can name 100s I own and play one for a few
days or weeks only to switch over to a different game or a new game.

It seems when new games I come out I will stop what I am currently playing and go play that. So I never finish a game.

In the last 3 months I have been playing the following:

Fallout New Vegas
Mafia 2
The Dark Spire
Final Fantasy 4
Persona 3:Portable
Tetris (ps3)
Dead Nation
Pac Man Champ DX
Dragon Quest 9
y's 7
MGS: Peace Walker
Just Cause 2
Dead Space
Gran Turismo 5
Assassin's Creed 2
Avernum 4
Avernum 5
Eschalon 1
Wizardry 8
Fallout 1

And most recently:
Mass Effect 2
Little big planet 2
Two Worlds 2
Civilization 5

and as of today:
Arx Fatalis

Will I ever beat any of these games? I don't know. I own hundreds on multiple systems.
If i never bought another video game, I probablt would have enough gameplay to last the rest of my life as I only get an hour or two to
play a day due to work, commute and spending time with my wife and step kids.

I am falling in love with Arx Fatalis though, and want to beat it, but I am also loving LBP2, ME2, and Two Words 2, plus the games from
the last few months. I have a hard time stickng to one game. I don't know why, but I always flip-flop to a different game.

About Arx fatalis, it is a first person rpg set in a world undergroun. The sun has fallen from the sky and the planet has migrated to dwarven mines.
Each layer in the mine is home to differnt races. You start the game getting knocked out and put in a golbin dungeon as they are
going to sacrifice you and the other human for a tribute to their god(s). There is no escape to the surface as there is no sun, going above ground
would mean freezing to death. You have to escape from your cell and figure out what is going on. You start naked and need to scavange for supplies and gear.
You start out using a femor bone as a weapon. It is a very atmospheric and immersive rpg. You even have to cook your food. You get raw meat
or fish and you have to light a camp fire or stove you find and put the meat near it, it will cook and you take it and then you can eat it. The spell system is based on
Mouse gestures in the air. It is a very unique system. The game is the spirtual successor to Ultima Underworld, which was a favortie of mine, and one of the
first CD games back in thed day (we are talking 1991 I actually beat Ultima underworld which makes me wonder if I will beat
Arx Fatalis?

The games Graphics are a little dataed but it's ok, it still keeps its atmosphere and has innovative modern controls. I can't wait to sink my
teeth further into this game. If you haven't played it I reccomend it, as it's $5 over on Steam or and they just put out a new
patch last week 9 years after the game came out ..weird. The studio Arcane was bought out by Bethesda (morrwind/oblivion/fallout 3 devs), and they made
the compelling dark messiah of might and magic. Here is to hoping for a sequal to Arx, as the dev hasn't announced what they are working on. Releasing a patch
and putting the source code to the public makes me hope and think that one is coming.

Console Gamers seem to not play old games.

I see a lot of people on this board bash old games or say a game sucks because it's old or its' graphics are not good anymore etc... I have always been a PC gamer first and foremost and a console game 2nd until this gen when in 2008 pc stopped getting many good games in the genres i like on pc (RPG/ Turn Based Strat. Adventure) and way too many console ports and not nearly enough exclusives. What I don't get is Console gamers obsession with only playing new games , or games that are the most popular. I look on my friends list on psn and all I see people playing is whats new. Games like MW2, MAG, and Bayonetta have been rulling the last month.. And I hardly ever see people playing Psn downloadables. There are some great ones like Trine, Pixel junk, super star dust, vandel hearts, etc...

People seem to play pc games for ages and replay old games all the time. Hell I went and replayed Homm3 , Ultima 7 and Baldur's gate the other year. But console games it seems like what ever is most hyped thats what they play and then the old games get traded in or who knows what. I own over 55 games on PS3 and 3x the amount of PC games over the years along with countless handheld titles. I am always going back to the great ps1 games on my psp. And sometimes I will even throw in a NEs game.

Right now I am playing Sacred 2 in my wait for WKC and am loving it, but it feels like I am the only one playing any game over 3 months old that i see on my freinds list. I don't get it. MW2 isn't the only game out there guys there are great games out there even old ones that deserve to be played. Some of the greatest games have some of the simplest graphics... suikoden is one such gem that i have played over and over again over the years and never get bored with. I love the game and has sprite graphics in the start of the 3d 32bit era.

I don't know maybe it's my age.. but I like playing older games, i don't rush through games and I pay attention to the story. So many people just rush, skip cutscenses and bash a game if it's not graphics king. Maybe i have been spending too much time in system wars forum, or the fact that 70% of my friends list comes from there is the reason i feel this way. I don't know. Just thought I would share my thoughts on the blog.

Any one else like to replay or play for the first time older games and not care for the sutpid "Trends" like mw2?

Long time FF fan playing FFX for the first time, Speculation on FF13!

I am playing FFX right now for the first's 2009 almost 10 years after it came Thats not to say I haven't played the cla$$ics. Final Fantasy 1 was my first and probably comparable to your 10 for me back in 1990 on the NES, when I was 12/13. Having a job at age 9 let me buy many video games. But even before FF1 there was Dragon Warrior that brought me into the rpg fold, and later these games led to pen and paper rpgs.. (yeah I'm a geek, what of it!)

I played FF2 on SNES, and then stopped gaming in High School during that time it was I'm too cool for games , more interested in "partying" and "hooking up with chicks"..which went on for years , but somehow along the way a buddy brought a PS1 over it was back in 1997 and had a little game called FF7, this game changed the way we think of jrpgs forever! FF2 did similar things back in 1991 but nowhere near the level of emotional attachment that was displayed with ff7 and later ff8. After that anthologies came out, which actually contains my favorite in the series (Final Fantasy 5! blasphemy! yeah I love it so what if its not popular, the job system was hardcore! Bartz for the win!) and ff6 was great too! I actually replayed these 2 games more than anything else!(and still do today, thank you psp!)

After ps1, i upgraded my old 386 pc to a pentium 2 with 3dfx voodoo 3 card and got more heavy into pc rpgs during the 2nd golden age of 2000 with baldur's gate (great games btw..even if you are only into jrpgs you should play thes as they have character to them and are great wrpgs). Thus it wasn't til 2007 when i got a psp for my 29th birthday did I get back into console rpgs.. and bought a ps3 quickly in 2008...

this year I finally got a ps2 that was so praised by everyone (when i was too busy with the good pc rpgs of early 2000s).. For around $250 I got the system and about 30 games.. lol... great value getting all the suikodens, ff, star ocean , grandia , gow,mgs2-3, etc... I am not playing through ff10, while it seems to be very story driven, which I like, it also seems to lack grinding and lots of combat in general (of course I just finished the first blitzball game at Luca so who knows how the rest is.). It's a great game so far for sure, but it in no way compared to the the FF games on PS1, it just doesn't ,and I have a bad feeling FF13 is going to be worse! Oversimplifying for the western crowd, didn't SE realize their mistake with Final Fantasy MYstic quest on the SNES that was real time with no leveling? Hardly noone bought it becuase it wasn't real ff.

All in all my favorite FF games this gen have been on the PSP... FF7: Crisis Core was just too damn epic, and the ramake of FF tactics the war of the lions brought a remembered favorite to the portable system. Now both FF7 and FF8 (and the original FF: tactics) are on PSn playable on ps3 /psp and I am delving back into them too. FF10 is great so far but like i said it seems to lack a world map and combat sections are short and don't feel like the older FF games i am used to. It's still a great game though. I am only playing it part time though as my psp/ps3 games are getting top priority. IF I do play the ps2 it's when the gf is watching a show on my ps3..

Mad RPG love and Great games this MAY!

I got to say, this month, has been the best month for games. I can'r remember the last time I got so many good games in a month! These are the games I got this month

1. Sacred 2 (action rpg - PS3)

2. Infamous (action/adventure - PS3)

3. Cross Edge (JRPG - PS3)

4. Demon's Souls (J-WARPG - PS3)

5. Crimson Gem Summoner (JRPG - PSP)

6. The Dark Spire (Oldschool 3d rpg - DSlite)

----All of thes games are freakng fantastic, and I am juggling which ones to play. I will play one and then go to another the next day. It's hard because they are all so good. Some may think games like cross edge aren't that great, but I disagree. If you are a hardcore rpg fan, like myself, you will love the game. It's a great game with a killer battle system and depth. Demon Souls is the most atmospheric - realistic and brutal rpg I have ever played! Sacred 2 is the rebirth of the traditional arpg diablo -like game for this generation, it's like a this gen version of champions of Nortath, but on a much larger scale in an open world with humor, and mad co-op play. Infamous, is the action platformer that is so freaking fun and immersive, if you don't know what Infamous is then crawl out from under that rock my friend and look it up.

Crimson Gem Saga is a killer oldschool rpg for the psp, it takes it's route right out of the 16-bit snes and 32-bit ps1 era, it's an epic story of saving the world, but with a unique story and killer character development. The main character is a chavlier who is always 2nd best and has a complex about it, he goes on to have the worst luck and it shows over and over. The story is great and the oldschool turnbased jrpg combat system is excellent. There is an ambus mode that lets you sneak up on your enemies to get first strike, or they can do the same to you if your not fast enough. The chracters really show personality and you grow to love them like you should, just like you used to in most of the olschool snes/ps1 era jrpgs.

The Dark Spire, for the DS, is another throwback to the old days. It takes itself back even further, back to the 1980's and Dungeon Master, Wizardry, Might and Magic games. They were one of my favorite genres back in the late 80's /early 90's and was shocked to find this game at the game store. I didn't even know about it. I seen it on the shelf with this cool box that comes with a soundtrack cd. It is published by Atlus , which usually means it's a great rpg. The game plays in 3d room by room maze exploration, you have to unlock prestige classes later on and have to meat certian requirments like learning skills that are kind of crazy. For example to get the ninja you have to have 10 levels in Theif, 10 levels od Fighter a Dex score of 13+ a Str score of 13+ and the tree climibing skill plus Acrobatics skill (which has even more requirements) There are even hidden player races like the high elf, and dark elf which can only be unlicked when your faith level reaches as high as it goes. The game is so addictive and fun. The music is fantastic and it was great that atulus put the soundtrack in. If you want to go back even further, there is a classic mode where it displays in wieframe graphics, back to the 1st might and magic and wizardy days, in the early 80's. Playing the game in classic mode doesn't olny change the graphics but it also changes the music and sound to use the older midi format. It makes it like a different game. I forgot just how immerisve flavor text can be, making you actually imagine your surroundings. Great game!

Way too many games, I choose to flash out the two handheld games in this blog past a little more, due to the fact that they are less exposed and need more attention, gaming press like to ignore handheld games, but they can be just as epic as any console game. If any of you are rpg lovers you can't go wrong with any of these games, well infamous isn't rpg but its still a blast to play! All in all May was a great month to be a hardcore gamer!

Demon Souls, the best Atmospheric RPG..EVER!

This game is great! I just got my copy yesterday (May 30th). i had to wait over a month for this, I ordered it back in the middle of April, but the Asian/English version was SOLD OUT, EVERYWHERE! That in itself tells you something! It means that the game was bought in its native countries and imported like crazy…when do you hear of a game being sold out, besides dumb gimmicks like wii-fit.

This game is so impressive, when you first fire it up your jaw with drop from the visuals, you will be immersed from the atmosphere and if you are a RPG lover like myself, you will be grinning with joy. This game puts itself apart from everything else, and truly makes the ps3 shine.

Why Sony isn't releasing this elsewhere is crazy…Maybe they thought Americans and Europeans would be turned off from the difficulty and trend of easy-peasy baby games as of late? Maybe they just have too many games to publish too? Who knows, but the Good news is that you don't have to wait for Sony to bring this over, you can import it now or…..WAIT TIL THE FALL 2009….. It has been announced that:
ATLUS WILL BE BRINGING THIS GEM OF A GAME OVER TO NORTH AMERICA THIS FALL!!! Yes atlus has taken over publishing for english territories, and if you are an atlus game fan, like myself, you can bet that nothing will be cut. These guys deal exclusivily with niche rpgs from the East, they bring us some of the best games. Granted the games may not be mainstream, but you know what, that's even better, True rpg fans have never been in the mainstream.

This game rocks, and I highly reccomend it to any rpg player out there, hell even action adventure gamers would like this. Just keep an open mind in this game, because death is a big part of the game, you die, but you get better and try a different approach. It makes your experience points mean something (of course in this game , they can be stollen by enemy players entering your game and stalking you…lol…)