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Zoo Keeper

OH BOY!!! I found it finally. I was wondering if I would ever come across this game while on my almost weekly trip to the mall. And then last week I found it. It was totally by accident. Ever since I played Zoo Keeper on my sister's boyfriend's R4 chip Ive wanted to play it more. It's so addictive. I was willing to pay money for it too. $40 later I had it. Woot! Even tho the game is 4 years old, it never gets boring.

What I Like To Play

HEY! I soooo love my video games. And the awsum thing about it is that can enjoy playing games with my boyfriend. Only some times his taste in games is more gruesome them mine. I enjoy playing games like zoo keeper, sudoku, and various puzzle ones. Im also into really cute games. I love all the Harvest Moon games. I like that I can relax while playing them, and Im not totally overworking myself. While playing GH I feel so sore after and my vision is so f'd up that I feel like crying!:shock: Oh well, I still love my games. I play on any system thats around. But mostly I do not play on the XBOX. Thats because I don't really know a lot of people that own those that I hang out with. I enjoy PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, GC, and Wii.

My systems

At this moment, I currently have 4 different game systems in the house. I have my Gamecube, DS lite, the Wii, and now a PS2. The Wii is on loan but I just bought the PS2 off my b/f. He got a PS3. The PS3 is uber nice and I am sure I would like it more if I played games on it that I enjoyed. The Wii is an alright piece, cept again, no games that I can play on it at the moment. All I have is Wii play and sports, both which are fun but can get boring after awhile. As for the PS2 that I just got, I rented Burnout and We Love Katamari!! I love that game! SO ya just thought I would throw this all out there. Needless to say, I am a chick who loves her gaming.