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So Blogs?

yeah... not blogging here, just wanted to say two things and we're done with this.

1.) what's with perfect tens?

noticing a lot of people giving a lot of perfect tens lately. know rating in general is entirely subjective, but perfect ten is suppose to mean the game couldn't possibly be improved upon, right? or do some give out perfect tens as liberally as they give out awful ones, like a pass/fail, credit/no credit, rating system?

yeah... just noticing that some of our reviews are getting thumbed down lately... we'd like to think they represent harsh, but fair... but in light of so many of them getting spashed with perfect tens... kinda inclined to believe people are just out of their god damn minds. lol.

2.) what's with this gamespot community deal?

this is not remotely as nice as a myspace. we've gotten suspended twice here since joining... not like we care that much, it's a day, whatever, but what the hell? once was totally by accident, think it was a quasi-spoiler reference in one of our reviews. the last one was basically calling all religions fake... which... they are, it offends some only because they've been told to be a good person they have to be offended. also think the swearing breaks gamespots user agreement deal, whatever. this place isn't free, it isn't remotely free, so yeah... will check gamespot for reviews, but this being a community member deal is a sham.