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My Top 5 Most Overrated Games

Being mad bored, I thought I'd call attention to some games that I think got too much attention. This doesn't mean that I think that all of these games are bad (some I do), but as a whole, these are games that I expected a lot out of or that had been met with great praise, but that didn't really deliver what I expected in terms of quality. Disagree if you like, I welcome your thoughts!

MOST OVERRATED GAMES: (And no, I'm not including Call of Duty. Everyone knows those games are overrated, so it'd be redundant to add it here)

#5: Gears of War

-Now, I should note that I do enjoy the GoW games. The action is easy to pick up, but fairly deep, and the cinematic and tactical battles are more than a little thrilling. However, given the lack of features of the original, as well as a fairly weak/non-existant storyline, a poor script and voice acting, and a lack a multiplayer features and modes, I think that calling this game one of the best 360 games is a huge stretch. It's fun, but far from the immersive, addicting experience people claim it to be.

#4: Final Fantasy (the whole series)

-A series of games where the gameplay doesn't change at all, the stories adhere to all the stereotypes of the worst Japanese anime, awful writing (AND acting in the newer entries), unmemorable characters, and a long, plodding, suffocatingly dull pace. This is one series that needs to die.

#3: Super Mario Galaxy

-Reviews I've read seem to laud everything about this game, and are almost free of complaints of any kind. And while I enjoyed the game and appreciated it's art style, the gameplay was extremely repetitive. I never really found any level of immersion with it, and the game is also very easy. It's still a game worth playing, but while I went into it expecting a masterwork, it only really ended up being an average platformer with motion controls and some nice art.

#2: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

-Sonic has been in a lot of stinkers, but other than Sonic 2006, this one by and large stands at the top. Besides having some of the most insulting audio in recent memory, over 80% has you NOT playing as Sonic, instead opting that you play as one of his crappy sidekicks. And whoever thought playing as Rouge or Knuckles and looking for emeralds with the games' sickeningly bad camera better have been fired from Sonic Team, though Sonic 2006 suggests that he hasn't.

#1: Street Fighter 4

-For all of the supposed depth that this game is supposed to contain, this manages to be one of the most shallow, featureless, and simplistic fighters in recent memory. There are almost no combos to speak of, the characters are all generic and boring, and there jsut isn't any rhythm or flow to the combat. It really is an awful game, go play Guilty Gear or even Mortal Kombat for a good 2D fighter.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

I don't say this often about games, but after playing SA2 extensively and beating it, I can safely say that... this game SUCKS. Badly. Like, in a soul-crushingly bad kind of way. It's garbage. Trash. A game almost entirely devoid of fun. A SOnic game that has incredibly little to do with Sonic the Hedgehog. What. The. $^&#.

E3 Impressions (Microsoft and Sony)

Well well well, E3 was certanly interesting this year. I've only been able to view two of thepresentations so far, but here's my verdict on what Sony and Microsoft brought to the table.

First off, for all the flak that Microsoft is getting for their poor E3 performance, I don't see what really could've been done better. They showed off some great looking sequels to their flagship franchises, such as Gears 3 and Halo Reach, with some new stuff like MGS. Personally, I thought Gears looked like just another Gears game, but Halo Reach just look phenominal. Beautiful graphics, better scale, more polished gameplay than ever before, it seems to have everything that fans could possibly want. And space battles. Those just look ridiculous, but in the best way possible. The first half hour was amazing, but the last hour of the show was devoted to Kinect (or something like that), aka Project Natal. Although I think they spent a little too much time on it, it does look like it has the potential to be a big step forward for motion controlled gaming, and could dethrone the Wii if it's executed well enough. Overall, it was a good show, and I left satisfied and hungry for more Halo Reach!

Sony's, on the other hand, I knew very little about, and came in expecting a huge surprise to top Xbox 360. But even though I didn't see the last 10 minutes, I thought their E3 show was a total embarrassment. Nearly an hour and ten minutes was devoted to Playstation Move, aka an HD Wiimote, which lacks the technology of Natal or the focus and originality of the Wiimote. None of the games shown were interesting, and some were just bad (Sorcery, Heroes on the Move, seriously???). And as far as exclusives go, PS3 has a new Final Fantasy (another barely improved 'RPG'-lite game with girly men, crappy voice acting, and infinite boredom), God of War for PSP (Why??? The series just finished, it's not like the ending of this'in between' chapter can bring anything great to the table for the series), and special editions of Medal of Honor (ooh, high res Frontlines, I really want that considering I still have an old Xbox copy) and some other game. If I were a Sony exclusive gamer, I would be weeping for the crap they showed. And don't get me started on Killzone 3.

A Quick Couple Statements About Lost Planet 2

1) The game is outstanding and by far the best co-op game on any console.

2) The "impossible train level" Gamespot speaks of is a total joke. I beat it first try on Normal and Hard, and I never even died on the Hard playthrough.

3) People shouldn't score a game poorly because they can't play it well when most gamers can.

4) The end. Buy this videogame treasure.

Halo Reach Beta


For any of you 360 owners who haven't bought ODST yet, do it. The game itself is great, and the beta is PHENOMINAL. It's definately one of the best online games I've ever played (it's an amped up version of Halo 3, one of the best online games already), and it gives you quite a few freaking features, like Theater, Rankings and unlockable rewards, 4 (only 2 accessible at the moment) maps, and a plethora of game modes (more than the entirety of modes included in the full game of BC2. Get it, play it, treasure it, its only for two weeks!!

Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing


...Don't buy this DLC. Just don't. I'm a huge fan of L4D, and this DLC is done wrong in nearly every way possible. Just read my review for more information. Just... please, stay FAR, FAR away from this at all costs. Why not go buy Crash Course this week? I hear it's only 320 points for one week only.

Aliens vs. Predator

So AvP is finally out, and so is my review. Check it out, hopefully it'll give you a more realistic depiction of how good the game is that Gamespot failed to realize on their review. Hope you like it!

I'm also considering putting up a review of the old(er) school AvP game, AvP Extinction for the Original Xbox soon.

Earth Hour? EAT IT!

As almost all of you likely know, Earth Hour was last night. As far as I know, we were supposed to shut off all of our lights and stuff for one hour to show our devotion toward helping the environment or something like that. There have also been a few articles talking about the widespread success of Earth Hour...

...but I'm not seeing it. First up, the primary focus of Earth Hur is global warming, and I see no reason to turn off lights for something that doesnt exist. Secondly, I hate Al Gore with a passion, and turning lights off would support him indirectly. Thats something I cant do. Dont get me wrong, I support the environment and helping it, but I cant help Al Gore no matter what the cause.

So partly out of spite, my good friend (who shall remain nameless) thought up the idea of turning all of his lights ON for Earth Hour. He strung Christmas lights all around his house and front yard, and turned on everything he possibly could before he left to see the school play (Les Miserables,AMAZING performance btw) and had his neighbor turn on his lights as well. We then went out to his car, turned it on, and revved up the engine a few times to emit as much CO2 as possible during the 10 minute intermission of the play.

How I love Earth Hour :D This will now become my new tradition for years to come.

Al Gore: An Lying Idiot and The Lies Of Global Warming

So today, I saw a presentation about global warming and it enlightened me to something: It doesn't exist. Plain and simple. There are literally hundreds of facts that support this ideal and yet all these nutcase, crackpot liberals insist that its true and have actually threatened anyone who speaks out against it. But now, slowly people are realizing the truth and seeing the lies behind Al Gore and his award winning movie An Inconvienient Truth. So here is a brief summary of the facts and lies of Global warming.

First off: polar bears. The media would have you believe that they're dying, but in reality they're doing just fine. And there are actually MORE polar bears than previous years. Its simply there for shock value.

Second: tempertaure. Al Gore would have you believe that the tempertaure is higher than it has ever been in hundreds of years and (if youve ever seen his movie) he supposedly used real life charts to show that its a fact. BUt what he didnt tell you is that he doctored the chart, adding in a massive jump in temperature at the very end when in reality the temperature was going DOWN. The temperature has fluxuated like this for thousands of years, and the temperature was actually HIGHER in 1950 than it is today. It is NOT a cause of human irresponsibility.

Third: CO2. Al Gore would have you believe that CO2 causes an increase in temperature, but in REALITY its the exact opposite. CO2 ONLY rises with a change in temperature as a RESPONSE.

I could go on forever about this, but the truth here is clear:

Lets make this clear: Al Gore is NOT a scientist, hes NOT a meteorologist, he is JUST a politician. And even though educated people (unlike al gore) stand up against him, like the FOUNDER OF THE WEATHER CHANNEL, these idiots refuse to listen. Only Fox News will listen to people that stand up for this. And Al Gore refuses to answer to anyone that questions him, whether its ABC, Fox News, or even CNN. Hes a lying, thieving crackpot who made up this pathetic lie to make us pay more attention to conserving the environment. But of course Al Gore IS a politician, so he MUST be right (note sarcasm).

And if you somehow dont believe me, here are a couple of my sources. It consists of not just Fox News, but also CNN (the Clinton/Commie News Network) and ABC, networks that have long held a political bias towards Democrats. In the words of John Stossel, "Give me a break!"

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