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What is Rockstar up to?


100% speculation 50%RDR,LA Noire spoilers ,infamous 2, and GTAV (yes GTA V)you have been warned

i was thinking about GTA V yesterday and how it has multiple protagonist then i thought about how both RDR and LA Noire had more than one

in the end of RDR marston dies and his son picks up his track after the credits roll

in la noire after ur main char gets suspended u play as another guy for a while

before playing a final mission with the main char

that also dies

i can see a pattern here

i think rockstar has been setting us up for this whole more than one protagonist thing

as well as one dying

now since we know that one of the 3 is actually the antagonist it would be even more awesome from them if they let us choose who wins at the end

i know that will work because it was done before

just look at infamous 2

the evil ending you kill your best friend ever and then go around killing EVERYONE

in the good ending you sacrifice yourself and all the conduits to save EVERYONE

and i liked both endings

so maybe just maybe this is what is going on inside rockstar's head

YOU DIED...Episode 10:free ride sure...hey stop that...we didn't agree on this

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

Episode 10: free ride sure ..hey stop that ..we didnt agree on this

Ps:this is the very first area I go in almost 100% blind didnt wiki it at all. Everything I know about it
was from chatting with buddies

I step into the hell hole
last time I entered I was able to pull only one of the serpents at the gate kill him then dispatch the other

Havent done that again since
I had to keep fighting them in the bridge between undead church and the fortress
over and over and over again
I died a tons of times

Multiple times by the big boulder rolling down
a few times got pushed by that serpent mage into the swinging axes while I was crossing
and other miscellaneous deaths
an hour passed and I reached nothing I got sick of it and quit the game
2 days later
@aser92 finished blighttown then heads to sens fortress and reaches the boss fight

That pisses me off
I have been ahead of him for a long time but have been playing borderlands2 and that made me fall back
so I load up the game
and play
after a few deaths I finally manage to get past the boulder and into the boulder control room
I get killed by the 3rd swinging axes bridge
next time I reach the boss area

I pick all the treasures that are in the giants favorite aiming spots
I kill the giant knight and undead price Richard and get his rapier
I manage to get all the way to the last fog gate with 0/10 estus left

Lunch was ready so I take that as a perfect opportunity to take a break I close the game
and before I open it after lunch I open the wiki and figure out where the bonfire is
I load the game and head straight to the bonfire and rest there

After that I go kill the giant thats throwing bombs at me
I cast a single combustion at him and he drops to his knees and it was open season on his (I wanna say behind but I was hiding inside the tower and his head was blocking the way) head I manage to take most of his life when he gets up I get him to swing at me while Im a few stairs down then cast combustion on him and rinse and repeat
after I kill him I had used a bunch of estus (his hand goes throw walls havok my arse)

I head to the bonfire then back to the boss
and boy was that an annoying boss
when I tried to kill him on my own

He didnt kill me normally a single time
first time he hit me and I flew off the fight area
next 3-4 times I fall while attacking him
@aser92 tells me that the summon solos the boss
so I go human and summon the knight and he pretty much takes care of the aggro
while they were fighting and I was watching I got bored so I cast magic weapon on my uchi and go help
after killing him
I touch the circle of light and get kidnapped (also I think raped midflight by the bats)

I reach anor londo and chaching trophy for reaching that place I go a few steps down then I gaze on my soul counter
I find that I have 47k
I start laughing and turn around and agree to get waped by the bats again to get back to the bonfire and level up safely
I level 3 times and im as happy as a pie
I decide to loot every piece of crap in the area
so I go exploring




And dying

I die a lot I fall a lot i get hit I get hit by a lot of swinging traps

I even click on an arrow trap that resets the boulder
and get hit by a boulder while I was chatting on the phone thinking im perfectly safe on this ramp
I even manage to get the 2 items behind the prowler demon without aggroing him

Then I attack him

And I was doing fine
till I fail to dodge a jump attack and get thrown into half health and no stamina and failed to drink estus before he hit me again and killed me

Next time I actually aggroed all the prowler demons looking for any more items in the swamp then got myself killed

I had found all the item except 2 the gold something ring (item discovery+200)(@aser92 told me about it )
and what I discover later is the cage key

Before I wiki them I say lets kill the giant throwing boulders down at ramps making my life hell
so I sprint jump to his platform and kill him
search some more die some more and still I fail to find the items

So I say wth Ive already finished the area ill wiki them
and find out that the ring needs the boulder dropping giant I get really pissed
thinking that I missed the ring for this playthrough
and as I stepped outside to get the cage key I find out that the big giant respawns and im thrilled
I go get the ring and is happy as a .
after that I get the cage key and find that I have 7k+ souls and since enemies drop a ton of souls and weapon upgrade stuff I equip my new ring and start farming the area around to bonfire
got tons of titaine shards but also a large one which I used (along with the ones I had before)
to upgrade my uchi to +10 I also got my lightning spear to +4

After I get to 14k souls I level up one more time and save and quit

YOU DIED Epiodes 8.5 &Episode 9

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

Episode 8.5 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions +Episode 9:Into the mouth of hell we maaaaaaaarch

Episode 8.5:

Loaded up the game found myself in the depths and remembered I was still not done farming humanity

I do about 10 runs to get all the humanity I need (later I find out I had plenty)

While Im doing these I realize something weird some of the smaller rats reward u with 60 souls but if u kill them with a plunge attack it gives u 72 souls
and the large rats they give u 100 souls but if u kill them with a pyromancy u get 120 souls
im seeing 20% increase depending on how u kill it
and it seems every enemy type has a method of landing more souls
this will need more research later

Anyway I get out of the depths
use the souls I have to level up twice increasing my dex and int

Thats right im no longer going to join the forest hunter covenant to get the uchi

I just headed to undead burg and killed the male undead merchant

Upgraded my uchi to +5 and bought magic weapon from the sorcerer in firelink shrine

Tested out the uchi and it kicked the drake swords a**
and the best part was that its going to get better with time

I head to blight town to sacrifice all my farmed humanity for that spider lady
when I get there im delighted to find that u have to offer humanity one at a time

THAT WAS TONS OF FUN took me about 15 mins to get to level 2 and because I needed magic weapon now and only had 2 attunement slots I didnt even test it L going to have to test it later when I get the 3rd slot

While im there I try and see what is in demons ruin
walking forward to see whats ahead I fall down a small cliff and get stuck see a fog gate ahead so I thought to myself normal enemies ahead
I step through and bam there is one UGLY fire thingy there and the fog gate is blocking the way back so I walk towards it but it doesnt attack so I ignore it for now and go for that lovely looking corpse
I loot it and bam music is on boss health bar appears
and he hits me once and kills me

At least that is what I thought
turns out I had a few health points left just couldnt see them on the bar with my naked eye
short story even shorter he kills me since my sword does 13 damage and bow does 7 damage to him

Left blight town and headed back to undead parish as my new safe zone rested at te bonfire and close the game coz my sister was back home and wanted to watch TV




Episode 9:

While my sister was watching tv he tells me about a place I missed in dark root basin

The hidden connection to valley of drakes with a dark knight guarding it

Also I realize I havent check that new armor set I got
and oh is that armor set good almost worth it losing the 8k and human form Ive lost

so first thing I do is head to dark root basin

Kill the black knight easily and head to the valley of drakes
I see the first blue drake and kill it easily thanks to the bleed effect of the uchi
only needed one flask due to a couple of mistakes

I see 3-4 more guarding a corpse im like no way in hell im aggroing more than one of those
I see a side path and take it
I meet another blue drake there
and he was a b*** without the ability to side step his lighting attack killing him was a pain in the a**

Used up all my estus except for one killing him

That plus the fact that this made me reach the other side of the dragon I saw next to blighttowns entrance to valley of drakes are enough reasons for me to head back
while I was there I decide to take a stab at the red drake in undead burg blocking the way into undead parish
bad idea I get my butt handed to me thanks to the camera and the fact that the dragon did nothing but breathe fire on me

Since I had zero souls I decide to give the hydra a try
when I fall into the lake I decide to leave the hydra to when I need to kill her

Getting by butt handed to me by 3 optional bosses was enough to break my fear of sens fortress
but before I go there I upgraded my uchi to +7(all the large shards I had)
and step into the deadly house of traps

And omg am I glad I got the uchi
without it killing those serpent heads would have been a pain
with the uchi its bearable

I meet the bridge with the swinging axes
in any other game its nothing
Ive seen this thing in so many games starting from Aladdin on DoS

To major mayhem on my android
but this is the first time I was really scared of it

I pass this one and the second one and get to the part with the huge rock falling down
I manage to get hit by it only once and survive and get one floor higher
I step through a door hear a weird voice and see that the huge falling rock takes a U-turn exactly where I was standing I get stuck under it(thank you havok) and obviously die

Since sens fortress was scaring the crap out of me and it was getting late
I decide to call it a night

While im there I opened 2 boxes one had something I cant recall the other had 2 large titane shards

So I use the titane shards to upgrade my uchi to +8 so next time I head into that hell hole I can be even stronger

PS:did anyone notice a slight frame drop when the bleed effect hits an enemy ?

Also did anyone else notice that extra 20% souls thingy ?

YOU DIED...Episode 8.1:All farm and no play makes me a dull boy

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

Episode 8.1:All farm and no play makes me a dull boy

-i know i said i was going to take a break from dark souls to play borderlands 2 exclusivly
but since borderlands 2 is less fun that i was anticipating(still pretty fun its just that it got delayed in the mail a lot which built a ton of anticipation that nothing can live up to )
i've decided to interleave the 2 games-

to start work on #1 on my to do list(farm 30 humanity ) i head to the depths

on my way there i decide to try and reach that merchant under the bridge in firelink shrine and i reach him succesfully

after i get there and start farming
first few times are pretty unfruitfull hardly getting 2 in the first 5 runs
then i get 2 humanties per run a bunch of times
and i even get 3 in a single run once(the odds were forever in my favor that time)
after 23 or so runs
i had aquired 23k+(just a bit over 1k souls per run makes this path pretty good as a fruitless run still nets a nice amount of souls) souls i spend 11K on leveling up and have 20k left(which means #3 on my list is over )
and have most of the hamanity i need
but since at that point i would have prefered to shoot my self point blank in the face with a double barrel shotgun
than do another extreemly fun fun fun fun run
i quit the game and decide to keep farming humanity later

yes i know farming is pretty boring and lame
but that's all i did
i can't make up stuff for the sake of this dairy

YOU DIED: episode NULL POINTER EXCEPTION :hope u like being on hold

my copy of borderlands 2 arrived to day
so for now
im not going to be playing dark souls
as borderlands 2 is just much much much easier and waaaay more forgiving
that ofc means the blog will stop for a while

fun fact about yesterday's blog
1-0after choosing the title and saving the blog
i open the TV and bam TAKEN is on :p
2- the first time even i write a game plan for next time i take a break from dark souls right after
that list will be super handy when i return to the game in a while
coz no way in hell will all that be still on my mind

YOU DIED...EPISODE 8 I don't know who you are but i will ...

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

EPISODE 8:< Liam Neeson >I dont know who you are, but I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.Neeson>

last time I got waped my queelag coz I wasnt even concentrating
this time I get there with my full attention
I manage to learn her attack patterns
and get her health pretty damn low before she breathes fire out of everywhere and one shots me

I decide to kindle to bonfire

I get invaded by maneater mildred im super scared till I find out she is easy as hell and kill her take her souls and walk away easy
I get to the boss fight still in human form and discover I can summon maneater
so I do
and she makes the fight so easy
I get one shotted near the end again

So I decide to be super careful near the end and only do 2-3 hits then run since she retaliates badly

Next time the second I traverse the white light queelag jumps and traps me in a corner killing me pretty damn fast before I could do anything not even dodging worked
the next time mildred doesnt get stuck in lava a single time and survives the full fight and actually does most of the damage while I stay back and only attack 2-3 times when its super ultra safe
I dont feel bad about letting her do all the job because I got queelag to the point of 3 hits away from death on my own before so its not taking the easy way out as much as its taking to faster way out
coz I was really sick of the damn mosquitoes ,slimes and the damn swap outside


I find chaos servant covenant join it get the head egg thingy get it off me
and leave queelag domain
I head back to blight town
and head to the toxic snipers protecting a fire keepers soul and kill them all
then get killed by the dogs twice
3rd time I kill the dogs and get the fire keepers souls
I return to fire link shrine to a huge surprise

that c*** I rescued from undead church killed the fire keeper and stole her soul

Obviously u guys get that the title is about that guy now

the guy that told me about the two bells whines about something and leaves (later I after I see frampt I got that he was either complaining about the stench of the dead fire keeper or frampts smell )

I talk to the pyro and he asks about my new awesome great chaos fireball when I tell him about it he says he is going to leave so I quickly buy iron flash coz I know he is the only one that sells it and im focusing on pyromancies this playthrough for the trophy
as I was walking around I see something scary where the water part used to be
me being such a brave man head to the bonfire in undead parish
before heading back to confront it and find that its a friendly
telling me to get the lordvessel
I almost pissed off frampt thank god I waited
coz after hitting the female undead merchant I sorta dont hit anything Im not 100% sure it wants to hit me back

I wonder around aimlessly for a while and after I turn off the game
I decide on a game plan
1-farm souls to get to level 2 of the chaos servant covenant
2- kill the hydra

3-if #2 fails farm 20k souls and buy the key

4- join forest hunter covenant

5-buy that awesome katana

6-upgrade that katana as much as I can atm

7-start thinking about heading into sens fortress

YOU DIED: EPISODE 7 Technical Support+thoughts about a certain cliche'

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

EPISODE 7 :Technical support

last time I stopped playing I was too scared to go back to blighttown
this time I decide to suck it up and head there
but after a detour coz I decided to head to undead asylum and get the rusted iron ring since I had the key
I head there get the key and even kill the guy that gave me estus flask (for the second time O.o )
and get the crest shield everything was going smoothly

till the group collapsed under me

I got tons of damage from the fall then a single swipe from the stray demon killed me
that was a nice surpise next time I was super extra careful
walked on the edges of the room only and made sure to pick up my lost souls in the process
I head back to firelink shrine then go to blighttown
I kill the 3 dung pies
then I thought since im up here ill try and kill the toxic snipers and get whatever they are guarding (it has to be huge there is like 6 of them there )
I manage to kill one then I somehow slip and fall into 2 dogs that eat what is remaining of my life
at this point I scream very loudly
because I remembered how much of an idiot I am
the last bonfire I rested at was in firelink shrine
so I had to kill the 3 dung guys all over again
and this time I dont bother with the snipers I head straight to the bonfire and rest there
after that I use the awesome ring my make my way to the boss hugging the right wall so that I dont have to fight the boulder dung guys
I get to the boss
and die
(there is a disccusiion about its appearance down below )
in my defense I was on the phone with @aser92 and wasnt paying that much attention
and was planning to die anyway I just wanted to see if I can learn something about her attack patterns

I hang up with my friend so that I can focus on the boss fight
and I get a call from my dad
where im technical support for his new phone
that call lasts an hour(yes it lasted an hour Ive never dealt with his new phone so give me a break
the part concerning backing up his old phone was done in 5 mins )
and after it ended it was late and I had a headache so I called it a day
Cya next time and hopefully by the end of next time I will have the trophy for ringing the second bell

so qualag (yes i spelled her name wrong gimme a break )
is topless but has hait covering her breasts
how many times have i seen that exact same ..(can u call it outfit ?)
if video games
i've seen it enough to call it a cliche'
i totally wouldn't mind if they had cloth on and had their hair done normally
i can totally play a game without looking at boobs
specially a game as scary as dark souls
i don't want to link spiders and boobs that would lead to a lot of awkward situations

YOU DIED :EPISODE 6 Yes, I'm a coward get over it

YOU DIED...the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

EPISODE 6:Yes ,Im a big coward get over it

So last time I stopped playing I was at blighttowns second bonfire
with a dying drake sword that is doing less and less damage with every hit
so I decide screw this place im going back to fire link
but first I cross the swap and get my hand on the poison mist pyromancy
before heading for the elevator
killed everything up the the dung guy that killed me last time I retrieve my souls and run for the ladder hoping that he falls down somehow

And he does
so easily I decide to lure the other 2 the same way
I do that

And reach valley of drakes
leave that to new londo ruins
and from there I reach the forever safe firelink shrine
my blood pressure and heart rate drop to normal and I begin to breath normally
first thing I do is head to undead perish and buy a repair box and weaponsmith box from the black smith
and repair my sword

Then I try to kill havel with poison mist when I find that I cant hit him without aggroing him I leave him for later
I farm some anti toxin/poison stuff from the enemies in darkroot garden

I head to firelink shrine and upgrade my pyro flame from +2 to +5

head to undead burg I clear it just to feel like a badass and get enough souls to upgrade pyro flame to +6
I upgrade my pyro flame (the r2 attack is so useless its funny

I head to undead perish to absolve hitting the undead merchant female
and when I find that it takes 19k souls I say screw it

I actually kill havel using a single cast of poison mist to do around 700 damage then do the rest with backstep+single attack

I head back to undead garden and farm enough poison and toxic stuff for my return to blight town
also till I have enough souls to level up once (I chose dexterity )
I head to firelink shrine to end the day and then I quit too scared to head back to that hell hole called blight town

YOU DIED EPISODE 5:Mommy can i go back to the sewers the gaint rats were nicer

YOU DIED..the tale of a poor pyromancer who finds himself in Lordran the most unforgiving place in gaming (V2.0 for those of you who remember that demon souls exists)

EPISODE 5:Mommy can i go back to the sewers the rats were nicer

so i was stuck at the entrance to blight town

so i make my way from the depth to bligthtown

kill the 3 dung pie guys

aggro 2 infected hollows at the same time kill one while im killing the other a 3rd one joins the party and then they both jump on me and start biting me till i die

goodbye 8k souls and 2 loose humanity

next time im super extra careful to pull one at a time and this time i study his moves and figure out what he does before trying the grab attack

so i clear the area and thanks to an enemy climbing the ladder i manage to see the ladder that leads forward (or downwards)

and i find the bonfire

then i get lost

like real lost i wonder around till i find a massive parasite sucking on the wall

i shoot a few arrows in it but they don't do enough damage so i give up and go and try to melee it


bam claw attack

bam fast claw attack

im dead

next time i don't even come close to it

i waste all my newly purchased 50 arrows(forgot to tell u on my way into blight town the second time i bought 50 arrows this should go up )on killing it

and it dies

i feel great i loot the corpse under it and i get a pyromancy

i had 10k souls+ a pyromancy to try so i head to the bonfire

level up my dexterity and check that new pyromancy to find its the most useless one ever

in any other game a hp loss over time for extra strength would be a great idea not in dark souls

so i keep my old 2 pyromancies on

and go forward

find a well feel great this might be where i should go actually turned out to be where the parasite was sucking and i went in a full circle


by then i backtrack to the bonfire go the opposite direction then go down

looks like a dead end to be so i head back to the bonfire and call it a day

the following happened 2 days after the previous part:

I fire up the game kill the enemies in my way and find the way that leads to the bottom of the area
which where I want to go
in front of me is another dung guy
while im trying to kill him he hits me with his mace and sends me flying


Towards my death

I brace my self and go for round two when he does the taunt/gather allies attack I go and get my free hits only to find a normal enemy jump me from the back and attack me the same time the dung guy attacks me
bam 80% health is not ZERO
try #3
i think maybe I should clear the area super well so he cant call any one with his taunt

I climb the sniper tower and find my soul meter adding 500 souls

The idiot fell down trying to chase me up
I was like hey I couldnt kill u in this tight area anyway XD
I keep going forward till I find the white light beyond that I meet the fire spider and the poison mosquito not particularly hard enemies just annoying specially the mosquito I kill them all and reach the swamp
running from island to island to avoid getting poisoned (I actually thought it was toxin and was super scared and it wasnt till later when I got poisoned that I realized that its poison not toxin and that I shouldnt be that afraid because I have a ton of the anti poison stuff )

Till I turn a blind corner
and eat a boulder to the face
I run back drink some estus
and when he comes around the corner I get a few good shots in

And I would have killed him if it wasnt for that other boulder that hit me in the butt while hitting the first dung boulder guy
and since it was a very small area it was really hard to maneuver so I had to dodge a lot

I dodged till I ran out of stamina because they kept alternating attacking me
and when I ran out
I died ofc
with 10k souls and 1 loose humanity
I yell
and take a nice long break that includes lunch tv sleeping and some interwebz

Oh did I mention that I walked by the bonfire I dismissed it because there were no solid land to get to it and I thought maybe there is another way to get to it
I was wrong u could totally roll your way there faster that poison fill up

when I get the nerves

I boot the game again when I get to the dung guy that killed himself last time I spend 5 mins on the sniper tower trying to get him to kill himself till he does it again then I progress all the way to the bonfire
which I don dismiss that time
I make it to my blood stain then run like a crazy person towards the bonfire
I didnt feel like losing 12k souls all over again

I level up for 8k and I have 4k left
anyway I stay near the bonfire for a while to scared to go forward
beyond the bonfire there is a dragon scale I pick that up and go back to the swamp

I decide to head in the opposite direction to the boulder guys
and I find an elevator
which I know leads to another area
sick of blight town I think I could use a break of its crap
and head there
get on the elevator and die tying to get off
second try I wait till the very last second before getting off and make it
I keep climbing up and wondering when does blight town end and when does something new begins
I meet 4 toxic snipers in detour and manage to kill 1 and retreat before I have to waste all my blooming purple moss(I had already used 2/4 and used about 2 on the bridge next to the first bon fire so I was running low on them )

I ignore that detour for now and head up to meet another dung pie guy
I would have killed him
except when he was low on health I didnt guard and attacked instead
I was thinking I can kill him before he can finish the heavy attack

The dumbest thing u can ever think when u have a very small amount of health left
so I died
and with that I deem myself either too tired or too dumb to play any more dark souls today

next time im hoping to get back to fire link shrine so I can head to dark root garden farm some more anti toxins
and have a nice visit to the black smith in undead perish near the garden

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