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Extended Warranty? no thanks

Better late than never Isuppose, but giving out a three year warranty doesn't exactly ease my mind about the reliablility of M$'s console. Don't get me wrong, while it's working it's great, but those red-lights are dreaded and apparantly from what Moore said, it's almost inevitible that consoles will fail, one thing that gets me is if they've discovereed that certain factors cause hardware failures how about telling consumers so we know what not to do with our consoles. A good example is NEVER smoke in the same room as your 360, the dumb machine absorbs all the smoke; clogging up the insides

Just my luck

I don't believe it, my 360's broke Viva Pinata, now there's a crack that goes through both sides of the disk and is starting to corrupt the data. Oh pap.

And I wanna test Halo 3, no chance of that apparently cause I'm not a US citizen, M$ are getting ridiculous and continuing neglect for their European consumer base will definitely catch up in the not so distant future (March i'm guessing)

2007 is almost here

So another year draws to a close, hope everyone's had a good year and is looking forward to what 2007 holds. Hopefully 2007 will be slightly better, and as a footnote. EA take the piss

I need a new game

So I eventually managed to pull myself off Oblivion, had a rent of Test Drive, not bad, just nothing special. So now the box is packed up awaiting Tiger Woods 07 which I hope is better than 06, pah!
Failing that it's a long wait till Emergence Day, but knowing my luck once good games are released I'll get offered a job.

oh my dayz

I'd given up on rpg's, but Oblivion almost took over my life. That game is too addictive and should have warnings on the box. I'm a smoker yeh and I don't even smoke while I play that game, hell I might even quit.

My 360's red lighted again this morning...dammit. Annoying thing is it's been working fine since, but I read the signs :( it's dying, prepare the coffin.