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4 Day summer

Having 4 holidays and this is the third day. This is the last actual holiday and I just wanted to update you all on my gaming life and news. Lately I have been playing a lot of Forza 3 and driving my sister nuts cause she hates the game. While driving I though about things to put up in the review that I'll be doing in summer and I thought of the weird music, computerised sounds, paper graphics and shiny cars. The only things that actually look good are the cars.

Audi R8

The tracks are detailed but the graphics on them not too great but I'll get in to more detail in the review. Also I've taken up watching Bleach.


I'm at the 70th episode and it's really not a bad anime though I'm not a specialist in these things. I've done my big project for school and now just need to wrap up with some presentations and stuff.

Still waiting for summer to come so I can get more active and make reviews. The tv is great btw.


So I just ordered DA:Origins and I'm really happy to say that I also just invited you all friends on GS to be a part of my gaming too so I hope you accept my invites via Xbox Live.

Broke but happy

So i'm out of money and i have bought a new TV. Something that I should have done long time ago. It's 42 inch plasma TV-don't have it in my hands yet but it's bought and should be here tomorrow if all goes well. The model is LG 42PJ650 you can check it out here. Will probably tak about it more when summer comes. Good gaming and have fun all!

A Big Day

Just got cable with 50 great channels like Discovery, E!, Explorer, History, Zone Reality, MTV and a lot more cool channels. Also Bad Company and Halo Wars came! This is a great day. My X360 isn't reading the discs but I'll make it read them. Will talk about them more in summer.

I miss this

It's the second Easter so congrats all. I just can't resist to write another blog. I'm doing the spring cleaning at home and at the Internet. I've resigned and declined from all unions cause I'm just not as active as I want to be at them. I have stopped tracking some people. Don't want to offend you but I couldn't get track of all the blogs you guys were writing and it seemed not right to read some and not read other so I have limited friends list to just very close people at GS. Again, don't be mad. I really want to talk abut the games I have played and the games I want to play. Also I want to talk some about X360 and gamerpoints a bit but I'll leave all that for summer if I don't forget. Remind me if I do. I'm here thinking what to do now with my account. I'm not leaving that's for sure but I want to be more active. I'm writing this only because it's a holiday if it were school day I would be learning or doing homework. I can't leave school and I don't want to leave GS so I have to be less active while the school year is running. I should say that the more inpatient people probably should untrack me so I don't anger them with my long periods of silence. I've taken up squash before Christmas that just makes less time to write blogs but all that I'll leave for summer.

Long time

Hey, it's me. Still have no time to do anything. I check GS every day but have no time to read your blogs or to write my own. I'm sorry for that but I will come back when summer starts. Probably will not post blogs when it's school year - it's just too hard. Have got a lot of great new games- Forza Motorsport 3, Bioshock, Left 4 dead 2, Assassin's Creed 2. I just ordered 2 new games- Battlefield: Bad Company and Halo Wars they should be here after a week or so. I'll talk in detail about them all when summer comes. Well then see you all in summer. I'm out.

Have some spare time for two weeks or something

I have like two weeks of free time, and I don't know why but I'm not in the mood for writting reviews and I'm seeing a lot of people making lists of favourite games, films and things like that so I'll think of making something like that. Tho If I'll make it, it will be differend. It won't be #10, #9...#1 cause I can't realy decide between many games and movies so it would be like good, really good and fantastic or something like that. I want your thoughts about this one-should I make something like this or no? Maybe you guyz have some advice on what should I list (like games, movies etc)?

Prince of Persia and some news

Spent all my spare money on the X360 controller, making some more money to buy Elder Scrolls 4:Oblivion GOTY edition or Fable 2. I'll buy the one which I can afford :D cause Fable 2 is not as expensive as The Scrolls.

Have been playing Price of Persia for about 4 hours and the game is absolutely amazing, the graphics are stunning and the gameplay is really easy and fun, It's like watching a good movie. There is some lack of challenge but who cares? I bought the game cause of the look and I'm a fan of Prince of Persia series. I have absolutely got what I expected from the game and I recommend this game to everyone who loves stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. The story is good too, but not perfect I mean you get to heal the ground and stuff like that but it's really predictable. And I don't recommend the game to people who want to solve puzzles after each 5 minutes cause this game is made player friendly and the puzzles are too simple to be named puzzles. There have been like 3 puzzles or so in the 4 hours I've played. Anyway I'm enjoying the game. Tho I love the game I have to say I'm very disappointed that the campaign is very short like in most of the games, that's why I'm going to buy The Scrolls, I hope it grabs me for more than 20 hours of gameplay.

Wanted some changes so I changed font of letters and stuff, but I don't know is it for long we'll see how it looks :D.

The decision has been made.

Thank you all for your opinions. I have made my choice, I will buy another wireless controller and a new game-Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion GOTY edition or Dead Space. I think I'll go for The Scrolls and buy Dead Space later. Thanks to everyone who gave they're opinion.

Can't decide...

I just want you opinions guys, I just got some spare money so I can't decide what to buy, a new X360 game ( and maybe what game you would advise me to buy), another wireless controller for X360 ( look at games I have and think is it worth buying the controller for those games to play them with 2 players) because I have only one controller or should I buy Internet for X360 for 6 months or something ( considering is it worth playing the games I have on multiplayer with other people). Thank you guys for your opinions.

Lack of time

I'm really busy these days so I'm sorry to all the people that I promised new reviews to. I'll be working for another week or two so don't expect much from me. I'll try to write some reviews but not sure if I'll have the time to write them down on my PC. I've done TR:Underworld, Halo 3, LOTR Conquest and I'm at the end of DMC 4 so I have many games done and waiting for reviews so when I'll have more time I'll try to write them down. That's about it, nothing new just a lot of work for me to do.

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