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In an airport - having a whiskey in the lounge.

It has been quite some time since I wrote a blog. The wonders of work and travel have been taking up a lot more time than I would like to admit. As a travelling gamer I would like to take my games on the go, but I just don't find gaming that enjoyable while travelling. It seems very hard to establish a true immersion with a game when the world around you is constantly on the move.

So! This post does not really have any true direction. I have an hour to kill before I board my next plane, two more flights to go before I am home!

I am currently having a "gamers' dilemma." What does this mean exactly? Well, I am currently buying more games than I am able to complete. I have a whole punch of games for Wii U, Ps4 and Xbox One that are sitting between 20% to 50% complete. One of the biggest issues for me is some of the games that I have not be able to finish are games I absolutely love. For Example; Dragon Age Inquisition, The Witcher, Assassins Creed black flag, and Watch Dogs are just a few to name.

When I see my game stack pile up and only 10 to 15% of the games were actually complete I feel a bit of anxiety that I wasted some money. I know I can always go back and try to complete them, but where is the time when so many other cool games are coming out? Some of the games in my catalog are not 12 to 15 hour games, but games that can take up to 80 to 100 hours to complete. I feel poised to complete The Witcher because it is a game I absolutely adore and get lost in. I love the characters and the story, the adventuring on a large scale map. Dragon Age is much the same, a great adventure with choices with a colourful world.

My Goal is to put a hell of a lot of hours this week on some game, I just don't know which one. My Batman Arkham Knight has arrived, a bit late however, and I feel like kicking off a 12 hour stream with it. Time will tell if I get any success in completing some of these games. I feel like I need to challenge myself to do so, which a gamer should never feel "forced" to finish a game.

If any gamers want to watch my stream it is MetalX87

If you want to add me on Xbox One or PS4 my gamer tags are Metal Xidos and Xidos-Zero

Happy gaming everyone!!

Do Video Games Need to Focus less on "Us and more on me?"

I have been playing video games since I had been three years old. My first video game system was the original Nintendo. I loved playing Mario and MegaMan as well as Zelda. I would complete these games with help of my older brother our cousins, but majority of the time I would play the games alone. Back then there was very little of "us" playing video games it was just "me."

All through Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation, I played games solo. Although there were quite a few multiplayer games, I found video game creators made multiplayer secondary, if at all, and focused solely on one individual's immersion into the world. Very few games tried to immerse two players at once in an over all world. Games that did carry multiplayer those games usually only had competitive modes where it was four verses four or one verses one. The multiplayer did not enhance the story, or even involve the main story for multiple people to play. Was this mainly due to hardware limitations? Or was this the choice of creators? I think it is a little bit of both.

Ever since the PlayStation 2 era, with Dream Cast and Xbox Original, I feel there is a major shift in multiplayer. I find single player games are now becoming shorter, and less immersive due to the culture shift of people wanting multiplayer. Games like Call of Duty and Mass Effect 3, although a great game, still required a multiplayer part to be completed to help fully complete the single player. I feel these multiplayer distractions cause single player to be less than enjoyable. There is even debate, with games such as Call of Duty, do they even need a single player at all? Immersive games, such as Dragon Age, has now switched from being a single player only game to including some form of multiplayer such as Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Will developers ever return to making deep, immersive, single player only games? Or will multiplayer be woven into everything we do? Both as their positive and negatives, but what are your thoughts?

Twitch Streaming is Amazing

There is always a great debate if Twitch TV streaming is entertainment or not. For me it has entertainment in two forms; entertaining and being entertained. Many individuals will state "it is more entertaining to play your own game rather than watching someone else." This may be true for some, but regardless I feel it is entertainment that beneficial for both watcher and creator.

I wanted to expand my hobby of video games in a new way. I wasn't quite sure how to do this, but I knew there must be something more for me to do. When Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were both announced with Twitch capabilities I was a bit shocked and confused. I knew both consoles were focusing on the social media side, but I didn't understand the science behind it. Were Twitch capabilities going to be a huge seller for the new generation of consoles?

When I received both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One I was disappointed that the features were not available. I then began to research other methods of streaming. I discovered a capture card device that was meant specifically for consoles, but focused more on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. I decided to buy the device to try it out. I was excited to stream for the first time. I hooked up my capture card for the first time and when I went to stream it was a terrible experience; the reason for this, a very poor internet connection.

Once my internet was updated, a hefty price tag update, I then began to try streaming again. I was not quite sure on how to ideally hook up and calibrate everything, but there was a very supportive community on properly setting up for Twitch TV. A few hours of research had gone a long way in learning all the ins and outs of being a streamer. Once that was done I finally went live.

With my first entry into Twitch streaming I was not fully equipped with the best equipment. I had an old style capture card that was less than ideal. I also had an outdated alienware computer that could not keep up with the processing power. Even with these shortcomings I still had a blast. At first I did not have much of an audience, on average 1 to 3 users were watching.

Even with a terribly small following, even though I still don't have many, it was awesome to meet people through video games. People would comment on my game play, cheer me on if I wanted to achieve something, or just overall want to add me to their friends list. That side of the entertainment was amazing. The even more amazing part was when I streamed a regular audience would return.

Once I began to get heavy into streaming, some days I would not even have one person watch my game, I still decided to upgrade my hardware. Even when I am not streaming I still record my game play and upload to YouTube. Even recording game play to upload it is very pleasing and exiting.

So in the end is Twitch streaming entertainment? I will definitely say yes. It is both entertainment for the streamer as well as for the audience. I find it a great way to refresh how you play games, become more social, which is what gaming is all about, as well as a great way to meet some new online friends. It is a good hobby that I would recommend many people to try, or even starts watching.

Video Games - To be, or not to be?

The cultural winds of video games seem to be changing. The days off video games as a "kid’s toy" seem to be slowly drifting away. Developers have shifted to a more mature market. Kids who grew up on video games have now matured and continue their gaming hobby. I am one of those kids, but somehow I feel anxious that with my turning of age I should be less in love with video games.

Should I feel guilty about loving and playing video games? I am a young guy, twenty-seven to be exact. I hold a corporate position in a global engineering firm as one of their advisors. I have to be professional, and deal with many clients. After meetings, audits, or other less desirable work related items, I love to go home and play video games for a couple of hours. I am very private about my love for games at work. Being a younger worker, and in a workplace where the average age seems to be mid 40's, I can't relate my hobby with many people even if I wanted to.

My friends do not love video games like I do. The days of Nintendo 64, as well as Super Nintendo, all my friends played video games. Even the Xbox 360 era all my friends played online games such as; Halo, Call of Duty, or NHL. It was a blast to have multiple Xbox consoles hooked up under one roof and play online matches for hours. Now that we are all in our late twenty's, I am the only one out of the group to have a next generation console.

Getting married and having kids, can video games fit the picture? Quite a few of my friends are now married and have started to have children. This can understandably be a reason while majority of them have faded out of the fantasy world of video games and turn focus to reality. Many people I talk to while playing World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV seems to all be family men and women with younger children, older children, and children that have moved out. Even hearing stories like theirs I still feel anxiety as if my video games must come to an end. Is it normal for me to want to play video games when I am thirty and beyond?

Relationships Vs. Video games. I have been in a relationship for quite some time. My girlfriend does not share any love for video games, and unfortunately does not really support it. The juggling act of work, travelling, and happy wife happy life really prevents me from having a healthy video game life. Can a video game life be healthy? At this age? I battle all the time with myself. Do I let work, life, wife win? Then say goodbye to video games? Or do I accept this as a form of a healthy hobby? Can I hold video games on the same hobby pedestal as tinkering with cars, riding a motorcycle or building puzzles?

What are your thoughts? Are video games fully accepted in your house hold? Or did you give them up and now have to resort to reading articles and watching videos? I want to know!

Xbox One & Playstation 4 so happy together <3

I have been a gamer since Regular Nintendo. I was not on planet earth when Atari came out, but then again I was not part of this planet when Regular Nintendo came out, but I was still very lucky to experience that generation. When it came to video games my parents used to call me the "wizard" due to my knack for solving games and puzzles at a very young age. This blog is not to bash Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, but to express my love/hate relationship with both; more love than hate though!

I remember the day both systems' pre-orders were launched. I remember waiting on Amazon for the exact second each system went live to pre-order. Without hesitation I pulled the trigger on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4; I also pre-ordered Kill zone, and Battlefield 4 and the camera for PlayStation 4 while I pre-ordered Call of Duty Ghost, Dead rising 3 and Assassins Creed black flag for the Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 released first, I believe a week in advance, so I had my chance to play around with that system first. I remember the day it came in, and when I exactly got home, I was so excited, just like a kid on Christmas morning. The design was clean, the system was light weight, the controller looked to have such a huge improvement over the previous generations. The first game I slid in the system was Battlefield 4. At this time I was reading a lot of debate about PC being el superior to the PlayStation 4 graphics which gave me this odd impression that I would not be blown away; boy oh boy was I wrong! I remember going in to my first match online. The way the lighting looked, the fast, smooth game play of 60fps, the graphics were just astonishing, especially with the explosions. I played a quick team death match and then quickly went to bed; I had flown half way across the country and got in at midnight, was fairly tired even with all my excitement. The next day I fired up the system to try and play a conquest mode. To my disappointment it would not work. It took weeks later and a few patches to actually make that part of the game work. This was however not Sony's fault at all, but I could not enjoy the game to its full and truly understand the next generation leg up Battlefield 4 had on PlayStation 4 over PlayStation 3.

The next game I played was Kill Zone. I remember the opening scene. The graphics again were completely blowing me away. Sitting in front of the big screen I just couldn't believe the graphics the PlayStation 4 was dishing out. If the graphics are this good already what are we in store for years to come? I really cannot imagine it right now. As I played Kill Zone I realized that it sure looked pretty, but the game play did not seem next generation. I will be honest here, I played Kill Zone maybe seven times and I just did not complete it. I feel guilty, maybe I will go back and finish the game, I did pay for it after all. I felt a little robbed because I remember just how big Kill Zone was on the PlayStation 3 when the first game play trailer was released. I feel that this time it was a fresh paint job placed on a Chrysler K Car rather than driving the show room Porsche for the first time. That being said, I still have Battlefield 4 to enjoy! Right!?

The PlayStation 4 UI is fantastic, I love the way it looks, the way it plays out. It is very clean and straight to the point. I know exactly where to go and how to get there. I do however feel there is still some little glitches that need to be fixed. Sometimes my PlayStation store will not load. I usually have to reset the system for it to work. I also downloaded the NHL Game Canter App. No matter what I do the App just will not load. I uninstalled it multiple times, it has been patched but it will not work at all. I am quite a bit disappointed in that there was still some slight errors; I guess this is to be expected for a lunch system. Overall I am very happy with my PlayStation 4. I just Ordered Metal Gear Ground Zeros yesterday. I am hoping to have a sit down with the game and get a feel for what is in store for the next Metal Gear Game.

It is time now to talk about the Xbox One. I will admit when I first scene photos of the Xbox One and the Kinect I thought the system was disgusting. It reminded me of the original Xbox. It did not look next generation; it looked literally like a box. Maybe this is what Microsoft wanted? When expressing my opinion on how it looked I received a lot of hate; and I mean a lot of hate. I also hated the name, Xbox One? We are moving backwards are we not? The theory is that One stands for all-in-one; makes sense, I guess? So I am over that now. When I opened up my Xbox One for the first time and placed it on my entertainment stand I was actually very impressed with how it looked. The black with the very sexy white light on the front, it was very sharp. As for the name that is still growing on me.

First game I plopped in the system was a very hard choice. I already was playing Call of Duty Ghost on Xbox 360. Assassins Creed Black Flag was a multiplatform game. Dead Rising 3 was something specifically exclusive for the Xbox One. I decided to do Dead Rising 3. My first experience with the game was awesome. The graphics were not mind blowing, but the amount of zombies on screen at once was astonishing. The game did suffer from occasional frame rate issues, but it did not bother me too much. Playing the game was a blast. It was just like a dirty habit destroying zombies left, right, and center. I was challenging myself to get my zombie kill count up higher and higher. When I leveled to max level I felt like a killing machine. Yeah, the story sucked, the graphics were nothing special, but the game play was fully intact. It didn't seem empty like Kill Zone did. Another bonus was my friend had bought an Xbox One as well with Dead Rising 3. This again brought Dead Rising 3 to a whole new level. Murdering Zombies with a friend and sharing weapons. It just felt like a great first experience with the Xbox.

Call of Duty Ghost was my next choice. I played the game online, still have yet to touch the single player, and was surprised the graphics were a bit crisper than the next gen. It really didn't offer anything to the table that I did not already experience. I enjoy the game online, but I did not feel blown away. I then quickly put in Assassins Creed Black Flag. I skipped Assassins Creed 3, but absolutely love the series. The graphics were fantastic, sailing the open sea was amazing. I loved the characters. I am very close to beating the game, but have yet to do so. It is on my list of things to do.

The Xbox UI is very nice and clean. As much as there was a hate for the Kinect camera, I absolutely love it. I love using my voice, I love the 1080p camera and how amazing it works with Skype. It is such a great addition; it makes the system feel next gen. I love saying "Xbox record that" when I do something amazing online. I love how the new feed and friend following shows their activities and I can easily get to their videos. I just feel Microsoft did so much right. The one negative is that the system is missing so many features that are present on the Xbox 360. Party chat has some issues, I can’t send voice messages to my friends, the invite to game in the beginning was very crappy and not working fully. Friend notifications were not added until recently. I can understand that other items took priority over others, but it felt like Xbox One took a few steps behind with their online experience. I am happy to say that a lot of the features have been added and improved upon, so I really can't complain much at this time, but in the beginning it felt weird.

Overall I love both consoles. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have positive and negatives, but they both do a hell of a job when it comes to playing games. If any gamer was on the fence on which system to buy you honestly cannot go wrong with either one.

What are your guys’ thoughts? Do you feel one system has a clear advantage over the other? I would love to hear!

Elder Scrolls Online - My thoughts

This little blog will put my initial thoughts of my experiences with Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). I have not reached max level yet; currently I am level 16, so I still have a fair amount of content to go. My goal here is just to kind of blabber on a bit and hopefully someone may find this information useful.

ESO is a game that will seem familiar, but yet different. This familiarity will come in two forms. One will be the similarities it naturally has with other Elder scroll games, such as Oblivion and Skyrim, while other similarities will come from previous MMORPG games. These similarities play both pros and cons to the game. In my opinion I feel there are more pros than cons. The game feels like an elder scrolls game; not in the sense of how the game play works, but the atmosphere, the vibe, the artistic style, the wonderful music that plays in the background, the sound effects, the wonderful (most of the time) voice acting. When you dive right into the game you will get the sense "this is an elder scrolls game." However, this is just a feeling you will get in the beginning. When you dive deeper you will get the sense of other MMORPG's creeping in the background.

Elder scroll games took pride in giving the players freedom to explore. Do not get me wrong, this game does have a strong focus on exploration, but not in the sense that Elder Scroll veterans will be used to. You cannot steal everything in the game, kill people for the sake of killing an NPC, you are not able to search every nook and cranny to find loot; you still can search many different boxes, jars, book shelves, and other such objects to grab crafting items, lock picks, as well as recipes. The depth is just not to the normal depth that Elder scrolls have offered before. This is understandable because this is not a single player game; this is meant to be different from the offline versions.

ESO does not reinvent the wheel, just like many other MMORPGs in the past. Games borrow mechanics from each other. Each company tries to refine those mechanics to make them unique to themselves and ESO is no different. There are instances, there is a strong focus on end game content, there is a somewhat focus on being social. This feels like what an MMORPG should feel like. Quest, grab loot, do dungeons, rinse and repeat. The one MAJOR difference with this game is there is not as much of a strong focus on being social with each other; this is extremely strange. Due to the Mega Server there is no auction house. Players can search for items on an approved ESO message board system. Majority of quests can be easily done alone, and feel natural to do alone. If you party and do quests, quests seem to not acknowledge your party members. If you complete a quest with them, they will need to do the quest again as well. I have a feeling this will change due to this game feeling more anti-social than any other MMO I have ever played. However, this being said, I took a more "single player" approach to this game and I am having an absolute blast. Not everyone will have that same mentality, but if you are looking for a major social experience it does not seem present just yet in ESO. To be honest, I am not in a guild so this could very well be the reason I feel this way.

Is ESO a good purchase? Currently it is hard to say. I do like a good MMO, but I find myself getting bored sometimes when I play these types of games. World of Warcraft I did achieve max level, when max was level 85, and I soon after did hit max I than did a heavy focus on PVP, which I absolutely loved. As of right now I have not experienced all that ESO has to offer. Currently I do enjoy it. I find myself getting lost in the game world as I did with Skyrim, however just not as absorbed. I feel there are still improvements to be made; I also feel that the game will need to have some major mechanical changes to stay competitive. Zenimax nailed some aspects, but completely missed the boat on others. This being said, I am still very happy with my purchase. Will I still be playing the game a month from now? Yes -- I believe I will be. How about 6 months from now? Anything is possible.

What are your guys’ thoughts? I would love to hear some of them.

Elder Scrolls Online - A Newbie approach

I must admit, before the Elder Scrolls Online came out it was not even a blip on my radar. I was more focused on the new breath of life of Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn; which I do enjoy, but did not get a lot of time to play. It was probably three weeks before ESO was released. I decided to watch some youtube videos and live streams from the game. At first I still was not overly excited for the game, but as a big console player, I decided to pre-order the imperial edition of the game for my Playstation 4.

Once I pre-ordered it, going out on a limb not really understanding the game, I still feverishly scrapped every article, video and photos that google had to offer. Slowly my interest in this game started to peak, just a little bit. I then got home from a long days work and went on google to see if there was a digital release for the PC. To my excitement there was! I then see that you could download the every so popular imperial edition. Just as I was going to enter my credit card I began to get cold feet; why would I buy the PC version if I already pre-ordered the console version? I closed the computer out and proceeded to play Titan fall.

The next day went buy and I was sitting at work, only slightly busy, and yet again looked and watched live streams. The players were having so much fun, the music and the environment seemed so beautiful, although the character animations seemed a bit stiff. It somewhat reminded me of the awesome times I had with Oblivion and Skyrim. There was a vast world for you to explore, with beautiful elements, sun rises and sun sets. Again I began to ponder "Should I just get this game?" Again I went home from work. Thinking, should I just bite this craving and experience this game? I open the computer and go to the digital download page. This time I didn't back out.

I downloaded all the necessary starting programs and the game began to install. Twenty-two gig of bytes! Is this for real? Can this game be really that big? I am currently away from home, which has a nice fiber op connection, but my current place I am staying has a nice slow DSL connection. Again, ESO has eluded me for yet another day. I then proceed to my room to fire up Titan fall for another night. I go to work for the day, but this time was unable to search the web for more information. Work was oddly busy and I had to attend quite a few meetings. The day finally finished and I made my way home. I did something bad and ordered some fried chicken and grabbed a quick beer; the place served food and was a bar. I then made my way home (secondary away from home) and went to the computer. "Damn" I said to myself, still three-hundred megabytes to go. I can't believe it. I proceeded to eat, just disgusted at the wait.

The game finally finished. I was so excited, again for a game I didn't even follow; this game was in the making for five years? I fired ESO up and I didn't even watch the opening cinematic. I then came to my first road block; what do I make? I then create my character, an imperial male, and beefed him up with muscles and all the other heroic features. I then decide to choose a Templar. Why a Templar? I am not quite sure myself. I really like the sound of a Templar. It seems like a choice I would have made in real life, if I ever had that crazy option in life.

I have not had the luxury to play the game for a great amount of hours. I usually get to play two to three hours a night, which is better than nothing I suppose. On a positive note I will be taking a seven day vacation off at the end of the week. What I can say about the game, in my very brief time and judgment, I can see myself getting lost in this game, just like the world of Skyrim. Hearing the music, the land scape, achieving a hard mission and obtaining a new powerful weapon just sucks me in more. I love an adventure, and I love atmosphere, and this game seems to have both. I hope to someday meet some good people in the world of ESO and hope to create great gaming relationship.

Well, it has been a slow day at work and I killed the final minutes of my shift. Happy questing and exploring ESO members, I hope you are all having a great time like me!

Final Fantasy XIV - Yes.... I speak about this game a lot

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has me very excited. It truly has been awhile since a game has caught my attention like this game has. In all honesty, I did not play the original version of XIV. It was only one day at work that I seen a Final Fantasy XIV "reboot." I started to read up on articles, search for what little videos were available, and review why the old version was not highly thought of.

Why am I so excited? I am not quite sure! I am indeed an MMORPG fan. I played World of Warcraft off and on for a few years, but never truly got deeply involved. I did play Final Fantasy XI on the Playstation 2, which was an amazing experience, however a very hard game to master. I also tried the newest Star wars online developed by Bioware, however good, not what i expected in the long run and quickly lost my interest. I also tried Rift for a brief period of time, but again failed to really grab my attention. Played Guild Wars 2 and stuck with it for about a month and moved on to other things. I also played Everquest Online Adventures for the Playstation 2. I really liked that game, but other games were taking priority in my teen years.

Something just feels right with this game. Ever since I played the Phase 2 beta, graphics, flow of quests, story, are all highlights to this game. The battle system may not be super deep, based on my early level experiences, but it does get the job done by being fast and filled with graphical flare; It all gels together to make this outstanding package.

It seems Square-Enix has learned from their past mistakes. It is no secret, the first Final Fantasy XIV version was critically bashed by many, but loved by an elite few. You get a sense of feeling that a lot of sweat, blood, and tears went into this reboot. Square-Enix has made is public that if this game fails the company is in a very bad state. This is a unique situation, they are not only looking for this to be a blockbuster, but they need this to be a block buster. The developers have fine tuned a lot of aspects of this game to make it work. They seem to have truly listened to their community feedback. When put under pressure amazing things can be done, game development would be no exception to this!

The community is passionate when it comes to its players, old and new. Yes, there are a select few that feel it isn't an improvement and it will inevitably fail, which they are entitled to their opinion, but majority of the community feel very positive about the new reboot. In the end the community makes or breaks this game -- any game for that matter. If based on the community alone I feel Final Fantasy XIV is in very good hands.

Something that I have never attempted before is streaming a game while I play. This is one game I am highly thinking of doing, sharing my experience over Twitch TV. Maybe no one will watch? Maybe a few will? Who knows? I think it would be a great game to try this out with. Seems like a popular thing to do so why not give it a shot? Hopefully I will stream both versions when I play, PC and or Ps3.

Well, as you may very clearly tell. I am excited for this game. I want this game to succeed in any way, shape, or form. Even if it does fail, the time I have spent with it in the beta has already created some awesome memories.

Come on August 24th! You cannot come fast enough!

Bioware - The once proud king!

I am a very big Bioware fan. In my eyes Bioware is probably one of the greatest game developers. They develop games with top quality storey, game play, characters, and most of the times are not bad to look at! One of the main questions I have is; did they set the bar too high which now causes reality to set in?

Two series that I absolutely love are Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Both series came out of the gate hot. People not only loved both entries to each series, but wanted sequels faster. I spent a lot of time with Mass Effect 1 and Dragon Age Origins. I got lost in the worlds. I felt for the characters, I wanted to know what their back stories were, and I wanted to do everything I could to help them in their quests. Bioware made these characters feel alive like living breathing people. Even when your console was powered down, you still were thinking of the worlds you just left behind. Completing both games had such a bitter sweet feeling to them. I was amazed by the journey I had just completed, but devastated by the end. Bioware made two absolute gems and I wanted more, but the black plague and the meteorite had struck, they were then bought by Electronic Arts.

The shift from brilliance to mediocrity. Mass Effect 2 came out, I was so excited because it was darker, more action packed, and I learned it brought back many familiar faces from the past game; also your story and decisions carried over (how cool!) The story was good, but it seemed to be missing some strong RPG elements that were in the previous title. The removing of the Makko seemed like a poor decision, even though a lot hated the Makko, I loved that aspect of the game. Planets were no longer explored on foot, but with this new scan feature, which I really didnt care for. The story however, I could not really complain. I felt I was just as immersed, getting involved with the characters and their back stories, but it just did not feel the same. It was Mass Effect, but didn't feel quite the same to the first game I absolutely fell in love with.

Dragon Age 2 and Biowares very evident change in quality. I could not wait for Dragon Age 2. I bought it the first day and came out. I liked the change to a more action pack feel, I liked that your character had a voice, but unfortunately after those positives, the negatives came to play. The story did not seem to Bioware quality, the characters were forgettable, the area was bland, plain, and unattractive, your decisions did not carry the impact that would change the world, and the game seemed like a major mess! I played a lot of Dragon Age 2. I was waiting for the gem to appear from under the rough sections. It never did seem to come.

Mass Effect 3 and my love, but major hate. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3. I can't really say Bioware did anything wrong here, other than one major flaw that pissed off the masses, the endings. When I completed Mass Effect 3, I felt so much rage. I believe is certain types of endings, but all the endings just... didn't give me such a warm fuzzy feeling after Commander Sheppards Saga. I felt robbed, I felt that Bioware went out of their way to give gamers ultimate rage when they completed the game. To have your fleet score up, or your army support gauge to fill you NEEDED to play multiplayer?! If you did not consistently play, all your hard work would deteriorate? This was a major pain in my books.

I then thought to myself, maybe it wasn't Bioware? Maybe it was me? Maybe I am just too stubborn to accept change to the Bioware formula. Other games have done similar things and I have not been disappointed, but Bioware seemed to have disappointed me. Maybe they just set the bar too high where it was only natural to slip? It is really hard to say. What I will say though, I really look forward to Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 3. I guess this will be my true test. Will I be a Bioware fan all over again? Will I feel like I did the first time I played Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins? It will be a long wait to find out this very answer, but I will remain patient.

Cheers to Mass Effect, to Dragon Age!

Late night blog during a late night at work!

When complications arise on a 1.7 billion dollar project you can probably get an idea of the stress that comes along with it. However, on a positive note I am not stressed, but still in charge of a 1.7 billion dollar project! So, now that I have some time to sit down and kick my feet up in the office; let us discuss more interesting things. GAMES!

I am unable to enjoy the final beta week of final fantasy 14, but I am hoping that Phase 4 is just around the corner. I am also hoping to receive my early access code for the game too! As I am more a computer gamer in regards to MMORPG's I do see myself more so enjoying this on the Ps3, however, I have not had a chance to try the PS3 beta. I do hear good things about the PS3 version that graphically, for an MMO, they are impressive.

Another game I cannot wait for is NHL 14. I am a huge NHL fan and love hockey in general. Hockey has been a sport that I have played since I was four years old and I am still as obsessed with it now as ever before! I even bought one of those Budweiser goal lights. When my team scores the goal light and horn will sound! So cool! NHL 14 seems to improve on an already winning formula of hockey. I did enjoy NHL 13, but I found NHL 13 took a few step backwards and really lost a lot of the balancing it once had. Hitting was just terrible, where smaller players could lay out huge players, even if they were moving at terribly slow speeds. The physics were just plane off.

NHL 13 goal scoring was another issue I found. I have been playing NHL games since EA started releasing NHL games. I really thought NHL 12 captured a good balance of goals. NHL 13 however, you could have goals that should have been in the back of the net stopped, while the weakest goals in NHL history somehow sneak in. Yes, weak goals are part of the game and do happen, but I have seen some very odd, weak goals.

Trading was another balancing act that I felt failed in NHL 13. No matter what you do, you cannot trade for high end prospects, even if you offer the moon and the stars. You can get a star usually in their last year of their contract, or when they are a year or two close to retiring and go into free agency. Some may like the challenge, but I did find it a bit off compared to other years. I like to make realistic trades, some that you could see a team doing in real life. Most of the trades and signings seem a bit unrealistic.

Out of all the games I play regularly NHL is by far the games I play the most. I have logged 200 + hours on Skyrim, but this would never compare to the hours I logged on NHL. NHL games in general, I would not want to even venture a guess the hours I log on those series.

So come on NHL 14! Please make up for the poor steps of the past. I hope the potential last NHL game for this generation goes out for a bang. Having said that, I cannot wait for the next generation NHL game to hit Xbox one and Playstation 4!

If there are any NHL challengers out there, I accept! I am Godly in regards to NHL online play!

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