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What do you think are the top 10 toughest Xbox Live Arcade game to 100% and why?

First off, let me say this, I am not counting any games that have not been 100%ed, I am only talking about ones that at least someone somewhere has 100% complete all the achievements for that game, if no one has completed all the achievements then I am not counting that game. Examples of games I am not counting:

Astroids/Astroids Deluxe (no one has Platinum acheviement), Battlezone (no one has General achievement), Warlords (no one has Earl achievement, its glitched), Smash T.V. (no one has the last achievement on there [50g], its glitched). I will not count those because until someone gets the final achievement on them then they are deemed impossible.

Heres my list: and in order of most difficult 1st: #1 Rush n' Attack, #2 Joust, #3 Space Girrafe, #4 Robotron 2084, #5 Tron, #6 Super Contra, #7 Discs of Tron, #8 Geometry Wars, #9 Tempest, #10 Xevious.

That is my list, I have completed some fo the ones on this list: #7 + #10 but I do consider them to be among the top 10 toughest. Also I have not even one of the ones on this list: #4 but due to reputation I must add it.

So whats your list and do you agree with mine?

Embarking on an absurd goal of mastering all xbox live arcade games (100%ing)!

I now have 100% completed 23 arcade games, which was no easy tasks, I am very willing to help anyone and everyone out that asks as I know of many techniques that can be used to ease your pain and the difficulty for getting bunches of achievements concerning arcade games on xbox live. I will aslo likely be upping the requirement for new clan members to join soon as well. For further information on either of these you can check on the Paladins of Pawnage Union on this site, or just message me on xbox live.

My new clan!

I have finally made a clan on Xbox (360) Live. I have also made a Union on GameSpot made specifically for my clan. I already have 4 members aside from myself who each of the have greatly exceeded my clan requirements and my expectations as well. If you are interested in joining my clan simple contact me on GameSpot or Xbox (360) Live, and I will inform you of what it takes to be in this clan and if you are elegible, also you can check out my Uinuon on GameSpot "PaladinsOfPawnage" for more information about the clan, our clan goals, and what it really takes to become a PaladinOfPawnage.


I plan to buy a router tonight at Wal-Mart and get all this crazy online bussiness sorted out. So expect to see me on Xbox Live much much more frequently now and same goes for here. It sucks when your router doesn't work. I think I'll go with a LinkSys.

Aegis Aerial Antics! And other stuff.

So many of you may already know that I like achievements. Let me start off by explaining this I don't really care that much about my overall "GamerScore", seriously, I don't. The thing about achievements that I really like is the difficulty that comes along with the ones that I chase after. I like hard games, I know there are some games out there (even ones I like and play) that I know I will never fully "master" nor get all the insanely difficult achievements in them. I do like to "complete" all of the games that I really like, and by "complete" I mean just that. That means to unlock every thing that is hidden in the game, to beat the game on the hardest level of diffculty to dominate the online lobby (as best as I can), and to get every achievement as well, the whole time having a greta deal of fun. I do understand that supremely difficult games are not for everyone, meaning a lot of you people think guys like me are crazy people who like to bring pain upon themselves. Thats not at all the case with me and people like me, I say this because unlike some other gamers, we ENJOY these insanely difficult games and find great joy in "conquering" and "mastering" these terrific games. I will say one more thing before I close this paragraph, I do not label people as "hardcore" gamers or "casual" gamers. We are all gamers and I do not think "lowly" of someone who has not beaten certain easy or mild games and who will not even try hard games. If you enjoy easy games and consider them to be fun, then that suits you just fine, thats usually just not the type of games I like, usually. I do, however, acknowledge someone who has "mastered" certain difficult games or has shown incredible feats of supreme skill but unlocking certain things or achieving certain thigns as well.

Anyways, concerning the suject, I do have all 200 points on Aegis Wing, which 3 months ago I thought I'd never get "Ace" but now I can get it fairly easily. This game did have a fairly steep learning curve in my opinion, and at first playing it I didn't like it, but after a few tries I grew to love it. I now play it "very" often and I highly enjoy helping strangers and friends alike getting all the achievements and helping them have a better, more enjoyable experience with Aegis Wing. Seriously, this game is soooo fun! I enjoy going neck-to-neck with the pros at it too (concerning score and the like). So, while I was playing today I found someone who joined my Aegis Wing room game that was a very good player, and I did not at the time have a "workable" mic, so I used my ship do try to relate different messages to my teammates. So he beat my score on the first level by a whole 3,000 points, I then noticed I had another skilled player in the room with me and got in my "serious" mode :P. I passed him in score somewhere in the 3rd level but he was still right on my heels in points (less than 1,000 difference). It was of course on Insane difficulty level as thats the only mode I like on that game, so enemies were very easy to find. I normally just take 1 area of the screen and let the others take the rest, so I took the bottom half of the screen throughout this game, only picking up the "laser" speacial weapons and letting anyone else have any other ones. Well not only was this guy stealing "lasers" and just about any item he could, but he was also coming down on my side of the screen and stealing my kills. It was "on" now :). So, I swirled around his ship (given the opurtuninty) to try and coax him into joining with my ship, eventually he did and when that happened I rammed his ship into an incomming meteor. I laughed so hard, it was all playful fun and all but still it was great and I did win in the end by less than 8,000 points. But that is soo fun, and I suggest that you all try it sometime. You may think I'm crazy, but the I have yet to receive any such negative responses from people who I crash into meteors or the like, as it is just a game. And in the end I help them with their achievements, so we all get what we want. lol I just crash people into meteors when they join with me, unless I have a good reason not too do so. Thats just 1 small detail of a game that is so much fun and if anyone wants to play with me on in send me a game invite or a message, I'll usually be more than willing to do so.

Congrats if you read all the way down to hear!

Your #1 stop for free achievements!

I spend more time playing the Xbox Live arcade games than I do the regular Xbox 360 games :P (I'm old-school). So I can help anyone get a bunch of the achievements in each of the games listed below:

Double Dragon

Super Contra

Aegis Wing



Street Rage 2

Rush 'n Attack

And probably a few other, but none come to mind right now. Just send me a message and we'll get right to it. My Xbox 360 GT is the same as my GS username. ^^^^

Video Recording

Well I will have some new videos created, edited, and posted by me that I will be uploading possible within as little as 1 week, I hope you alll will enjoy them, as it is Super Smash Bros. Melee gameplay that I have recorded. I used a direct feed, connected the VCR to the TV and Nintendo Wii so that the quality of the picture should be very crisp. My friend will then transform my VHS tapes into DVD format. I will then have them sent back to me where I will edit them and upload them, I certainly hope yall will enjoy these vids.

2008 is unavoidable!

The year 2008 is less than a week away from us now and I'm excited. Many of you gamers in the USA are already familiar with the "state quarters", yes, I collect coins. Well the United States of America started these special "state-themed quarters" in 1999 and they will end with them in 2008, the last set of these special quarters will be availible in common currency in just a few days, because 2008 is nearly upon us. Now you are probably veyr familiar with the fact that we have 50 states, but there are indeed 100 different quarters. How can this be? Let me explain: In pennies there are usually 3 different types of each penny, or that was the case from 1911-1974 with the exceptions of 1921-1923, 1932-1934, and 1956-1967. These 3 different versions were distinguished from each other by a very small marking on them. The regular pennies would have no markings whatsoever on them that represented anything than your average penny, these would be the pennies minted in Philidelphia, these were very common. The pennies with a very small D under the year date would be a bit rarer pennies, these pennies were minted in Denver. Lastly, the rarest of the 3 pennies were the ones with a small S under the year date, these pennies were minted in San Francisco (I'm pretty sure). From 1975-present, there have been no S minted coins of any kind.

I'm going on about this because that is why there are 2 different versions of the quarters, they have the P and the D versions of each "state-themed quarter". Thus I am collecting both versions. As if you read the above, you would know that the D version is rarer than the P version thus it is more difficult to find. So far, concerning my quarter collection I have all but 1 (the one I am missing is the D version of Maine) of the quarters from the 1999-2003 collection (50% of the "state-themed quarter" collection. However, of the 2004-2008 collection, I am missing 22 different quarters (of which all the ones that have been released I am only missing the some of the D versions). This is super exciting for me as 2008 is just around the bend and I only have 24% of the "state-themed quarters" left to find and add to my collection, thus making it complete once I get them all. I have not searched coin stores for these coins, or paid special fees for them, I have merely pulled them out from circulation. As of now, each "state-themed quarter" is valued at 200% of what it is worth to the average American (that means if I were to take one of my quarters to a coin shop, I could get an easy 50 cents of each one). Once I have my complete collection it will of course be worth more than that. I will not sell it immediately for an instant profit, but instead my plans are to keep them preserved in near mint condition for my future children, thus when it comes time for them to decide what to do with them, they will have easily most likely quadrupled in total value from the original value and they can decide to either keep them for greater value or sell them instantly. My penny collection is for myself though :) .

Your thoughts on this topic please?

Riddles are Back!

OK heres Riddle #1, hope yall enjoy them.

I grasp my enemies with a grip that will stick,

Upon looking at me many humans grow sick.

I tear my food apart with my beak,

If you wander to close, to me you might freak.

Of all my fellow creatures, I am the most intelligent,

But with one look, you can tell I'm not heaven sent.

My enemy resembles a sub,

However, he won't fit in your tub.

Who am I?

I will accept 2 possible answers. Thats right, on this quiz there is not only 1 but 2 correct answers, thus your chances of getting it right have doubled.

ps: all my riddles are homemade, enjoy.

I'm seeking a Partner

Yeah you heard right, I'm looking for someone to partner up with me or against me in a number of Xbox Live Arcade games, as well as some Xbox 360 online versus battles and co-operative games. Anyone interested?
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