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Love to Hate


Before you guys label me as a "Hater". Let me get this out of the way I like how some of the modern stuff has changed everything from Wikipedia redefining the way we hunt information on net to youtube becoming the ultimate source for everything video. However i cant help but be annoyed by some of the children of modern pop culture. Where Products like Net books and Smart phones have enhanced the way we communicate and be productive ipad and iphone stick out like over priced and under featured products that sell like hotcakes. Where games like Vanquish and BioShock are an example of how shooters can develop and evolve we have yearly releases of call of duty titles that are more of the same at best.
Annoyance Factor here is mainly the hype level vs. the actual quality. Ranking is based on how much an Object has annoyed me so it might be relative to my exposure to a certain Object. So bear with me as i take out my hatred for the Five Worst Things about modern culture infecting the majority.

5. Twilight

ohh so mesmerizing.

Annoying teenage cousins (most of them belonging to female catagory) discussing twilight in pseudo American accents while actually speaking a mixture of English, Urdu and gibberish is one thing being totally stunned by a dude you go to college with and consider friend also, when he says "yaar twilight is bloody awesome!!" is another. No matter how i come across this title it never fails to annoy me.

4. Justin Bieber

Yeah me Neither.

Oh have you heard Justin beiber ?? he is so awesomely cute!!
yeah sis you are probably right but you see old chacha karamat there? yeah well he knows more about singing than your cute boy. Ok this dude is so annoying i cant even stand commenting about him anymore.

3. Rehashed / Tacked on Multiplayer Shooters.

Something looks familiar. Hmm I just can't put my finger on it.

Well you see this ones tricky. Orignal Modern warfare game was a master piece and I am not talking about only the single player here. Ofcourse it had a beleivable single player campaign but multiplayer was where this infinity ward's game really shined, it's just a shame that almost every game that followed it was actually cashing on its success and the activision marketing techniques made them sell even more..
Also tacked on multiplayer is becoming annoyance as well. You just know when a game has tacked on multiplayer the single player experience will just not be as good i am looking at you Mass Effect and Dead Space.

2. iphone/ipad

Stone Win?

Talking about over hyped!, i phones and i pads while being reasonably functional really lack some of the features that i don't know even a china phone has?. So why do people pay double the price that they actually don't even deserve well we have teenage kids and female gender to thank for that. You see i phone is more of a showpiece than an actual smart phone and girls love it so do the teenage kids. Who are we to say otherwise?

1. Facebook

Its Addictive alright.

Ok so some of you facebook lovers knew that this was the Winner all way long. You See Facebook wins the title of most annoying thing of the modern pop culture. Why? Well for one it is the platform for getting to know all the Chicks around the neighbourhood, in the same city, in the same school, in the same college you name the chick facebook will find it for you, the only catch however is that they might just be dudes. It is also the place where people can pretend to be Cool and make in-jokes. I once got my self to use Facebook well i made an account signed in for 3-4 times, I really couldn't see what the deal was all about. Its more annoying coz it is the most popular thing on net no matter where you are facebook will haunt you from your favourite gaming sites to movie sites to your ****room and even you grandma's house. There is no escaping facebook. And Somebody tell me what the heck is Farmville?

Ok brothers and sisters that is it for the list. Please tell me in the thread what you think about the list or perhaps make your own list or even just make a random comment.

Note: the images and trademarks are the property of there respective owners.
PS. Wrote this in a hurry. Ok I appologize in advance to anybody who was offended by the above statements. The object of the post is to have fun and point out some facts but mostly hyave fun. [/spoiler]

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