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So which console do personally I think is best and why?


After finally getting my hands on a PS3 and already owning a 360 and Wii I thought it sit down for the weekend and draw up my own conclusion on what one I prefer.

I was eager to get up and running with the PS3 opened it up, "Wow, very nice and sleek". Took a look at the 360 "Suddenly looked big and ugly". Looked over to the Wii "Looked cute and innocent being so small, just so harmless".

As soon as I turned on the PS3 and saw the proffesional looking dashboard and smart Playstation Store I thought "First round to PS3 (especially that we all know you don't have to pay an online subscription). Then I tried out Resistance and Motorstorm. Both very nice and Resistance ran well online. Motorstorm was more awkward and talking to friends was a bit hit and miss. Especailly as different headsets worked better (or much worse) than others. Overall, very nexgen looks, decent Blu Ray (Xmen3 looks good) but I personally think the internet side let's it down. Can't chat across games to friends. Can't read messages off friends while in game. To be honest can't do a lot once you're in game. This really let's it down for me (360 users will know where i'm coming from with this).

With the Wii, it's very simple really. I think everyone has the same procedure. They open it up, put in Wii Sports and get hooked on Ten Pin Bowling or Tennis for the next week. After that though nothing really makes you go "Wow" but nothing makes you go "Oh dear either". To put it simple, you won't go wrong with a Wii. I love the back catalogue of games to purchase and download. I personally think this is it's ace card. Like I said, very sleek machine, very gimmicky controller, can see potential when the big games start coming out. Couldn't understand why they never made it to play dvd movies though.

Finally, the oldest of nexgen consoles. The very much tried and tested 360. When I got the Wii I still played my 360. When I got the PS3 I very much stayed on the PS3 until Guitar Hero II came out for the 360. Once i'd got back on the 360 I realised why I had stayed with it for so long. Games were just as good as the PS3 but the community and internet side were sooo much better. Navigating, hosting games, talking to friends regardless of what game they're on (or even watching a film) is possible. I like my PS3, I like my Wii, but the difference is, I love my 360.

VERDICT: I know there are people who say £425 GBP is a lot for a PS3. I know fans of PS3 say "Yeah but, Xbox360 costs £xxx, Xbox HD Drive £xxx Xbox Live £xx" and so on. But what if you don't want a HD Drive (I know I don't), also I would gladly pay Sony £40 a year for their PS Online to be up there with Microsofts.

So to sum it up. I personally prefer the Xbox360 out of the 3. It's as good as the PS3 for games. As fun as the Wii for novelty (Guitar Hero anyone?) and way better for online gaming than both. It can be a High Definition movie play if you wish. Who know's what the future holds for all of them though. With the power of updates nowadays things can change, be made better, be made easier, all by a simple download.

Thank you for reading! :)