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Fay and Too Human

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay, I've got almost a week off from work for free. Perfect timing for the release of Too Human, apart from the fact that the storm delayed GameStop's delivery by one day. So, now I'm playing the Commando class, which is supposed to specialize in ranged weapons. I've looked at some of the reviews for this game, and so far I'd have to say it's a little underrated. Yes, it has some control issues, and yes, the story is a little thin, but neither of them are really game-breakers (yet). It can be a little frustrating at times, since I can tell some of the areas were meant to be for multiplayer, but for the most part it seems pretty good. I'm about ten hours in, and the loot keeps me pushing it forward. Fay helps also... anyways, back to the game!