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log 4: miscellaneous grenouillage - prise un

today is one of those rare free sundays I have in recent memory, just wanted to say I've taken the time to not only play, but make many contributions too: a couple of reviews, some posting - as well as my first reply in someone's journal, D-MonDRV who is a moderator and my first friend attempt. Don't know if he ( she ) 's gonna agree, has the right to be selective I guess.

Now I've just begun the new Alien Swarm v1.2, the Ortega Campaign, oh boy what a hardcore jewel. I'm stoked!:twisted: Of course AS may have the antique feeling of top-down classics such as Gauntlet, but still have its own unique feeling à la Aliens with modern garphics and gameplay. The mod of the year so far, even when considering Red Orchestra. End of line.

log 3: the wait for Rome: Total War is driving me nuts!

It's one heck of a strategy game that's gonna eat a huge part of my free time believe me, if it meets my expectations that is. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G related to gaming RIGHT NOW is meticulously scheduled upon this upcoming release: I'm hurrying a ''final'' ( for the time being ) Doom III campaign, as well as my FarCry's one and Civilization III's one too. Intense UT2004 and mods sessions too ( Alien Swarm, Air Bucs, Metalball, etc... ). I have something like 25 free hours devoted to gaming each week, not much less but no more too, and as an addict gamer like you, I must CHOOSE...:? This fall is gonna be crowded, baby, and I'm almost happy HL2 and Pacific Assault are pushed back to November. End of line.

log 2: Alien Swarm is too damn f*** hardcore....

that nifty little co-op top-down adrenaline shooter, non-fps UT2004 mod, very Aliens feeling, very addictive AND very hard ( in fact almost impossible for the casual gamer ), is one heck of a tough nut to crack. Generally, I toss away in the dust a game I can't beat - there's tons of other ones to cherish after all. That's what I made with Homeworld 2 recently ( anyway the missions were redundant in time ). But that one, although very VERY hardcore, is un-toss-able. I'm prisoner of my own limit of reflexes, but just thinking about this mod - what a kick-ass retail game it could have been with ten times the content ( not impossible if the devs win or finish 2nd or 3 rd in the grand finals of the MSUC ) - well , I very scarcely experienced such a game being BOTH FUN AND TOO HARD at the same time. End of line.

log 1: the most overrated franchise of the whole gaming industry

just want to say, as my first entry in my Gamespot Journal, how I just can't feel the hype for Battlefield. I play video games for almost 24 consecutive years since the old days, you know of the Atari 2600 and the golden age in the arcades, through various consoles until now ( I'm really on the PC ), I consider myself to be versatile, I like carnage shooters as well as turn-based strategy, action games in general, occasionnaly a RPG, a sim, and frankly it's a total mystery for me how people like Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam. The AI is terrible, and put aside the vehicles ( which I admit are OK ), the rest is an empty shell. Infantry combat is...don't mind. Medal of Honor is much memorable. And UT 2004 has so many features ( both SP and MP ), even without the Onslaught & assault vehicles, there's still enough content to have fun with. End of line.