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Entry 115: The ideal companion to the official HL2 saga

Thanks to a rightly timed ad on Steam, I just recently discovered the excellent HL2 mod Minerva:Metastasis which contains four single player episodes/sections spanning a parallel story. The author uses Valve's engine with great care, including many well placed HDR for a professional result at least on par with most of the scenery found in the original HL2+ Ep One. Yet any mod though awesome it can be - like this one - may not offer the same level of climactic events involving big vehicles as we found in polished retail, Minerva still delivers lots of Combine soldiers coming at you. At the ''same'' difficulty setting, meaning Normal, the overall challenge becomes much harder than Valve's games. Talk about a hardcore mod the community constantly ask for. The Pegasus episode level up things to very interesting stuff any HL2 fan should appreciate as if it was delivered by Valve itself.

Perhaps the author wants to remain freelancer instead of working under deadlines, as he promised further episodes in the future. I can't wait.