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Entry 104: A time for a rant or two

1) I think it's time to cease and desist at quoting the generation we're enrering - as next gen. Next gen no more. Next gen will be 2010. The last was 2004. What people calls next gen right now becomes THIS gen, since the first wave of state of the art games related to are already available. THIS gen, alright? For me, next gen is 2010. I'm also tired to hear about THIS gen's hysteria when what is supposed to be the future is already, in some cases, a rehashed present. Up until recently, I was myself engulfed to use what I rant about here; no more starting now. I would be cool if the community could evolve the same way. THIS GEN, OK?

2) Sarju made me smile when reading his BioShock comparison feature. He talks about extreme antialiasing support !!! Whats that? 32x? 64x? Or only 16xQ? Dear god, BioShock doesn't support any in game AA. Forcing it via the video card's control panel doesn't work either under Vista/DirectX 10. On a larger screen like mine, jaggies are apparent even if the game seems to be built in HD. It may look better on my PC, but don't get me wrong there's no AA my dear Sarju. You're a great hardware guy; it just make me sad when some little misinformation graces your pages.

3) The lack of recent support for Far Cry and F.E.A.R's XP ( Extraction Point ) under Vista is excruciating to say the least. Thinking about the present and future doesn't mean the developers shouldn't care for the compatibility of their past treasures, still widely played.

At last, my latest review is aired: BIOSHOCK PC but GS' html doesn't want it linked in my submitted blog even if all my tags are closed correctly. :evil: End of rants.