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2nd Gig://prise 23:// News Recap ( big week )

Entry 101: The little August hectic prologue before the crazy Fall

It has been a pretty hefty week, during which almost every electronic medium had its fill of grounding news. If that alone light the way for the ridiculously overwhelming rush coming, everything is then set in place to behold what I expect to be my own personal '' preferred golden age'' in the modern history of video games ( superb HD movie discs are also slated ).

Sit rep:

1) Paramount switches to HD DVD exclusivity; various Hollywood replies ( Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Blu ray camp );

2) BioShock launches......and mostly meets the expectations ( the game isn't revolutionary, but certainly push forward the action genre as a cinematic experience );

3) Leipzig Game Convention: tons of announcements. Empire:Total War; Spore demoed ( at last after missing E3 ); Crysis previews; a new eco thriller I will highlight more in a subsequent entry; an untitled new Schafer game in 08; CoD 4 pushed November ( as if it wasn't crowded enough ); additional MGS4 inputs. I this GC continue to grow, I think Gamespot should work the possibility to cover it Live next year, along E3 and Tokyo.

Oh, I almost forgot:

4) it took me twelve lives to beat my first Big Daddy in the Medical Pavilion ( but later on when reaching Arcadia, BioShock becomes a tad easier - too easy indeed for veterans ).