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2nd Gig://prise 21:// A Day Long Remembered

Entry 99: August 20th = a crazy tronic day

That day shall be remembered for:

1) being the last just before the release of BioShock, taking by storm the gaming community;

2) AND also bringing the most unexpected news about the HD format war since its inception: Paramount switching to HD DVD exclusivity. Coincidentally, Fox immediately announced its comeback to Blu ray........

It's all over the news today; so I won't add more but to make a personal prediction: if, if, and only if this breaking turn of events become profitable to the HD DVD camp over the months, then we could anticipate a similar move from WARNER ( which has always prioritized HD over Blu ray even if it supports both ). So, after all, looks like Sony's Blu ray won't win the war on a silver platter as soon as Christmas 2007. Like it or not, the chain of events newly confirms that both formats could very well coexist for a long(er) time. Let's hope this doesn't preclude to a ''SACD/DVD Audio''- kind of scenario debacle.