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Entry 95: Patience and Evolution

In a medium often criticised by various disgruntled gamers about the over abundance of sequels, rehashed expansions, adding to a huge part of this community always complaining about the lack of revolutionary features implemented over the last few years, we're now ironically inundated by tons of new innovative projects finally on the table - bringing cool little innovative gameplay features. Some whiners may not see them coming yet; but the winter season ahead should bring a fully loaded gaming promising enough to propel a new golden age, a second renaissance if you want. An evolutionary gaming is coming. A new era is coming, not seen since 2004 ( and perhaps 1998-2000 ). Exceptional projects actually in development show an increasing amount of new polished little twists, staging the real next gen we're all expecting for.

I also find quite profitable for the whole industry that high profile developers are actually making quality games on ALL platforms: handhelds; consoles; and let's not forget the big DirectX 10 showcases coming for a PC rejuvenating ( albeit a bit wealthy elitist....). In the console realm, Microsoft still bet the Halo 3 effect but also has in bank a plethora of well established franchises ensuring a bright future for the X360. Nintendo don't rest at all, by pushing on the market cool innovative accessories and gadgets that should probably influence the way we'll ( dance ) - game in the future: welcome the Fit ( aerobic gaming!), and the Zapper. At last, after over marketing the Blu Ray format to the detriment of initial games lacking on the PS3, Sony begins to unleash some beasties for stronger 2008 releases including a wide variety of games from shooters to community puzzles: Killzone 2, echochrome, LittleBigPlanet. I consider the latter as Sony's big response to Nintendo and PC pushings, especially when we just witnessed the big drought in the desert Sony experienced in the last two years or so. As a ''community based'' game, LittleBigPlanet seems to offer lots of open features for the online addict to use, at last, over the PS Network within a very cool looking construct, some kind of family fare finally making its stance to the PS3. How refreshing. Talk about a user friendly mix of next gen graphics and enticing gameplay for everyone: another winner contributing to the ever evolving video gaming, now more palpable than ever. The serene competiton between the three majors remains one of the most efficient, I think, of all the entertainment industries.

Here comes my favorite part: PC nuts won't rest either. A steady, innate flow of great action games is coming their way. These upcoming geeky titles will not only be perfectly compatible with existing XP- DirectX 9 rigs, but also begin to load DirectX 10 enhancements for Vista adopters. After the most unfortunate Vista tries like Halo2, now comes the real batch initiated by the highly anticipated BioShock. If you saw most of its gameplay/interview movies up until the E3 aftermath, you'll only agree how incredibly fluid seems to be the flow of this game, upon a staggering choice of RPG-$tyle arsenal to use. I wouldn't normally be attracted by the retrofuturistic stuff; BioShock has all the ingredients to not only convince me but to widely push forward a distinct interactive shooter sub genre. On the other hand, GS staff rightfully put Will Wright's Spore as the great absentee of E3; it was but rest assured: the game is still thoroughly developed for a later 2008 release. It's a new mega intellectual property, very ambitious, wanting to expand the barriers of empire buiding games to something much open ended. From cellular to a space empire can be preposterous enough to bring interrogations ( we don't want ambitious games biting the dust like Master of Orion III- the third, not the two of course! ). But knowing what Wright and his growing team of talented personnel do, they may well be on the verge of marketing an uncharted territory in the strategy genre. Here I mean some enhanced massive open gaming, like the MMORPGs spurred lately, but now for single player experiences. Even Epic works on that for the supposedly multiplayer based Unreal Tournament III, knowing that a good fifty percent of UT addicts play OFFLINE.....

As such, I find seductive - and complementary - the way developers bring less linear campaigns to single player modes, not only multiplayer. That way, chances are much better to improve the experience of a larger community of gamers. Games are now huge, and take more time to develop; still the wide array of different biggies in advanced phase bring the promise of an overwhelming choice. We're now beginning to drool about one thing that didn't happen since fall 2004: how are we gonna be able to manage the free time to play the babies we choose??? Look at the crazy November we will have to face. Money isn't the only parameter; time itself also impose an outright obstacle but to the addictiveness itself, which should be more difficult than ever to control! Happy next gen gaming......