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Pokemon owns your life...

Yeah, so I'm thinking of importing a DS lite from Japan... I was gonna get a PSP, but that costs like $3.4 trillion.. plus PSP is pure posts (Pure Stinkin Ports) :D!:|...

If I was gonna get one, It would probably be within March, I'll most likely have a job by then..

So, what colour should I get?
Too bad they don't have pink... DAMN IT! %$^#&~! :evil:

VOTE! Your opinion counts!

Crystal White  Enamel Navy  Ice Blue  Monk Pink


For those who don't know... Vaans from FFXII ummk?
My friend thought Vaan was a hawwt chick... Much to his surprise Vaans a guy.

My Question to you is:
Would you hit it? :|


Yeah so my college has been on strike since March 7. So I havn't been able to go to school since then, what a waste of my parents money. I've been off for almost a week, been on gamespot like everyday... OTs been slow, only good topic I can think of is when everyone was posting pictures of themselves. Good times but........ it got locked:(

South Wing of my college... only a small section... :|

Random Post

Insane, I'd still buy one I dunno about you people. Not like anyone reads my blogs anyways, but it's all good.. I just need to add something to get a other half of Koda's body in here. :wink:

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