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Rate me purchases!

-Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
-Burnout Revenge
-Final Fantasy: Advent Children
-A Sock

127 smacks it cost me.

I can't even get past the guards in mgs i keep getting caught...

My website

 My website

For those of you who love using those tags. i.e. (Future Sock owner), well heres my site, I got some tags. You can request some too if you want... just PM me, I'm on this site everyday.

Schools done in a Week!

One more week of school and I'm off for summer vacation, all I need now is a job. So I can fix the break lines on my car there leaking like crazy...

One more Exam and 4 projects due and I'm set for summer time!
and some buddys and I are gonna play some PS2 on the big projector screen on friday.

Maybe friday I'll have some pictures of the projecter screen, so fun to play games on it, makes the experience that much better, the class room also has surround sound.

And did you know, apprently I'm a friends whorez? :shock::cry:

18 more days

18 more days til school ends for the summer. It would have been 7 but, the college strike added some extra days.

yea..... discuss.

Boxart!!! *wink wink!*

I made this boxart for the fun of it. "Tokyo Drift", has no relation to the up coming movie "Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift". I'd probably go see that movie... but Bow Wows in it, so that's an instant flop right there.

Anyways here it is!

Made everything including the template. I found the pictures and put them together.

Original Car: Nissan Skyline

Original Import Model

Final Product

I'm happy how it turned out. What do you think?
...hope I don't modded for posting that chick, seems like you can get modded for anything now days.

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