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simple PS3 = TOO EXPENSIVE for the majority of the gamers out there be it hardcore or casual gamers. In fact many casual gamers and the general public as yet cannot see a BIG difference in the graphics of the Xbox360,PS3 when compared to top tier PS2,Xbox1 and GC games. Im thinking Nintendo is actually on the right track with concentrating on and adding NEW REAL GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS with the Wii than sheer graphical power. That combined with the fact that the Wii will be the most affordable out of all the new systems could actually push Nintendo back into the higher ranks as a major force in the video game industry that it so dominated in the late 80s and early 90s. Ill stick with slim and fatty for a while- my two PS2 systems - God of War 2 and the countless games I have yet to play on not only on the PS2 but all of this generations systems will keep me satisfied until the PS3 drops in price or I finally pick up a 360 or Wii OR both before a PS3.