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Fairwell Gamespot May Be Goodbye But "Lest We Forget"

The End

For A long battle I have fought my eyesight is nearly gone and I have lost all hope, I do not know if I will return

to Gamespot, the news was not good, Nurologists and pain await me and I have no joy in gaming.

I have spent many years here, and may return, I enjoy some time on steam and my PS3 and the few that know me

may see me there as long as my sight holds out.

To those that know me remember, I dont know if my illness will claim me but pray if you can or think of me once and hope, maybe some off chance I will be well and see again.

Thank you Gamespot for years of joy, I will look in on gamespot now and again but I wont be posting, so I guess this is my last post until im well or well my last post...

@Amnesiac23 @Kevin-V @JodyR

To the three people I have focused my interests on, I thiank you for keeping gamespot great an friendly

kevin for his great rpg sense and showing the not so thin they can lose the pounds :) and being a friend to all

To jody, who swings her red hair and valkrie sword at all the bans in her path, she keeps the community going.

and to my dear friends Amnesiac, nutcrackr and kuroninja for putting up with me and my chattyness.

and to all others I missed I have not forgot you, and may see you (I hope) on ps3 or steam.

There is a fourth but I cant find her name in my directory shes a fellow ninja,

Farwell and safe travels and I maybe our paths with cross again.

To one person who may read this and you know who you are, all is forgiven, even the lies.

Goodbye and hope to see you all soon, I hope to see you all....

Mar044 End Transmission......(PlaysMass effect 3 piano music :)

The Issue Of DLC

Replaying LA Noire and Deus Ex Human Evolution I thought of the idea that companies are taking out content and selling them as DLC. At first I thought that the idea of them doing this was outragous, I'm a traditional gamer, 40 to 50 hours are norms, maybe because I stayed with RPGs since I was a tot in the 1980s where that was the norm, but it has its advantages.

First off, people have complained that games are getting to long, so taking out content solves a problem and adds to content when you download dlc, I have to admit that la noire and deus ex are long games, but Im more in favor of companies creating new content dlc and not taking away from a product. La Noire is a example, if you didnt have the dlc downloaded, the narration of character comments dont make sense, they talk about poeple you never met, or introduce people you neve heard of thus breaking with the story.

Deus ex lies to its fan base by claiming that the dlc was created from scratch, that may be true but its to well done, voice acting and intergrated into the game to be added new dlc. again i dont like that.

I would rather have extra missions, extra weapons (although I feel kinda like im cheating for some reason) then have creators take away from games.

I guess thats all, just a rant, good to write something after so long.

A Dragon Age Christmas

Well all I hope you all had a great xmas and got some cool swag, i will be spending my day in the realm of dragon age and skyrim so lots of dragons to go around, to bad they all want to eat me, but hey you cant get all your xmas gifts lol :D

hope you all got what you wanted, i wish i was drunk but always next year hahah

cheers from the great white north.........and since im catholic i will try to pick up the bible and read a page before the day is over so not to be bashful, after all it is jesus birthday, although it has been largly replaced by the justification to buy loads of stuff and spend money, leading to a excess of paper and shiny read stuff you just get sick of :D

anyway cheers and try not to eggnog yourself to death heheh

Have A Very Happy Xmas

I want to wish everyone as always a happy holiday and merry christmas, and a great new year. Steam is having sales again and there holiday content with allow one person to win EVERY GAME STEAM HOSTS! thats alot of games :P

anyway take care and I will see you all in the new year, as for me depending on my health will be spending the year in skrim cookinng some fish and taking in the winter view ans the rushing river goes buy. maybe I will see a deer for festiveness.

hope you all get something cool!

Attraction To The Last Among Us Girl

Well nothing new to report sadly......anywawy game wise, im strangly attracted to the female character in THE LAST AMONG US, naughty dogs new game after Uncharted.

I don't know why lol jut a sucker for brown haired freakles gal lol. now i think of the show LOST lol.

AMC the walking dead this week Possible SPOILER

Hi all

being a strong follower of the comic, i was shocked at the ending to AMC the walking dead.......considering the comic is still going and im still reading the end of the walking deads main season was a shocker. I think one of the main reasons its a shocker is one, the departure from the comic book script, what happens in the book may not happen in the show, second point is the blow to self security, i was very sad and upset by the ending and could relate and was sure that it would have been a postive outcome, sadlly im posting this in a way not to spoil the ending.........but wow.

10 out of 10, anyone get a chance, watch the walking dead if you missed it.........

im bummed out, now it leaves me questions into the final moments and how alone the situation was for the person........

May Be Away My Home Forclosed

Well Im hoping for the best but with my sickness my mom has had a real hard time staying home and paying the bills, sadly we cant pay 1400 morgage.... and well soon we will be behind and the bank gave us the forclosure notice yesterday.

so if you dont hear from me i dont know what will happen or where i will be.......i will try to blog when things are ok, i have internet at least for a at least they didn't cut that off yet

maybe i win the lottery, dont know what else will save me.......thank you all for reading and look forward to better news

your friend


Level 41

Well im lv 41 and cant wait for skyrim in a few days, uncharted 3 is great........i missed blonde girl :)

thats all........been sick and away, been off and on with the ps3 and steam......thats all

hi all

the gamespot reivew how i hate you and playfire instead of ratpr

gamespot you made me lose faith in you, any site that gives deus ex HR 8.5 but gives a shallow story driven shooter of gears 0.5 loses all respect of me, after all these years i am starting to think the members of giant bomb were right to leave gamespot....every respectable website from IGN to gameinformer etc gave it 9.0 or above yet you give deus ex 8.5.........and gears 3 can i regain trust, you cant because gamespot doesnt care what it think, i have proof and i cant accuse gamespot of taking money, but since CBS took over i seen CAPS on review scores, games that should get lower scores like starcraft 2 should have been 9. yet a game that is unique, looks great, and is designed for what is for is limited at 8.5......not even worth a 9?

i feel sad because when kasavan was on doing reviews back in the day you knew the reviews you were getting where honest, i general still trust kevin v reviews but reviews from the overal site i dont trust anymore. i inplore you all to look at metacritic for all games and compare scores

on a side not, anyone notice that gamespot replaced rapt with playfire

lol so i guess they didnt like the terms of raptr? i feel less trusting of the website of the company then ratpr, i rather trust a orange dino then two stoned looking people and a semi scetch site.