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    I for one, rather like the graphics. They seem more stylized than recent games. I think if they where too realistic, it would feel weird to me. Gameplay, combat, story, atmosphere always come before g...

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    I know there has been a lot of doubt about a voiced pc. However, some of my favorite games have a voiced main protagonist. I feel it gives the ability to create deeper immersion and brings the player...

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    Oh great! I actually dread the Steam Summer Sale. I have 170 games in my Steam library, because of these sales. Some deals are just to good to pass up. I have yet to even try a bunch of games.

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    User Rating 4
    Has potential, but scammers and hacks ruin game

    Archeage's draw was from land ownership and farming. If you weren't fast enough when the servers opened, or had a land-hack, all housing plots where gone. Players now charge a huge amount of gold for ...