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About a previous comment: If you think the ps3 is crashing and burning, your sadly mistaken. Comments: The PS3 is suffering from bad media. The simple truth of this all is simple, this console is an investment. It has much higher potential than the 360. The 360 has been rushed and its performance level will max out with Halo 3 and GTA. The PS3 will not max out for a few years. Performance-wise, the Playstation 3 simply has more power. There are no "If"s, "and"s, or "but"s about it. If I appear bias it is simply because I own a Playstation 3 and love it. Proof being the reason Microsoft is thinking of making a better 360 and risking the isolation of its fanbase. In marketing school thats a "hell no" 101. The PS3 is a monster of hardware wrapped up in a sleek black case and is much quieter than any xbox 360. The negative press around the Playstation 3 has no base. Does the lower end cost 100 more and the higher 200 more, yes. Is it worth it? yes. The system is an investment. All of the features Sony provides will payoff a lot more than the price difference between the Playstation 3 and 360. The FREE online feature alone will payoff the difference in a couple years, do the math. Losing exclusives? No. A loss of an exclusive would mean that another system has the game exclusively. The games just are not exclusive anymore. The reason Sony had so many exclusives in the first place was because of the investment in the system. Companies new that the PS2 would be around awhile and be pumping out their games, which it is still doing. Sony may have not have a couple games that used to be exclusive, but they still have many others and they will gain new exclusives in this console generation, I will bet money on that. To tirasus: Betamax lossed the war because of lack of playability (sony was stingy with rights and could not get anything to betamax on out there) and because VHS had the porn industry. Sad and simple.