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First impression about Fallout 3 and more useless stuff!

I´m now over with the last exam (btw totally screwed.... but no worries it was to improve my mark and im pretty sure that ill be able to enter in the college that i want)... so i consider myself in holidays....AWESOME!

Yesterday, i was trying to beat Resistance 2 in Superhuman mode.... i got to say it wasnt that much difficult....Killzone 2 in very hard mode could be more frustrating.... so i beat the game and i got an interesting trophy called " OMGWTFBBQ" a trophy with that is actually funny and all but i dont get the BBQ thing!!!...i was so excited that i wanted to go for the platinum trophy.... i have like 60%, the rest of the trophies that i dont have are acquired in online..... made the new update... was going to start playing cooperative mode and then i was like " yeah i get it, i cant play this game online if im not near to my router".... so no way i would move the heavy stuff to my room again... meh my dream...gone..:P this reminds me off my old buddy GreenGoblin2099... that guy got the platinum from what i´ve heard

Well since i left the crappy dream, i started one of my new games that i got it like....since February lol:P

The game was Fallout 3..... its fine so far... i cant say much because i´ve only 3 hours of gaming..... the environment is great, looks solid, the texture and stuff are cool....could be better but since its an huge RPG, we can´t ask for more..... but when a guy starts the game, for people who havent played RPG games, in my opinion, they can lose themselves in the game like " This is huge, where the hell i begin with?"....... Killing enemies with that cool system of slow mo is great.... but when there are no more bullets, no funny anymore... thats one thing that i hate..... man!! and the game cracked like twice:o... oh well it happens...but im sure when i level up my character more, it will be better

See you guys around here and psn...gotta go blow those supermutant heads!

Simply awesome!

Hey dudes, i just came from the 3 day concert..... fantastic:)

It was a great show out there, lots of Booze, chicks and rock n roll! I have seen all the bands i wanted and they preformed well....the first day was the heavy metal day.... it was epic .....i wasnt expecting much form Slipknot....and Metallica was amazing:o

The second day was fun as well... i went to see The Eagles of Death Metal witch was great....Queens of the Stone Age style really, its pretty similar....then the unexpected band on the other stage....HADOUKEN!! thats right, this band, with some couple of beers already consumed , they could bring you some good moment of music.....then Blasted Mechanism and Placebo werent that good but still fine...after both of this bands...The Prodigy came....hell yeah, freakin amazing.... i found a par sunglasses near by, i putted on and i just could see the lights of the stage...awesome. The thing is that The Prodigy disappointed me in one thing...only 1 and an half hours of that sucked...Metallica was way more better and stayed for like 2 and an half hours

The last day was nothing special but Chris Cornnel and Dave Mateus were there to help.... Mainly Chris Cornnel.... he got a hell of a voice...really cool

You guys might be thinking "what about the pics you promise?" well heres a funny story..... when me and my brothers were checking the Camera, it seems that the Battery was DOWN!!! could that be possible? i was like Sh*t no!! man im still mad and its sad that i cant share some pics with you... i have found some videos from guys that were near me in the concert... the videos are a bit big but if you want to see some of them, here they are

Slipknot:The famous Jump the **** up! - this was epic, all of us people seating and waiting for the critical jump, the dude was awesome... like he said, " We are a f***ing family" lol it was sweet

Metallica - great show, with fireworks and flames...hell yeah!!!

Hadouken - just take a look

The Prodigy - ZOMG

Chris Cornnel - All you guys should know about this dude8)

The Eagles of Death Metal - Right on man

After this, i was totally wasted, jeez what a hell of a time..and my exam is tomorrow, i barely remember everything that i studied:lol: just relaxed and ready for it

Peace dudes:P

Rock On!!!

Im sure you know that the 3 day concert starts today:P.... Hell yeah dudes its gonna be rock n roll out there!

Today ill be watching mainly Slipknot and Metallica.... a good start hey? tomorrow will be the Prodigy day and the last day not that special, but ill go anyways, just to see that famous tower ( tower with hot chicks stripping8):D )

I got to see the results of the exams this week and they were pretty good... i got 20 of 20 in one of my exams...yeah that was fine:P... nothing much to say, this will be a short blog for now, but after the concert, ill make sure to post some pics

Ill reply your comments later...Cya!!

I stand, you fall!

Its about time i post another blog... blame my exams, i didnt had anytime for being around here.

But finally they are over.... oh yeah baby, i have done it, and all of them went well, im glad for that. There is still one more exam, i left that one for the second round... i like to call it rounds:P.... at the beginning, i was aiming to do my four exams all at once, but things werent easy so i had to leave one for July....and i already had done that one last year so this is just to improve my mark to the university.

This summer wont me that peaceful..why? i still have that exam and now that i have more time, i will go for my license card:D yeah that will be great.... you know what i mean, give some ride to the foreign chicks8)

Furthermore, i have to worry about my entrance to the university.... the apartment of the city were im going to is ready, so i have a good advantage on that, seriously my partners will be in big trouble if they dont do something about their houses quickly or for others to find an house.

Yesterday i went to see transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the second movie and it was great... better then the first one in my opinion..... oh and we always have the chance to see Megan Fox in the huge screen again..heheheh. Go see it, if you like demolition and explosion!

Since i can relax a bit before my next exam, i will be playing some Killzone 2 an Street Fighter 4 to join me?:P... I still have a bunch of games to complete (i dont know how many times i have said this)... oh i almost forgot it, before my exam, i have a terrific concert (actually its 3 days) and its gonna be one hell of a time.... im basically there for Metallica, Slipknot, Prodigy, Eagles of Death ( Josh dude from the Queens of the stone age is from that new band project, Im really looking forward to this one) and maybe Chris Cornell..if he shows up, last year he didnt...... you remember last year when i told you that there was a Tower with strippers dancing? we could only see the shadows but oh gosh it was a beauty:P...and again the glorious moment awaits for me...haha what a pervert:P... ill try to post a video of it, if my net handle with the upload.

When i was studying for my exams, i decided to do some drawing and painting again.... ill link the pics since they are a bit big..enjoy them if you care:P its Naruto lol...also to the manga fans, ill put the page of the image ihave copied.

Manga link (last image of the page)

Naruto Draw (Zoom in to see the full size)

Naruto Draw painted ( Zoom in to see the full size)

I dont know what you guys have been up to but this will be my last long summer holidays so we have to give a good use eh?.... ill see you guys in the psn and here as well to.... Lets roll out dudes!

Bah, already?

I guess another great holiday has to school starts tomorrow hey?

It was fun playing with some people here online, SF4 and Killzone2 were the no more of this until...summer? god!!! as i said before, if you dont have this games, you dont know what your missing at night:P

After my trip to Prague (sorry about the pics:(, i just cant upload them its rly annoying), i have spend some time with my ps3 and i beat Fracture (pain in the ass, this game is fine but i got stuck in some parts, like for hours dont knowing what to do, the game isnt that explicit but if you are a veteran player, you can do it:D) and Killzone2, witch is a great game, best FPS of this year for sure... the environment of the game is excellent.... everything looks nice...and the online, better then i give it a try.

I still tried to beat the new resistance for psp but my analog stick is busted or something (maybe its because of Street Fighter Alpha3, i guess SF games can broke any controller or psps in this case:P)...Resistance Retribution is a great game for psp, at least entertains me:D....talking about psp, i´ve heard they were announcing psp2? if so, thats awesome cuz im needing one, my psp is getting old:P....Saw some pics of it, dont know if its going to be like those, but it got two analog sticks..just go to google and you will find there pics.

"End of the line" as my friend FireSausage said, this last months of school are going to be the hardest of all my life so bring it on im ready:D cya around dudes:D


If it isnt good to be back! hahah hey there how do you guys are? how was that party that Tombo was talking about-_-:P

It was pretty nice being in Prague, the city is great, beer is awesome and chicks are fire there...... just to give you an idea, Hideo Kojima based on Prague to make the act3 of mgs4....and it really looks like.... the train station for me look very similar ( yeah but i can be imagining :P). The buildings are beautiful but the bars at night were kinda weird:?....but still, the night was full with garls:P8)

We walked like dogs i tell ya, always moving and discovering new places......we almost run all over the city:D

People are quite rude there, i mean they were rude for us so we just had a bad impressions of them, but since they dont understand our language, we insulted them:D yeah we rock:P

The beer is fantastic, its good, pretty tasty and the good thing is, they brought us huge jugs of beer for a low price. Prague is a very cheap place to eat, that was a good point. Damn i cant post photos right now because its taking an hour to upload:?

We have to do another gaming night..... Kz2 is rly fun playing online, and i enjoy play finally:P with Mr GG Street Fighter 4:D....he was wining me:)

So see you guys around:)

Farewell dudes!

Before i start the main thing, yesterday we had the GS night gaming..... and it was fun.... i really enjoyed... if you have killzone2 and have the guts to play then join us.... we have to do it again next time:D

As for the farewell, im going to Prague today! So i wont seeing you guys for a week:?.... yeah ill miss you guys but you will miss me more:P:lol: jk.

There isnt really much to say here so enjoy your easter holidays and play as much as you can:P Cya in a week:D

Yeah now its my turn again!

Well i got tagged again but since i don't post a blog for a long time, i want to write some stuff here...this looks pretty dead around here:P...and i will say ten things about me for the new ones that don't know me very well. Besides, i bet that some off my pals may not know...but then again, theres nothing interesting for you to know, really my life isn't that exciting, its like..

1 - Calm and peaceful, i don't worry to much about it, its like go with the flow:P

2 - Im really lazy too, believe me i like to do stuff from school at last gives me more excitement....and i dont know why but it seems that i can deal pretty well while working at night....woo and one more note, before i get start with the study, i like to pick some chocolates to get my belly what it deserves:D....hmmm eating before studying is a priority for me.... nothing like a good start (BTW don't think I'm fat, in fact i have to get myself some weight)

3 - On the other hand, i like to delineate my objectives... like hhmmm won all the trophies that I'm capable off?:P looll good mark indeed but i sometimes give up on that crap cuz if we are so abscessed with " ohh jeez i have to get that or my life isn't fulfilled", we don't go with flow:P

4- Best meal of the day? i guess it would me the "snack time":P... i guess you don't have this tradition but we around here have...its awesome because its between lunch and dinner, and the best thing of this **** is that i can eat whatever i wont "hurray for goodies":D...have i mention that i love chocolate milk?...oh and when i usually want normal milk i say "white milk" because chocolate is already part of the milk for me:P pretty weird hã?

5- This one gives me prestigious....I'm the only one in my family that doesn't wear glasses:D freaking sweet i tell ya....but on the other hand.....

6 - I'm the " bone breaker" of my family... you wonna know how i got this tittle? its very simple...just break your bones in the begging of the summer, then the next summer break it again, and if your worth a man don't mind to break another one again:D pretty easy don't you think? all three of them were my left arm...i can say im the luckiest guy in the world:D

7- I like to laugh...seriously I'm all the time looking for some funny videos on youtube and stuff:lol: art of life....i would say that im a very smiling person:D and a shy person sometimes too.

8 - For the people who want to know my preferences as a gamer, i like platform games....those are really my best choices....and if it has nice graphics and good story lines....its Heaven for me:D.....and to add some emotion on this gaming stuff, I'm a responsible boy, and i don't consider me playing PS3 when school is proceeding....yup just on holidays dudes:D

9 - You wonna know some characteristics like my height and stuff? well I'm 1.80 meters tall ( i don't know how many feet tall I am so get use to these meters:P), 70kg heavy and hhmmm brown eyes, brown hair, gorgeous hair (don't mess with this last one):P and details details details, like imagine me as that dude from Death Note....L.... my posture is similar to his:D

10- and last of this crazy facts is...well don't you thing that I'm a bit contradictious in some stuff that i wrote here?..looll I'm a strange guy am i? and confusing too:P

Dont miss more of my crazy "about me" stuff :P..coming soon Well now that i have finish all the work at school, and this last week use to be very peaceful in terms of work...I'm off for some ps3:D...well im a bit sad because my geometry test went all wrong...damn it was i was getting good with the previous test and i had to screw all at the last one...bahh but now that I'm watching things in the good way, my grade will be balance with the good grades and stays the same...yeah i hope :D Tomorrow is going to be a hard day...yeah cuz my beautiful dreams will not be as good as i hope... i have a school trip so get the **** ready and wake up at 5am :lol: hahahah oh boy:P....going to see some stuff in an university. I will "refresh" when i get back...and i still have that trip of Prague coming this week:D....yeah...i will tell some things about it later....this blog is getting pretty big for my tasty:P Cya all dudes...oh and keep those thumbs worm with the ps3:D

I did it!

As some of you may know, i got SFIV last week, and this game was better then i expected....SSFIITHDR was really great but SFIV is really kicking ass

Street fighter games requires lots of skills with the combos, and managing them fast and perfectly isnt that easy.

So with all this conditions/ factors, the controller would be slaughtered....and so it first DS3 controller got busted.... yes L2 button wasnt working.... with some bravery:P, i opened the controller to see if i could do something... there was some kind of "spring" in the L2 button that was broken... and the shape was pretty weird but to me made sense...... so your not gonna believe this (but yeah im pretty sure you better:evil: ) but i managed to make a similar "spring" took me like 6 hours to find something to do with this "spring" and preform the right was a pain on the a$$ seriously, but was it worth doing all this? i knew something would happen....well when i finally fixed the controller and start playing some SF, I said to my mind * wait a minute, something isnt right here, where is the vibration?":o...yeah it appears that the vibration was gone:?:lol: hahah damn why me.... theres still hope, cuz hope is the last thing to die.... i hadnt put a piece of the controller, because it was bothering me when i was trying to close the two halfs of the controller....that piece was holding another thing...but seriously, i thought that it wasnt really important....oh well guess i have to open it again...anyways the L2 is working better then before

Im waiting to recieve my copy of Killzone2...but there are still more games to play:P...motostorm2 is being really fun.... and honestly, i cant take anymore, so much trophies....and besides, they are hard to get and i have more things to do like playing those new games i got

In another note, ive finish watching Haruhi... the dance, its just the best:D....the anime was cool but there was one thing that confused me...shuffling the episodes....but it was ok, i enjoyed in the middle o Gurren Laggan, its being awesome to...after that comes bleach...wooo have to get time for that.

So dudes keep the boost and cya around (jeez got a test tomorrow:P)

Cant even give a name for this topic

Nothing as happen to me really since my last blog....but i want my people to know that im still alive

So where to begging...hmmm games... besides those presents, my friends gave me for my birthday Fallout3, Fracture and Killzone2(they already pre order it so i cant wait for it:P) along with a DS3...pretty cool yeah, now i can split with my brother the other one....vibration is good:P...hey dont get me wrong:evil:

Some of you know that im very crazy for the almost getting the third platinum but, with all this new games i still have to play, i think theres no time for trophies, and fallout3 is going to be a pain on the a**:P.... im gonna let this one for summer holidays, since i need some time to beat this one:P...and BTW with the money i got from my B-day, i spend some of it and i got an MP4..... i think i was needing something like this cuz i was always asking my mom to let me borow her Mp3:P humiliation:lol:

About animes....there are lots of animes i wanted to see.... right now im more focus on naruto all know that....but i want to finish (*inner Maikedi*finish? you just saw 2 episodes of it and you say you want to finish?*)Gurren Lagann, that was recommended by my friend quiquexbs..the forgotten one:P jk dude

And besides this one, i wanted to see Bleach and Haruhi...those two look really interesting, specially Haruhi, i cant wait to see that. It was recommended by my dude Hazelnutman and i was motivated again when i saw my pal Forte new avatar

So i got so much stuff to do.... thats why im beging to get some stress around...seriously

First of all school... im getting rly mad cuz i have a project, and its giving me a lot of work, and i wanted to do something that now i cant because of the time.... im thinking forward now...the final exams..... im getting so focus to get good marks on each ****....its being a bit hard cuz this year is really important for me and i cant give the chance to im getting a bit ****ed up with this....good thing carnival is this next week....but that wont give me any chance yo rest...cuz more tests will come after....

i even thougth making my own Union here but first i dont go to often to the forums and unions so i cant think of that right now.... i was thinking about an union about games(specially ps3) and animes....some short of good choices for animes and games....but what am i thinking?... i have a test tomorrow:?...damn to work around here:P

So cya around dudes:)